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Update: Winners have been notified! 
And for those who might be interested, I'll list some more of these calendars on my Etsy site possibly as soon as tomorrow. :D
Thank you all for playing!
(Boy am I glad I haven't had to subject myself to much of the radio music so far, haha, it sounds like some of you are already sick of the Christmas music ;) )

I know I haven't posted much (I'm working on commissions, space-based Christmas ornaments, etc!), but I didn't forget the raffle! To get a chance to win a 2019 calendar, leave a comment (or send a message) with your LEAST favorite Christmas/ Holiday song (mwhahaha)

Note: Raffles are the first Friday of every month (next month's will be January 4th)

2018 Dec Raffle by crazycolleeny

Update:  The winner for this month's raffle has been decided and notified!  Thanks to everyone who participated!!!  Next month's raffle will probably be for calendars - which I have yet to make - so if anyone has favorite paintings of mine from this year that they'd like to see in a calendar, let me know! 

It's the first Friday of the month, which means it's Raffle time! This month's raffle is for this 18x18" fantasy castle painting! I recently found out that this painting has a small flaw near the top - a small hole in the canvas - and I thought that someone would like to give it a good home despite this flaw, so it's this month's raffle prize. <3 If you'd like a chance to win this painting, let me know your favorite Thanksgiving dish! Or if you don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, you can just suggest a nice dish that I should make for Thanksgiving! :) Winner will be announced tomorrow (or possibly Sunday, since I will be at a craft show tomorrow!) - good luck!!! :D :D :D

Raffle Nov2018 by crazycolleeny

The winners have been decided and notified! (Apologies for the delay; yesterday was pretty busy because of the craft show!) Thank you to those who participated and good luck on the next raffle (which will be Nov 2nd)!

October Raffle! This month's raffle is for an 8x10" print of one of my skull paintings. If you'd like the chance to win one, let me know which is your favorite + tell me your favorite spooky movie! (And if you're not interested in a skull print - feel free to just tell me your favorite spooky movie anyway <3 ) Winners announced tomorrow - good luck! :D

Raffle 2018-10 by crazycolleeny

Edit: Winners have been decided and notified! Thank you all so much for entering my raffle!!! It's really great to hear which things people like most (it was a tie between #3 and #5, by the way) so I know which things to paint next :D  Next month's raffle will be October 5th

Time for the monthly raffle!  This time I did something a little different - I made playing cards with images of my paintings :D  If you'd like the chance to win a set, let me know which image you like best!  Winners will be decided some time on Saturday.  Thanks and good luck!!!

Raffle-2018-09 by crazycolleeny

Winner of this month's raffle has been decided and notified (they chose painting #3). :D Congratulations to the winner! Thanks to everyone for participating in the raffle, and let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing one of the other two paintings. Next month's raffle is September 7th! :)

First Friday Raffle! Let me know your favorite of these old 16x20" waterfall paintings for a chance to win it! All you need to do to enter is to comment or send me a message. I will decide the winner on Saturday. Good luck and thanks for watching!

(Forgive the picture quality, but the deviations for these three are here: ONE, TWO, THREE)

Raffle Aug2018 by crazycolleeny

Edit: Winners have been decided and notified! Thank you SO much to everyone who participated; there was a great response to this raffle (82 people!!!) and I love hearing that people enjoy my work <3 <3 <3

First Friday Raffle! Let me know your favorite of these 5x7" paintings for a chance to win it!  All you need to do to enter is to comment or send me a message.  I will decide the winners on Saturday.  Good luck and thanks for watching!

