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Mike Talley
United States
Current Residence: Ketchikan AK
Favourite style of art: Manga and Anime in General
Operating System: Pencils,paper,photo copier and then markers
Favourite cartoon character: Goddess Of Love Rei Rei
Personal Quote: Life is like a rose, beautiful to behold and painful to grasp
(Very modified to be Count of Monte Cristo-ish)

Arcanamirium absalom

Carrius The II, never died.

His Mothers death was mostly overlooked into the why.

A Vampire and a Queen.

Thankfully it was dealt with but not before it has passed it's bitter curse unto the passenger within her, Carrius.
Born paler than most his differences where attributed to her condition and that Carrius himself might fully recover himself as she seemed too,
sadly she died a month later. His aging went like that of other children at first, gradually slowing. However that was not what had lead to his
exile by his father.

It was the hunger, as he got older he felt it growing on him and one night within the stables he lashed out on a stable girl his first taste of blood.
However his father had caught him, he was never sure as too how at first. But this act had sealed his fate into the world of the night as a Dhampir and
his father had sent him away and declared dead.

Absalom was his home for years, namely the Arcanamirium an exile to a highly stationed school of magic, but it was like a prison for many an unwanted noble.
namely children born that where not, Pretty or human.

Carrius did find the power of magic within him as he learned but it was more akin to a second nature. Sorcery was his strength, with it he was learning to Divine
answers, spy of enemies, manipulate enemies and most importantly, devise an escape and return to Taldor. But he would not return alone. His father was known for drinking
the golden orchard elixiar time was equally on his side, ever since he'd drank his aging had slowed, so he continued with some magic here and there he went unnoticed.

The use of Divination magic and spying lead him to discover others that where rejected nobles from Taldor, many where simply embarressments and where sent to various schools
in Absalom. But there where a few, some what like himself, exiled by family because they where not 'human'.

Going to each in kind, slowly and gaining their trust he was able to create his own little Arcane Society: The Emerald Eyes of Absalom.

Money could buy many things and as they build themselves over the years with lessons and experience, they went forth into the world to put many of their plans into

Founding Members of the Emerald Eyes Of Absalom [my villains]

1- Carrius II (Dhampir/M/LE/Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer 18)
[Spy Master, Dominator, Monster. These where the things that Carrius thought of himself as he grew into his power. Enchantments to bind the weak, Divination to destroy the strong, and his friends to remove
the whatever else remained in his way] *use of Divination and his Knowledge skills to best determine the best locations for military strikes.

2- Dorna Betony (Ifrit/F/LN/Summoner 12th - Dragon Based Eidolon)
[Originally Dorrin Betony, but between her genie blood and use of Mulibrous Tincture, she was sent away. She loves winter and Cold and takes many pains to adorn herself with such colors which
has created an interesting Eidolon that is Immune to Fire and whom's breath weapon is cold] *Dragon Provides aerial power and does have cold resistance ^^

3- Zarishu (Oread/F/N/Promethean Alchemist 14th)
[While she was noble born, Zarishu could care less about revenge, she cares far more about maintaining the health and well being of all her friends within the society as
they are the only ones that age as slowly as she does.] *Provides Golem Support for the army

4- Vivianna Lemaris (Sylph/F/LE/Wizard-Abjuration 15th)
[A good defense is a good offense, would work best to describe Vivianna's use of magic, while specializing in Abjuration, she utilizes conjuration magic almost as often to create battlefield
conditions that work best for her and her allies] *Crafts items that create battlefields of Ice and Cold

5- Espeth Nicodemius (Tiefling/F/LN/Wizard-Illusionist 14th)
[Espeth loves to paint and is very creative, while weaving spells to make herself appear human she has opened a few businesses for the Society so that they might be able to fund themselves,
one such business is Phantasmal Delights, Part School for Illusion and part Tavern. Where one can stay anywhere they desire, and not be far from home.
{and in some darker corners, sleep with whomever, whatever they want}] *Provides safe houses for the Arcane Society Members

6- Hammel Valewood (Fetchling/M/NE/Wizard-Necromancer 13th)
(Halfling born and the 'youngest' founding member of the arcane society, Hammel's desire for personal power over death and his hatred for nobles from Cheliax fuel his motivations, for He hopes for the day the society
takes over Taldor, so that their mighty Mage powered army might march upon Cheliax and gain freedom for all Halfling kind.] *Provides Undead forces for the army, occasionally creates greater undead to act as 'Generals'

7- Elphin Thornecastle (Undine/M/CN/Arcane Healer Bard 13th)
[Elphin was quite surprised when his ruse as an exiled noble was found out by Carrius, but far more surprised when asked if he wished to not only continue his ruse but with the help of others, many of whom where noble
born with aspirations creating a Society of Arcane Nobles. they'd need someone that could help smooth others feelings of them. To make them welcome them, as Elphin had done to others to make them welcome him.
How could he refuse? Of course he joined as it would likely be the most fun he'd have in years to come. Not to mention with others that could enjoy his sense of humor.]
*Uses his Bardic Abilities to sway the masses to believe in society to be their future rulers.





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