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ID Card by crazyfirewolf

Name/Username: Ember/crazyfirewolf
Rank: A
free leaf,flower, and cat sticker
1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa3K Sprint to the Finish by floramisa2017 April Showers Participant by floramisa 2017 Library of Xandeera Participant by floramisa Digital Artist - Tablet by floramisa 5 Mothcats Owned by floramisa Lotto Winner - Pawsitivity by floramisa 2018 Into the Catacombs Participant by floramisa 2018 FFY Sticker by olympvs 10 Mothcats Owned by floramisa Penny Pincher by floramisa

Mothcats Owned:
Midnight Cocktail named Strawberry
Rare MYO Named Bones  Mothcat ID #468-Bones by crazyfirewolf Bird attached  Bird - Fairy Wren by Mothkitten
Medical Arm Band by Mothkitten
Common MYO named Spock  Mothcat ID #578-Spock by crazyfirewolf
Common event MYO named Saki 
Mothkitten Amber co-owned  Amber-Aged up by crazyfirewolf
Mothkitten Zara co-owned  Zara - Aged by 102vvv
Common MYO named Temari  Mothcat ID #728- Termai by crazyfirewolf
Grey Hat by Mothkitten
Rare MYO named Rosetta  Rose Flower Dragon child MYO [Approved!] by crazyfirewolf
Common MYO named Kirk  Kirk Mothcat MYO UNAPPROVED by crazyfirewolf
Exclusive MYO Named Arista  Fish Child MYO :APPROVED: by crazyfirewolf
Subspecies Owned: 0

Bank Balance:
 | 4  | 3 

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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