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Roger and the gong

finally i have somthing up! sry 4 the wait everyone! this i did today with pastels.
omg! i really like this! i just wish i could of made the gong better >.< maybe ill re-do sometime

im putting together a book of pink floyd pics for my brother when he goes off to college this sunday (im sooo sad :( ). this picture is of roger waters in live at pompeii.

hope u like :)

--shine on you crazy diamond--
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I love Roger :'''D
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Saucerful Of Secrets...nice.
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Though the gong isnt a perfect circle I still think its good! This piece of artwork is amazing! I like how you made it into a shilloutte effect with a red background.
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Roger Waters the king.
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what a fantastic moment to capture!
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Live in Pompeii is one of the greatest music films ever, and Rog' in the shadows hitting the gong like a maniac is one of the coolest film moments ever..

I'm faving this.
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isn't this from Live at Pompeii with Rogr Waters....?.....awomse.....:D :+fav:
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SCHWEETNESS!!! :+fav: :clapping:
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i love the color and how you made roger waters and his gong look like a silhouette. this is really cool.
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yeah, i have other things im thinking about drawing simullar to 'a smile from a veil' and all those band member ones.... god i cant help it! its like im obsessed or somthin with these guys...geeze, cause i am!


ty again!

--shine on you crazy diamond--
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This has to be my favorite pose/still from Live at Pompeii, looks damn awesomely great. Keep posting this stuff!
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ty all ^_^

hugz! :D

--shine on you crazy diamond--
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Great work! :clap:

By the way, did you know that there is a Pink FLoyd's fanclub here at DA? ;)
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is the Pink Floyd fan club still functioning..??? i think it's been pretty inactive for a while now :hmm:
robertplant's avatar
Dunno actually ;) Haven't been on their site for a while (no, I am not a member, although I was conidering on becoming one sometime ago ;) )... Maybe you're right... But hopefully it's not dead :/
D0R14N's avatar
the ~floydians one? i've been trying to join for a while, but haven't heard back from them at all.. and their last journal entry was in May... so... :depressed:

someone should create a brand new one! i would maybe.. but not on my own..
robertplant's avatar
...why not on your own? ;)

Ummm... you're right... since may... nothing... gosh, I hope they're be back soon not like ledzeppelin one... :( :cry: ... maybe we should try sending them a note or an e-mail? :confused:
D0R14N's avatar
tried the notes - can't seem to find an email address..

basically.. i don't think i could do them justice on my own ;)
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oooh and i forgot to say, but how awesome is the live at pompeii dvd????? :boogie:
r0ck and r0LL :D dave gilmour, flowing freely.......ahhhhhhhhh :P
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ty ^_^

--shine on you crazy diamond--
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(lol, you and your Dave Gilmour, Abby :P Roger Waters is the man!! not 'The Man' but the man... uhh.. yeh..)

:XD: and yes! gotta love that picture!! :boogie:
humiliated-grapes's avatar
heehee thats most excellent! :) have u seen my sisters avatar? >>> ~D0R14N :D
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