2018-07 JulyRaffle by crazycolleeny

Edit: Winners have been chosen and notified! Congratulations to the four winners (N, Y, C, and W were chosen)  :) Thank you all so much for participating; it's great to know what artwork people like better so I can keep improving :D :D :D  As for the other minis, they'll be up in my Etsy shop when I know for sure they're dry (I list new items every Thursday), but send me a message if you want me to reserve one for you :)

First Friday Raffle!  Let me know your top 3 favorites of these for a chance to win one (also let me know which is your most favorite)!  "Bonus points" for spelling a word with your favorite three letters (keep it clean, please) - if you win AND spelled a word, you'll get a little surprise with your prize!  (Edit: you can use any of the minis' letters for your bonus word)  You can go back through my deviations if you want a closer look at any of the minis (links below raffle image).  All you need to do to enter is to comment or send me a message.  I will decide the winners on Saturday.  Good luck and thanks for watching!

Raffle June 2018 by crazycolleeny

Minis on Deviantart:
Update: The raffle winner has been chosen and notified (the winner chose painting B!). 
Thank you all for voting, and good luck on the next raffle :) Thank you also for the ideas - it's really helpful to see what people like. 
I was surprised by the results of this raffle, too: B was the most popular by one vote more than D, both of which were almost twice that of A or C (which had the same number of votes). Not what I expected! Thanks to all again, and have a lovely evening :)
(and the other three paintings - A, C, and D - will be available in my Etsy store again)

The monthly raffle is here! Comment with your favorite for a chance to win one of these original paintings! (+ if you could also comment with a theme idea, that'd be great - I'd love to see what kind of things people would like to see more of from me :D ) Good luck! :)

Raffle 2018-05 by crazycolleeny

I just thought I'd share a few pictures from the craft show this past weekend while I'm cleaning up my art area so I can paint again!  Enjoy :D

100 4590 by crazycolleeny

100 4616 by crazycolleeny

100 4618 by crazycolleeny

100 4620 by crazycolleeny
Update: one of the winners is from Deviantart!!!  Congrats to LunarLilac! :D 
Thanks to everyone who voted :D :D :D
Questions for everyone: Should I make more of these mugs?  Do you have any suggestions of more of my art that might look cool on mugs?


Raffle time! Let me know which is your favorite for a chance to win one! Winners will be announced Saturday (or possibly Sunday if I don't have time due to the craft show this weekend!). Good luck! :D

Side note: Fredericksburg (VA) Craft Show this Saturday and Sunday!  If you're in the neighborhood and decide to stop by, feel free to come to my booth and say hi!

2018 April Raffle by crazycolleeny

Raffle winner has been decided - I was stunned by the response to this raffle (90+ votes across various social media, which is huge for me!!!), so thanks to everyone who participated.  Sadly, there is only one winner to this raffle, Crystal Wood.  Congratulations to Crystal and thank you all for participating!  Next one is April 6th!

The other two paintings will be relisted in my Etsy store for any interested (and if you participated in the raffle, send me a message and I'll give you a discount code for either of the other two paintings).

Raffle March Winner by crazycolleeny


Hooray, it's time for the monthly raffle! This time I'm giving away one of my large (18x24"!!!) older paintings, so let me know which is your favorite for a chance to win! Good luck!!! :D

Raffle March by crazycolleeny

Update: Raffle winners have been decided and notified! 
Thank you all for participating; I really enjoy these raffles and I hope everyone gets to win at least one :D  The top choice was #7 (The purple one with the Milky Way), and to my surprise, the next two top choices were a tie between #3 and #4 (the cat skull and the robot skull)!  I really value this input, so thank you all so much for entering the raffle :)
And for any interested - these framed prints are also now available in my Etsy store.

Raffle time!
Just leave a comment (preferably with your top 2 favorites - for science!) for a chance to win a framed mini-print of your choice.  The prints are 4x4" inside 6x6" frames.  They look really great in person in these frames, and I can post pictures of each individually if you would like to see any of these in better detail :)

Raffle 2018 02 by crazycolleeny
A few quick things - (1) I've posted a few of my paintings from earlier this month on Etsy, and (2) if you're still interested in one of my 2018 calendars, send me a message (they're $15 + shipping).

