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On Vampires
Ah, yes. Vampires.  Like therianthropes... except nothing at all like them.
Whereas therianthropes are more dictated by their current form than by anything else, vampires are controlled by nothing but themselves.
Vampires are an odd bunch, really. Much like therianthropes, they are not necessarily evil.  However, they are, in general, highly solitary creatures, as opposed to the varying mentalities of therianthropes such as Lycanthropes and werebears.  This is not to say they are loners. Merely isolated by choice.  Many who meet them would call them genial.
The usual feeling you get from a vampire depends on how they acted in life.  A good vampire is generally very kind, and usually warm, and their actions will reflect such things.  More sinister ones ooze maleficent charm, the kind you never can quite trust yet you can't simply ignore.  Often because you hold no desire to.
All vampires share some traits:
1. Crossing running water is out of the question, though the sun cannot kill them
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 10 20
Rest in Peace, You True Hero
Tragedy has struck,
A hero has passed.
A man whose deeds,
Remain without a rival.
He shall forever act as.
He immortally exemplified.
Call him a paragon of it,
But he would have denied it.
In the face of danger,
Not once, not twice,
Not even thrice,
But more than can be counted.
A hero has passed,
One of strong will,
And yet of a gentle spirit,
An arm always extended to help.
An Eagle's majesty,
A lion's courage,
A fox's cunning,
All with a hound's loyalty,
His passing,
It is a tragedy.
But, let us not mourn him.
Let us not feel sad.
Let us celebrate him.
Celebrate what he accomplished.
Celebrate his character.
Celebrate how he captured
The imagination of man.
Let us take his passing,
As a reason,
As a responsibility,
As a duty,
To celebrate him,
To remember him,
To memorialize him,
By doing as he did,
And accepting adventure's call,
Exploring the heavens,
Probing the depths of Space,
That final frontier.
That near-infinite ope
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 7 12
Swashbuckling Gentleman Part Two
Two weeks have passed, and Zelsri's clothes finally arrive, much to my disappointment.  A large quantity of them(explaining the great delay).  I had rather begun to enjoy this free show, but, alas, not all great things are to last.
Save for her penchant for nudism, which I highly appreciate(and enjoy).  At least it is more comfortable for me to be wearing pants, now.
I show her the sights around town.  While walking, we meet a friend of mine.
"Osalnosor, how goes your life," Actrofin, a bemustached half-Bencorian-half-Belgos, says.
"Hello, Actrofin.  I have been quite well," I say.
"Well, who is your new lady friend," he says, obviously getting a nice view of her.  I would wager that he thinks not with his mind when a female is present, were it not for the fact that he does not try to lure women away from other men.  Does not stop him from luring most other women he meets.
"She is Zelsri Alsoron.  Zelsri, t
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 3 0
Swashbuckling Gentleman Part One
I am walking through the forest, singing a powerful tune in my incredibly deep bass voice, carrying my inctricate, priceless cane, dressed in a suit, and wearing a monocle.
A female grizzly bear ambushes me.  I must have, accidentaly, come too close to her cubs.
"Oh, Sorry, Madame Bear," I do declare.
She, however, does not relent.
We stare at each other for thirty minutes.  We battle for twenty hours, honorably, with no clear victor.  She, out of respect, bows down and joins forces with me.  We walk to my house, and I sleep.  
The next morning, I pull out a moose leg from my refrigerator.  I cut a large slab of meat from it.
It is then that I notice that my new "friend" is and is not a bear.
A nude Argow woman, wide of hips, very well-breasted, and having a buttocks as wide as my shoulders(which, given that I am quite muscular, a Belgos, seven-and-a-half-feet-tall, and broad-shouldered, is saying quite a bit), is in my dining
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 1 12
Swashbuckling Gentleman Prologue
My actions may be outdated, and my ideals a bit old-fashioned, but you will be impressed and love me nonetheless.
This is the credo of the gentleman adventurer.
There are certain requirements;
1: Impressive Facial Hair
2: Bare-Knuckle boxing
3: Predilection with either big-game hunting or bull-fighting(or, better yet, both).
4: Eccentricity
5: Exuding manliness
6: Body hair that symbolizes said manliness
7: Capability to beat large animals with either melee weapons, or, better, your bare fists.
8: Your foes either respect you or cannot help but love you.
9: You must be cultured.  Well-read, well-educated, well-dressed, well-groomed.  Accent optional.
10: Much of what you say can be quoted with or without irony.
11: You must travel often.  Trophies purely optional.
12: You are as skilled a negotiator as you are a fighter.
13: Always take the third option(i.e. do both, unless it makes absolutely no sense to.) if applicable.
14: Dueling, sword-fighting
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 0 6
Blanrok, Part 1
Date: Two Years Before Exarchy
Venue: Bencorian Grand Concert Hall
Event: Annual Symphony Festival
I am nervous, honestly.  There are few greater honours than being allowed to compete in the Annual Symphony Festival.  My mother is an adjudicator, but that is a greater detriment to me than a benefit(she is a really tough critic, especially of me).  Seventeen composers and their ensembles(a combination of an orchestra and a concert band) are chosen.  The seven greatest composers in the world adjudicate.  The competition is clean, but difficult nonetheless.  Our adjudicators are my mother; Dr. Carnisf; King Genzo of the Delnos; Duke Anfris of the Argow(cousin to Lenios and Kelgos and Ensi); Belsin Corsa of the Ancorians(Head of the Ancorian Academy of Music, an amazing institution); Calsa Resto(My mentor, but another harsh critic, and also my mother's sister); and Osar Vasma, a human composer of great renown.  
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 1 4
Mature content
Team Badass: Part 14 :iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 2 8
Blanrok, Maestro of Bencorians
