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Berwyn App by CrazyIguana Berwyn App by CrazyIguana
Berwyn the wise fills the role as both the head of Neve's great library, as well as the town's respected mayor. Knowledge is power to many in Neve, and there are very few around to this day that know more than this Noctowl. He was the student and assistant of the previous mayor from a young age, having read practically every book, scroll, or parchment that the town's library has to offer.

Being both the town's political leader as well as the head scholar, residents of Neve along with many others from differing parts of the region come to him for knowledge on just about any subject. Although he would more than happily see anyone that wishes to visit him for his wisdom, he can be quick to lash out harshly towards anyone showing incompetance or impatience. Although many of the scholars have grown used to Berwyn's considerably odder traits, like how just about every hour of every day he will be found in the library reading, and that he seems to never need sleep, which tends to be a bit of a scare to most.

Not often known for showing much emotion other then when he gets particularly annoyed; Berwyn seems to hold at least some fondness for his young pupil, Konjac. Not having taken the scraggy too seriously at first when he requested to become his student, however the young and impressionable mind grew on him quite quickly as he seems to enjoy his company. The dissapearance of his young pupil may not have gotten a noticeable emotional reaction out of him, however he was the one to have filed for his disapearance and personally requested Barrik to see to Konjac's rescue.

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