New stuff on Etsy wooooohooo:

Combo2 by crazycolleeny
Combo1 by crazycolleeny
Combo3 by crazycolleeny
I had a few requests for a calendar from my raffle. Leave a comment if you'd like to purchase one ASAP so I know how many to order and I can get them to you sooner. I think the price will be around $12-15 (+ shipping), depending on how many I get. By the way, they're not huge calendars - they're actually quite cute and compact, 6.5x8.5" (or about 13x8.5" when open), so they work quite well in smaller spaces but they do hang on the wall (maybe next year I'll get desk calendars?).

C3 by crazycolleeny

Update: This month's raffle winners have been decided (and notified) - one was a deviant (Mesmerick)!  Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who participated; I really loved hearing all the fun things people are planning to achieve this year! I wish everyone the best of luck with everything. :D

Raffle time!
I've made a few 12-month calendars I'd like to give away for this raffle, so for a chance to win one, comment with your new year's resolution! Winners decided tomorrow - good luck! :D

Raffle 2018 01 by crazycolleeny
Happy New Year!!!
I have some exciting things planned for this year and I'll be working my butt off to get a bunch of art done, so I'm really looking forward to 2018! This month, I'll be working on more spacescapes to replace all the space art that was bought recently, so if you have any specific space-y suggestions, feel free to leave a comment :) In the meantime, I'm still having a new-years sale (25% off) on a bunch of older pieces in my Etsy shop for at least a few more days, and stay tuned on Friday for the monthly raffle!!! :D :D :D

Newyear by crazycolleeny

I spent most of yesterday getting ready for next Saturday's "Holiday Craft Fair"... so many paintings to sign, title, wrap, box, etc! Maybe toooo many? I suppose it's better to be over-prepared than running around like crazy last-minute ;) If you're in the Richmond area, feel free to drop by and see all the handmade art!!!  I'll be the one probably adorned in clothing with cats on it at (yesssss) by a table that says "Scenes by Colleen" full of (mostly little) paintings. :)

Holiday Craft Fair
Saturday, Dec 9th (between 12 and 4 PM) at:
Westover Hills Branch, Richmond Public Library,
1408 Westover Hills Blvd, Richmond, VA 23225

Craft Show Prep1 by crazycolleeny

Raffle winners have been notified! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating :D :D :D

Early in November, I decided to test out painting on small wood circles (I primed them first, of course) to see what I’d like. I also used some quick-drying medium since I wanted to test out some spray varnish on them after they had dried for a while. The results are below – a few magnets and a few ornaments (well, you could hang them anywhere, but I’ll call them ornaments). Just comment “magnet” or “ornament” (and your favorite, if you like) for a chance to win one at random!  (Larger pics below, too)

Raffle 2017-12 by crazycolleeny

Bigger pics of ornaments and magnets:

Untitled by crazycolleeny

Untitled by crazycolleeny

All three winners were from Facebook this time! Thank you all for participating and good luck on the next one :D

RAFFLE TIME! I wasn't sure what to raffle off this time, but I noticed some of my old flower paintings (actually, the 3rd one is a drawing) and thought they kind of stand out as not really my "style." Which of course makes me wonder how I'd make flower paintings in my style, so maybe you'll see some interesting flower art at some point, haha :) In any case, if you like any of this flower art, let me know which is your favorite for a chance to win one :)

November Raffle by crazycolleeny

(And yes, I know I still have one more skull painting to go ;) )
Hi everyone!  Happy Halloween!
A few quick things:
(1) I am having a sale on all skull paintings for TODAY ONLY on my Etsy site!
(2) In celebration of this crazy skull project, I'm "hosting an event" on my Facebook page, which is basically a place for me to ramble about silly things and show pictures all day because I don't usually update social media that often, so if you'd like to see what I'm up to today, I'll be posting there :)
(3) I was not able to start Skull 50 last night, so I'll be working on that tonight (and probably still updating that Facebook event while I work on it, if you want to see some in-progress stuff)
(4) Have a wonderfully spooky day :D