My people are Near-Human, like the Belgos and Ancorians, and, together, our races were the first three in that group, out of the more than dozen now.  What distinguishes us from our kin is our hearing.  We have bat, dolphin, and elephant genes inserted into our genome, much like the Argow do with hawks, eagles, sharks, and pit vipers; however, we resemble our human kin quite heavily, though with some differences.  
Our hearing is incredibly sensitive.  It would, however, be foolish to assume that loud sounds cause us great pain.  On the contrary: we can withstand louder sounds than other races(it would be harder to deafen an elephant than to deafen a human).  We have the widest range of pitch detection of any race.  
As such, we have fine musicians and composers among us.  Our styles in music are vast and various.  The best of the talented have their names, pictures, performances, and works enshri
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 1 0
I love her, Yet...
I love her,
Yet I think she hates me.
All I want
Is for her to be happy.
Do her friends think,
I am Dangerous?
They say I scare her.
Do my feelings form to fast?
Or do they think I would hurt her?
Why would I want to do that?
I've been manipulated, torn, broken.
Why would I do that,
To the person I love most.
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 7 7
A Lady I Know
Smart and Kind,
Sweet and Pretty,
These describe a lady I know.
Strong and Patient,
Considerate and Compassionate,
These describe a lady I know.
Capable, She is a survivor,
Understanding, she can listen,
And that is why I can relate to her.
She is a far better person than me,
Though both of us have been through a great deal.
And that is why I love her.
Now, She is in pain,
And I want to help her,
Yet she keeps me away.
I screwed up somewhere.
I cannot go near her,
Simply because I love her.
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 3 12
What is good?
What is good?
Is it being totally selfless,
Or remembering to keep yourself in mind once in a while?
Is it helping those who have nothing get something they want, but don't need,
And tearing down someone else's hard work to do so,
Or protecting those who have something protect their hard work,
Sometimes at the expense of the helpless?
Is it protecting the lazy at the expense of the dedicated?
Is it showing mercy to the one who will kill again,
But not the one who killed by mistake?
Is it destroying institutions,
Corrupt or not,
For some kind of moral better?
Is it putting limits on a dedicated man's work from his life,
Just so you can protect his worst employees?
Is it leading other's to a path of self-destruction?
Is it to prevent greed, even when it is righteous?
Is it criticizing others' wrongs,
When you yourself are guilty of those same wrongs?
Is it a willingness to criminalize human nature?
Is it a willingness to force religion upon an atheist,
Who, himself, follows the mo
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 4 10
Levren's Quest: Epilogue
"Why?  Why me?
"I nearly had everything I could possibly want...
"All I truly desired...
"Dammit!  Why did it have to happen to me?  This very state angers me!  I am helpless.
"Is it something I've done?"
"No, Levren.  You've been poisoned," says a voice he has heard before.
"Felgor?  What are you doing here?"
"To change the course of the war."
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 1 0
Team Badass: Part 13
Reed: So, wait.  Deadpool is off fighting the Joker and Sweet Tooth!?  Are you nuts?!  Everyone will die... and I really don't care if they do.
Wigglytuff: Well, it is time for us to...uh... can I get a plotline here?
Wigglytuff: It is time for us to...
Wigglytuff: It is time for us to... WILL YOU STOP REWINDING!?
Wigglytuff: Now that my lawyer has calmed me down.
Harvard Man: Don't mention it.
Wigglytuff: Okay, our newest job involves us going into space.
Link: Why?
Wigglytuff: I don't know, but I don't question the guy with the money.
Link: We are going to die.
Deadpool: Oh, it can't be that bad.
Link: With you: Yes, it can.
Captain Falcon: So, what exactly are we doing?
Wigglytuff: We are going on a sci-fi type adventure!
Spike: Again?
Tex: So, what exactly does this entail?
Wigglytuff: Far off space travel, gunfights...
Tex: I'm in.  
Wigglytuff: Uber-violence...
All: Me, too.
Wigglytuff: Character Development.
Genlos: So, you a
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 2 2
Profile: Knovact the Unknown
Name: Knovact Noectgnat vol Fector
Rank: Ambiguous, but definitely high
Race: Half Argow, Half Demon
Relations: TBA
Background: Knovact is no small fry.  The son of a Demon Prince, he has inherited massive power from both sides of his family.  He is a member of the Line of Strength among Argow, which only recently included the royal family as its members.  He has heard of Levren, Gonsor, Gelfor, and Anzi and their exploits.  Oh, he certainly has...
Knovact is a mixed bag in all respects.  He is level-headed, but that level is very hot.  He is not one of small ambitions.  He will do everything it takes to achieve his goals, whatever they may be.  His father is proud of him.  Not that he cares.  
Knovact's ingenuity is very well seen, only blocked by his stubbornness.  In this respect, he is like Levren.  In fact, they are more alike than anyone knows.  
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 0 10
Relations with The Orcs
The Orcs are very unusual beings.  On one hand, they are tribal warriors, noble in a way, and clever.  On the other, they are also very brutal, and relish in a kill.  Orcs get along with Trolls and Ogres  very well. Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and Goblins do not get along with Orcs as well.  Galvor and Velnic get along with Orcs incredibly well, as they are related races.  Humans... It depends.  Some will mate with them on sight, whereas some will kill them on that same sight.
Elves and dwarves hate orcs, but will work with them.  Argow, on the other hand, have among the best relations with the orcs, which really strains their relations with the Elves on occasions.  Delnos could not really care either way.  Anfor will actually mate with Orcs on occasion.  
Treonvos have a connection with the orcs that no race really understands.  How the most advanced race on Ithalia and th
:iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 1 6
Mature content
Profile: Blaronkog :iconcrazydude2344:crazydude2344 0 4

