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Zelda are you okay?

By crazyfreak
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This is an edit of a picture I did in 2009, which looked horrible. I hated how I drew Link's face back then, hopefully this is a lot better. 
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You've been hit by, you been hit by: a smooth dark lord.

(sorry couldn't help myself)

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BlueIvyMarioStudent Digital Artist
OMGGGGGGG [Mario Emote] Mario is hyped. *fangirl screaming*
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Zelda are you ok?

So, Zelda are you ok?

Are you ok Zelda?

Zelda are you ok?

So, Zelda are you ok?

Are you ok Zelda?

Zelda are you ok?

So, Zelda are you ok?

Are you ok Zelda?

You've been rescued,
You've been rescued,

by a sm~oooth Heroguy!!


:XD: :lol:
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lilyput-the-giantHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know how any princess would be able to say no to a face like that! he's melting my heart and he's not even real! hehe :laughing: this absolutely wonderfuly drawn as well! :D
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beautifully drawn! 
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marthissoawesomeStudent Artist
YOUR KILLING ME!!!! OH..... THE CUTENESS!!! ITS MAKING ME BLIND!!!!!!!! IM DYING ITS SO VERY VERY WELL DRAW AND PRETTY!Here's a kiss for you, my love! Eyepopping 
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OceRydiaProfessional Digital Artist
I love this drawing ^^
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My goodness this is so sweet and the look on his face is so tender. Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Giggle 
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CocoaCutie178Hobbyist General Artist
*Free Icon/Emote* Nutella Pusheen (OMG) 
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Beautiful picture! Awesome job!
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somedudefromEARTHHobbyist Digital Artist
The beauty... it's too much to bear... Heart free avatar :iconlazycryplz:Heart free avatar 
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No idea why i´m seeing this just now but i love it. <3
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So cute ! 
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" Zelda, are you okay? I'm glad i was here to prevent you to trip and fall down the stairs ... "

" Umm (o////o) thank you, Link, but i was taking care at this Place like always ... ... "

" But you looked incredible tired, this Morning! I was sure you were going to trip ... ... "

" Well, i ... have a bit trouble to sleep, since a certain, grown Kokiri-Guy visits me often these Days ... "

" Oh my! Who might that be? Tell me and i will protect you from these overly romantic harassers! "

" Funny how you say overly romantic ... ... umm, i must welcome our current Guests today ... "

" I will personally supervise that nobody will disturb you from your Duties as a Princess, Zelda ... "

" Thank you ... well ... please hurry and sneak out, before Impa and the Guards find you, again ... "

" Ah, Yes ... thanks for reminding me. So sad: they can't recognise a Ally when they see one. "

" That's becaauuse ... you're never speaking with them and always trespass into our Castle... ? "

" I have no Choice. It worries me to let you out of my Sight for to many Days ... :star: "

" ... ... !! He is HERE AGAIN!! Guards, GUUAARRDSS!! That Intruder is with the Princess again!! "

" Ah, Impa has spotted you!! Hurry and escape, Link!! "

" Don't worry, i will return to you, my L- my Princess! See you and have a nice Day ... ... :star: :heart: "
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O//////////////O That's a wonderful scene for this drawing. I love it! :hug:
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It was originally meant in a humor Way :D glad that you like it =) :wave:
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evangeline40003Professional Writer
Nice:) I like the lighting
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Beautiful and I so love Link and Zelda as a couple.
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hahaha well some pointed out Link's not looking at Zelda, which bugs me about this picture haha
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PraeliasHobbyist Digital Artist
God dangit lol. I read this and now it bugs me too. xD Still good art though.
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Really cool! Though, it bit looks like Link's looking over Zelda's head at something / someone while Zelda's trying to get his notion. ^^; Other than that it's really great!

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I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWW XD My Link always looks goofy or isn't just working hahaha it's been bugging me the whole time.. Maybe I should fix it one day 
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It's okay. Let's just say that this happened after a fight or such and Link was just checking that the monster was fully dead. ;)
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