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Heros Shade and Princess Zelda

By crazyfreak
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They have tragic love :P
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I wish Hero's Shade acted more like the Genie from Aladdin or even Midna. Instead of "Shadow the Skeleton."

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ZTheGSHobbyist General Artist
Aww... :meowlove: 
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scarred-oneHobbyist General Artist
Great job, this captures it perfectly
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These two had very traumatic lives.
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I love the armor he has here! It's so cool, but does anyone else get the feeling that the armor Link buys in Castle Town's Malo Mart is the Hero's Shade's armor? This is  very nice drawing, definitely a fav!
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Tahkaullus01Hobbyist Writer
Maybe they didn't get it right this time. But hey, that's the beauty of eternity: Maybe they'll do better next time.
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At least they got reunited in Heaven.
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JomirHobbyist Digital Artist
it is just Amazing!!! I love how they look
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Epic love I'd say. Not "this is cool" epic but truly epic. Link looks like he's ready to step onto the Argo or slay some dragon.  Zelda likewise. Now I'm thinking about a classic "Lady's Favor" scene. Good job!
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evangeline40003Professional Writer
Aw, and yes sadly they do... Link! take care of her! haha
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FlameWhirlwind176Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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The Hero's Shade Armor Clap  Awesome Job
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Now THAT is what I call a true crusader. A warrior of the Light, standing vigilant against the forces of Hell and Death.
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XandImus General Artist
greatly magnificent
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Tony-164Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I heard somewhere that he existed because he couldn't pass on the lessons he learned as the Hero of Time, because he was just a kid and no one remembered. This also goes with the MM Death theory, because it said he died as a kid, so he couldn't influence people when he grew up. 

It could've just been a Game Theory video, but maybe not.
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FlameWhirlwind176Hobbyist Traditional Artist
While i absolutely love that episode of game theory.. i do think OoT/MM link grew up. Mainly since hero shade speaks like a grown man...

plus alittle weird thinking a kid turned into a stalfos type ghost XD
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DarkwolfthelycanHobbyist Traditional Artist
... well the way you speak when you get older changes not because you get older, your speech pattern changes because you have seen more and understand more types of speech patterns, not to mention you understand more words... and the hero's shade has been around for how long? 100 years give or take... so yeah he's probabally seen alot even as a spirit so, even if he died as a kid... he would speek like an adult because... well... he's gathered words and phrases and speech patters over the last hundreds of years XD
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Tony-164Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Makes sense either wat, honestly, it's one of those things that's just too close to call one way. The timeline was a major leap in decoding the whole series, but we might need a Hyrule Histora 2 to find out all the details.
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FlameWhirlwind176Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, i honestly want to know what happened to OoT link. they could do a manga of it as like an OFFICAL depiction that take spalce in the main timeline.. i think it'd be pretty cool if they did.

and i definitely mean official since i'd rather have it be how nintendo says it happened, and not have people dispute it as cannon or not because of it being a manga. Not to mention it wouldn't work in the manga continuity how nintendo would do it since the manga link actually got to pass on his lessons
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Tony-164Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Generally the Game/book/anime/movie are all separate canons, as in, one exists as canon, but the other is also it's own canon, so a game canon manga would be hard to make. It would be cool though.  
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RogueAngelAlanHobbyist General Artist
So awesome
love the artwork as always!
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TiburaHobbyist General Artist
This is such an amazing picture!

The expression on Zelda's face, the dertemination on Link's....

I love the colors, the details, the image composition.

I've been following you for some years by now, and I honestly think that you are one of the best Zelink artist out there.

Keep up the awesome work! I hope I'll be following you for many more long years!
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