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A visit
John set the mug down on the table and sat down in the chair across from his guest. He sat up straight, unable to push down the reflex. When he'd arrived John had fought the urge to salute the man. He was a higher rank than his guest, sure, but he held so much respect for the man that he felt he needed to do it. He was at a loss for words, not sure how to start a conversation.
He was just as John always remembered him. Strong, professional even in a personal situation. He was the one thing that never seemed to change. Over the years Doctor Halsey had become softer, less of the woman who was willing to do anything as she had been when the Spartan II program had started. The band of silver hair around his head had spread to most of his hair though there were a few black hairs left. He wore a simple duty uniform, his chest vacant of the many ribbons that were usually there. John could see that the years had taken some toll on him. There were wrinkles where there hadn't been in the past. S
:iconfirerwolf:Firerwolf 9 10
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by Muttlyn

This picture is incredibly realistic, and, honestly, rather adorable. You show the details most would leave out. The baby is drooling, ...

Honestly, this was one of the more memorable moments in the game for me, but I really have never seen anyone take it and make a picture...

Very nice. You give us not one, but three different versions of the same picture. Your picture blends the colors in a way that, simply,...

We all know someone like her. Whether they look like her is optional. She is a relatable character. She is a very nice person, yet is n...



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United States
A lot of my stories I wrote on here were written while I was in my teens. Not only was I full of angst, anxiety, and such, but I was still finding my place in the world.

As such, they should not really be taken as representing my views at any particular point in time.

I am very liberal. I do not judge, but I also don't advocate any sort of reprehensible sexual behavior.

I will not take down my old works, but I do have parts of them I just feel don't work or just don't like about them.

Please keep this in mind.

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