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Autumn winds Part 2 by CrazyIguana Autumn winds Part 2 by CrazyIguana
The flygon lay still in the yard. Midday heat had coaxed many inside for an afternoon nap; only the wind wrapping against the watmel branches could be heard. After quickly straightening her leaves, Nutmeg approached the prone pokemon.
“Uh, Hi Axel!” she rang, expecting a captive audience. His eyes cycled rapidly across the landscape but he was not fazed; neither a wing nor neck was raised her way. “Axel?” she begged stepping into his line of sight. She soon caught his eyes and began to explain “I was having a talk with Sirwoop and she told me you hung clothes on trees in the woods you protected. I mean, nobody would waste good material like that without reason. I know you must have a reason.”
But he was not there. He was caught in endless reverie. The smell of falling leaves. A forest ripe with fall foliage… his forest. Axel’s eyes focused on her fiery fashion. Recalling those trapinch days, on the soft grass in autumn’s breeze… he remembered.
“Leaves” Axel spoke. Each memory left him like those falling leaves… the ones that never came back. It tormented him and he moaned in pain. The cool grass fallowed and the trees turned to stone and the leaves… left. Like a wildfire’s blaze, they once lit his forest and his life and now everything left was scotched. No amount of cloth could change that. No amount of protection could change that. His forest lay petrified.
Nutmeg, distressed by the distraught dragon, needed to ground him. Leaves? Maybe, like mine? She pulled a small leaf from her gown and placed it on Axel’s nose. It lit his vision like those cool autumn afternoons. He loved it, its smell and texture upon his snout. Axel’s eyes welled as he looked at the beauty before him robed in his memories. All his rage, all his pain, all that aimless spite held for so long melted from his face and from his very being. As it left, he felt something he hadn’t in a long time: happy. Peering up at the concerned Nutmeg hovering over him, he couldn’t help but smile.
“Thank you.”

His heart thawed with his icey tomb. As the weeks passed, his features grew less twisted every day, with Nutmeg’s help of course! Like plusle and minun, their attraction grew stronger each time they were near. Autumn was abloom and the cool crept in on little cubchoo feet.
“Hey Axel!” Nutmeg called from across the field, waving and smiling happily. She had come for her semi-weekly visits.
Axel lay in the yard where just weeks before he was sealed in ice. He met his friends gaze and smiled back. It was their meeting spot, just not as close to Swamptree. Each afternoon brought a breeze that sailed aspear leaves across the crisp sky. Watching them made him pine for her.
Nutmeg approached the dragon with outstretched arms; not in embrace, but instead held a gift. A mossy green scarf with auburn stripes adorned with love in its stitches.
“You! It looks just like my-“ Axel started with a smile accepting the gift with shocked surprise.
“I know it’s not your special one” she said timidly, “but, I figured it could still keep you warm.”
Axel quickly adorned the long scarf and grinned “It’s special now.”
They smiled and lay together on the drying grass watching each aspear leaf drift into the dying day.


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StarBomber109 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
So now we know what HAPPENED to axel.  Tis a sad story.
bellyboltz Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
awwww this was such a sweet tale! I'm happy for Axel now!! Nutmeg is such a sweetheart.
Uruboros Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Professional Writer
It's nice to find someone who understands him. Everyone should at least have one person like that.
Ssevora Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
such a moving story.....

So, I'm assuming Axel used to be a rather decent pokemon (I've seen your younger Axel drawings UwU) But then something horrible happened to the forest, making Axel bitter in his attempts to save it? Damn, that's pretty dang sad D:
TeacupDreams Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Student Filmographer
aww I bet she's the only pokemon he's ever opened up to, his moodiness was justified to a sense but I still don't like him talking down to other mons... well it was really well written and your art is simply lovely to look at ^-^
TailsLuigi-Dewott Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Awwww So heartwarming.
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