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130529 Thranduil

Thranduil from The Hobbit

Gift for my friend's birthday.
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Oh wow. This is gorgeous. I love the soft tones and edges you have going on. Gives the piece a nostalgic kind of feel and look. 

Also, tehe! Baby Thranduil deer/elk. :D
smilyimp's avatar
Fabulous, hahahaha :heart:
EatSleepAndSoccer's avatar
Cute, I love the baby elk ;)
LenkaWinterscythe's avatar
He's looks slightly surprised, as if like, that deer wasn't there a second ago and he's all "...Whut?" x 3
CocoaCutie178's avatar
IM GONNA DIE NOW. :Faints from majestic-ness:
Etheriana's avatar
Won't you make this a print at some point? :)
MonocerosArts's avatar
"Reindeers are better than people..."
LadyBlackArachnia's avatar
Added to my background saver CX, never to be uploaded without permission of course. Only place I'd go is FB.
LadySheeray's avatar
Nice ;) He looks very young here
Even Thranduil was young once! :D
Tenebrian's avatar
Gorgeous. It has an uplifting feel to it.
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I love this.
Absolutely lovely work, mate.
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