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Fire Nymph by CrazyConfuzing Fire Nymph :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 5 Aldara of the Dragon Order by CrazyConfuzing Aldara of the Dragon Order :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 5
The Grownups of Under There
“I’ve seen those funny hopscotches all over town.” She said. “So has Yvonne and Angie. We talked about them. They have little stars and moons drawn next to them. Sometimes comets, too.”
Ben rubbed his head in confusion, “But I thought, I thought it been you girls who was drawing them.”
“Oh no,” Sarah declared, “Those things are for babies. We don’t play with the hopscotches anymore. We just notice them cause they’re so pretty. I don’t think it’s the little girls drawing them though. They’re too nice. Angie couldn’t even draw one so pretty and she’s real good with a pencil.”
Ben’s face dropped. He had so hoped it was Sarah and her friends. The hopscotch had appeared by his doorsteps only that morning and when Robbie and the other boys had seen it, Ben had been teased into the ground. He had wanted to come up to Sarah and tell her off for being so mean, but it hadn’t been her; or he
:iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 3
Cry for blood
Arrow stared ahead. The pointed stick was extended before her as she paced carefully around the giant spider; a plump belly the size of Arrow’s head and legs protruding to create a circumference double that size. The creature clicked its mandibles threateningly.
The word seemed to drift along the soft current of air. It rustled through the leaves and twisted around Arrow’s ears.
Use the Anger…
“Shut up,” Arrow spat. That voice was really starting to annoy her quite considerably. How could giving into anger possibly help?
Arrow jumped back as the spider scuttled forward. She thrust her stick at the yellow underbelly; it served only to anger the spider as the creature reared up onto its hind legs and hissed. Arrow dodged to the left, rolling to the ground and deftly back onto her feet again.
“Anger has NOTHING to do with control!”
Arrow gritted her teeth and thrust her weapon at the spider once more. Unexpe
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Mature content
Feel it :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 1 0
Mmm Tea... by CrazyConfuzing Mmm Tea... :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 0
It comes
Like a freight train, lights blazing yellow speed trails in the dark,
it comes. Crash! Full force into my mind
And then…
:iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 1 0
Ballet Shoes by CrazyConfuzing Ballet Shoes :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 2 0
Crocodile eyes shed crocodile tears,
Crocodile mouth, crocodile fears.
At the bank it waits;
statue basking in the sun.
Crocodile hunt is crocodile fun.
A movement in the shadows.
Crocodile lunge.
Crocodile smiles at crocodile lunch.
:iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 1
Giant hoomin by CrazyConfuzing Giant hoomin :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 0
Witnessing the frayed edges of a childhood friendship coming apart is disconcerting at least, but to live in that moment fully aware of what is to pass, rips body from soul.
She was turning 16 and I, I was only a few months behind. Sand tickled the spaces between our toes as we ran recklessly along the beach. Deep within, we both knew that days of childish abandon had left us years before, yet we clung to playful outbursts like the barnacles to the rock. I think we both knew, but were deathly afraid to utter the words.
She talked about boys. I chattered on about hockey. I was good at it. Passionate. She hated the sport. And I? Well, I had the emotional output of a brick. Boy’s I couldn’t talk about because relationships and I were like the opposite poles of a magnet. No matter how much I may have liked the young man who showed interest, I would always repel.
In the evenings, she would strap on her heels and coat her eyes in puff powder. I hid my scuffed sneakers under
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Lips by CrazyConfuzing Lips :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 0
The cookie crumbles against a shattered pain of glass
in the summer rain lighting bolts illuminate
shadows in the dark;
scared child runs away from
mother’s open arms;
kiss the graze upon my knee
but don’t blow too hard.
The woods are filled with faerie tales I wish that I could be.
Hungry wolf devours girl.
The girl inside of me.
I am still whole,
I am old
pieces in a pie.
Bring the Bostick and
stitch the wounded closed.
Leave me here to die.
:iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 0
There was something…
Maybe… I’m not sure…
(burning in my brain)
…was it?
I guess not… but maybe because I’m sure it was and its there that niggly feeling that I have thought of knew of will know because its important and I should to get it do it make it feel it to surely have must know that the something there tickles my brain tap nudge pounce bounce run squeal hide what is IT?!
Stop. Nothing.
“Honey… you forgot the milk.”
:iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 1 3
Dr Klaus Bauer inhaled deeply from the stubby, brown cigar protruding from his thin, cracked lips. Wispy clouds of hazy smoke drifted across the room as he exhaled again, his mind swimming with thought. A pair of terrified dark eyes stared up at him from across the desk. Dr Bauer sighed; he needed to be gentle in his approach. The boy was nothing more than a lab rat to him, but an important lab rat at that. He looked down at the file the boy had accidentally come across. His hand idly stroked across a page of hasty, spidery writing as his eyes read the words he himself had jotted down 15 years previously,
Bauer, Jurgen:
Adopted . Necessary step to study effects of enhancer at closer proximity.

