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Splinter Cell

What can I say about Splinter Cell? Marvelous, superb, great game to play? Nah... I think the name is incredible! Man, I want to buy the Double Agent version to Playstation 2...

My fanart to this great game (which makes me dying for work to Ubisoft...)

Splinter Cell is a trademark for Ubisoft and Tom Clancy. All rights reserved.

Thank you all!
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Splinter Cell is one of my favorite games. :)
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the game it's very goooooooooooooodd


<.> <.>
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Story wise Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and SC: Double Agent are my favorites in the series.

The music is especially mood setting.
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This looks awesome! Nice work!
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Us at the Splinter Cell Club were wondering if you would like to become a splinter cell club member! We can even submit your art (with your permission) to our personal club gallery! All you need to do is send us a note saying you wish to join, or want to submit artwork.
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crazy man... nice work!
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OMG!! Nice one!! :D cool work :) and yes... Splinter Cell Rulz! :D
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they shud hav used this for the game! gr8 job!
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double agent is da bomb! :D very fun ^^ awsome job here too! :D
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This deserves a fav. I love the game. I still have to buy the last one. Nice work.
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Very Cool, the Splinter Cell games are my favorite series. :+fav:
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Nice Picture. of Sam Fisher. Do you like the game too ??? And I also add it to my Favorites. Thankszx :)
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Why would you buy Double Agent for PS 2 when you can buy it for xbox 360??

damn sony fanboys.

Love the artwork though. great job.
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hehehe, cuz I don't the Xbox 360 yet ^^. But I won't buy consoles anymore. I'll buy just games to PC ^__^.
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LOVE the atmosphere. Splinter Cell is GREAT...I've only gotten to CIA HQ in the first one though XD;
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Thanks! and WOW... I've bought Splinter Cell Double Agent for PS2... when you have any chance to play this game, play it! It's very cool!
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Yeah I'm trying to play them in order, but I'm tempted to jump ahead to some of the later ones LOL Double Agent looks awesome :D
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Amazing beyond words. O_O
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Damn, it's fantastic.
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I have it on the 360. Its one hell of a game, deffo worth buying!
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