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Custom TARDIS Console Room

Behold, my TARDIS! I decorated the room, did all the lighting and electrical, built the whole console and painted the floor. All up it took a year to put together. I was incredibly blessed and lucky. I had the hexagonal shaped room already, owned all the timber and worked at a factory with a lot of spare parts to be dumped which I used for the controls. Please leave comments, I'd love to hear feedback, even if it's constructive criticism.
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I LIKE it! Reminds me of the classic series!
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I LOVE IT!!  This is amazing.  Makes me want to build one for myself.  Thanks for sharing.  I really love how you painted the floor too. Great work!
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How did you make this? Tell me ALL the materials
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Simply amazing! It has that perfect mixture of whimsy, science fiction, and alien that makes it look just like a TARDIS! You did a fantastic job!
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Oh my Gosh!  This is Amazing!  Hopefully going to make a Doctor Who cake for next weekend.  Too Cool!
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Wow! That is possibly THE most awesome thing I have EVER seen!! :love: How much did it cost, though?
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thank you :) it costed me about AUD$1200
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Holy crap!! well spent, at least? ;)
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THIS IS AMAZING!! When I move out, I'm totally doing something like this if I have an extra bedroom. However, I may never leave......hmmm.......that may be an issue. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Great job again! :)
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I LOVE IT! I want nothing but walk into this image. Do you sleep on the floor in this room, in a sleeping bag? I feel like it would be appropriate.

This is my secret deviant art account that I didn't tell anyone about.
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hey Johana, thanks so much! yes, i'm lying on a floor bed in here right now typing this! haha
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This is absolutely amazing!:iconclappingplz::iconclappingplz::iconclappingplz: I really wanna do something like this for myself one day.

By the way, does the Time Rotor/central column rise/fall at all? Is there any sound as well?:)
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hey! yeah it does go up and down haha and yeah there's speakers in it, i just plug in my iphone and use the DW soundboard haha. here's a video link to see it moving etc. subscribe to my youtube if you want ^_^ [link]
This is amazing! Would love to do a story about it for newspapers and magazines in the UK.
Can you contact me please at:

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This is fantastic!
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Wowww.... This is so cool! You have now officially got the awesomest house in the world! Love all the little nods to Classic Who ^_^ *jealous jealous jealous*
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I love it! I want one for the middle of my room :D
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I'm not that familiar with Doctor Who universe, but it looks complex and totally sci-fi-like! Such labor and patience cannot but inspire respect!
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oh my gosh O.O

oh my gosh!!! <3
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