The boy had read those words and perhaps much of the rest of the file. Now he wanted answers. Dr Bauer sat forward leaning his arms across the desk. Grey eyes glared out from a dark, creased valley of age, “You are not allowed in the lab, boy. What were you doing there?”
Jurgen s
:iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 0 6
Froggy Pimp by CrazyConfuzing Froggy Pimp :iconcrazyconfuzing:CrazyConfuzing 3 7


Pong by trenchmaker Pong :icontrenchmaker:trenchmaker 6,686 367 UNICORN by Cushart UNICORN :iconcushart:Cushart 5,780 247 Almost... by kelc Almost... :iconkelc:kelc 9,581 848
Sentient Body
What is a life?
A life, mind, not life itself
rather the singular entity, sentient body
breathing, eating, pulsing, thinking.
Is it a purpose
a decisive constant action aimed
towards an end, perhaps fullfilment
perhaps respect, perhaps destiny?
Is it a knowledge
a vitality, a feeling that you are here
now were and always will be
something to someone someplace?
Is it an inevitability
the product of two others
the continuation
of a chain with multiple links
sacrifices easily suffered by the whole?
And if it is a purpose
is it not defeated in death,
ridiculed and finally pointless
a means to an end eradicated
by the only end?
If it's a knowledge
is it not rendered extinct
if no one no where cares
or thinks
or wonders about it?
And if it's an inevitability
of a coupling
why does, should it matter
if it only survives
for the survival of others-the whole?
Maybe, just maybe
it might dare to be
each moment
each thought
strung together,
a flow of emotion
and realisation of now.
:iconedibility:edibility 2 2
ariel by Jul-san ariel :iconjul-san:Jul-san 3 3
Tender kisses on your lips.
Soft wet trail and hands on hips.
Gently trembling, patient slow.
Inner lava starts to flow.
Stronger, clenching, aching, close.
Hot hard breath between us both.
Gentle whispers, hidden threat.
Grinding bodies bathed in sweat.
Surprised by lust so naked raw
The wanton me so briefly saw.
Turned on by harsh words softly said
The eager wanting in my head.
My teeth touch you, so careful, smooth
Yet quickly, fierce, with strength I move.
My nails rake lines upon your skin
This passion, burning, twisted sin.
My no growled low in panting tones
Hips betray thrust deep and slow.
My fury feeds you, the fire's alight
So hard so fast, so wrong, so right.
Forced on, you ride me, frantic, wild.
I come, my body laid, defiled.
Our love turned black and hard and cold
While in my arms my soul you hold.
:iconmsdaizi:msdaizi 13 16
CG Girl 49 by iDNAR CG Girl 49 :iconidnar:iDNAR 8,847 920 ARTWORK AVALON by ELK64 ARTWORK AVALON :iconelk64:ELK64 9 4 Knubbelchen Attack by DanielaUhlig Knubbelchen Attack :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 4,122 494


Another bloody faerie by Kaduflyer Another bloody faerie :iconkaduflyer:Kaduflyer 1,501 297



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South Africa
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You may have noticed (no, probably not, who comes on here anyways? :P) That I have deleted a bunch of my stuff. I'm cleaning up. I want to port to a new DA account and start fresh. Most of what was on here was random playing around and kinda crappy. :P

It will probably be a bit before I have the new account ready and active. I DO plan to be very active. Hence the fresh start and all.

Hehe, see you there. :P


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