I need art inspiration please!

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Heeyy fellas - not sure who actually uses devArt anymore - i know i havnt been for a year or two , was wondering what some good tips for getting back into the swing of the art world would be? i do miss it dearly, i really dont do much work these days, due to working a job quite a bit, i know i have a lot a very talented people on my watch list, would like to get some insight from some :) thought id just throw it out there, thanks. 
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Welcome back!  You do what is in your heart and mind.  Write, draw, paint, whatever.  It's all good here.  If people don't like it they don't have to comment or fave.
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Hi Miss Becky!!! I'm still here.. I would say the best way would be to browse some of the people you followed here.. (you followed them for a reason!).. see what they've been doing.. if not just browse out in the main page.. there's such great stuff here!!!  nice to see you! :hug: