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Autumn winds Part 1 by CrazyIguana Autumn winds Part 1 by CrazyIguana
“MY HAT! MY FAVORITE TOPHAT! THAT FEIND!”. Sirwoop surveyed her damaged hat with such hot rage that her slime began to dry; her sizzling fit steamed the whole house. “He’ll suffer this, and all that he’s done! To my Home, my friends , my son… my hat.” It was all too much; she fell to her knees and took in its tattered condition.
“Hon, it’s just a hat.” Deedee interjected from across the room. “We can always get another for-“
“NO! No replacements. I won’t be seen without it. Not after this.” She was still simmering in rage. It had been quite the evening and she was not letting her most prized possession leave her sight. “We need a tailor.”
The morning was young when the wingull arrived. Even the chorus of birds that accompany the dawn had not even considered waking. A lone leavanny sat awake in her bed with fantasies of what fabrics she could mend. With the dew of early autumn fresh on his wings the wingull landed on the unsuspected girls dreams.
“MAIL CALL. SQAWK!” exclaimed the wingull with pride arriving on time from his redeye flight. “NUTMEG, CORRECT? DIRECT FROM SWAMPTREE.”
“HEY! NOT ON MY MATERIALS” Nutmeg begged rolling from her bed and onto her feet, yawning and pretending like she’d actually been asleep. “SORRY MA’AM! BUT THIS HERE IS EXPRESS!” the wingull explained dropping the letter in her hands and flying out the way came.
She stood near her magnifying lamp and opened the message:
“Nutmeg, honey, we need your help. It seems Sirwoop has gone and ruined her hat again. Remember last time when she coated your autumn dress in slime trying to keep you from taking it? She’s just as steaming this evening, hollerin’ and curse’n. We’d be real thankful if you’d come by Swamptree with your silk n’ linens. Don’t mind the ice cube out front, just come on in!
-Deedee <3
PS: Is there any way to get your leaves colored without dyein‘em? You always look so stunning whenever you’re by.
That leafeon was too much even at this hour for Nutmeg as she giggled to herself among the threads and spools. Without hesitation, she gathered her linens, silk, and equipment and made for the door.
The morning was crisp but leaf litter dress kept her cosy on her journey. Then sun was up by the time when made it to Swamptree and was greeted by Deedee and the thawing Axel ice cube.
“You are somethin’ else let me tell you.” Deedee shamed shaking her head at the frozen flygon. “It was no pretty sight, Nutmeg.”
Nutmeg surveyed the creature entombed in ice and her heart sank. Through those shades of crimson, she saw nothing but agony in his eyes. So sad that a strong dragon like that suffers such a chilling fate.
“Our little rampage yesterday ripped more than just that hat of hers. Speaking of which! SirWoop is waiting for you inside!” Deedee recalled, motioning her to the door.
Their hellos were said with haste as Nutmeg set up shop in SirWoop’s office. The hat would take time, maybe even ‘till mid afternoon. They sat in silence for the first few minutes. SirWoop began writing in her ledger and as she wrote her face inflated with indignation like an angry jigglypuff. Nutmeg, stealing glances from her work, realized SirWoop was recording the events from yesterday. Maybe if she vented, Nutmeg can learn more about this “Axel” character:
“So, what’s the story about that ice cube in the yard? Quite a catch, right?!” she started, slowly trailing off wondering if she had been too direct. She chuckled hesitantly with baited breath.
Needless to say, she got her story:
“I would pay big time to throw that CATCH back. No, he’s too dangerous. The things he’s done to my son and his team are unforgiveable. He’s always been like that, even back when I found him roaming in some petrified forest… the trees littered with clothes of his victims. I had been looking for Robin everywhere and when I saw a lone antenna in that creature’s mouth…” Her emotions began to choke her, but she closed her ledger and instead begins a letter. “He is a prisoner here because I was foolish enough to think he could be saved.”
Nutmeg strangely felt ashamed that Axel had done these things. If only she could know why. “Why would there be clothing in the trees? Did he hang them there?” Nutmeg asked hemming the hat quietly.
“Trophies. A warning to all who dare enter that place of their fate. Axel is a nut, who knows.” SirWoop droned without looking up from her letter.
Just behind schedule, Nutmeg tailored the hat well into the afternoon finally finishing just as the heat of the day began to fade. Her head was swimming thoughts of Axel, trying to piece together why a pokemon would hang clothes in the forest. It was only natural to wonder such things, right? She was a tailor after all, always trying to make use of the resources around her. Maybe, Axel felt that way too? There was doubt, but she had to know.

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TailsLuigi-Dewott Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Sir Woop plus her hat equal.... I don't know ummmmm I'll think of something soon.
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