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Mini Dragon by crazycolleeny Mini Dragon by crazycolleeny
I admit, this one's more about the dragon than the castle, haha :)
4x4" oil painting

This painting will be available in my Etsy store for $17+shipping once it is dry.
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Hitzvl Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018
This is done on those stupidly small canvas thingies from Micheals/Walmart!? Did you use real magic? I’ve painted a few times on these and it’s been difficult and so so slow going and I have no idea how you go tiny details— Jesus mate. Fucking sweet.
crazycolleeny Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018   Traditional Artist
Hahaha, YES to the magic part ;)
I paint regularly on ~2.5x3" blocks ("regularly" as in I've painted over 1000 tiny spacescapes and about 100 forests now), so I've been getting more comfortable with painting tiny things (though sometimes it's still a real struggle).  If anything, these are slightly larger (and they're probably the same as the ones you could get at craft stores; I bought mine from Amazon so I don't know if they're "the same" but yes they're tiny) so I have a little more room for some tiny details, but I still get frustrated when I can't get the detail I want since it's super tiny.  So thank you, I appreciate the recognition of that frustration, haha :D

Hitzvl Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018
I fuckin' believe it honestly. I just saw you mention you had vids of your paintings and saw the fireflies one and wow- what the actual fuck. I mean I saw what you did cuz its a damn video but.. HOW. If I could frame a video lass... damn, I would. XD 

A...thousand? You're not just magic then, you're a machine. How does your hand handle that? Or neck. Or, well, back. 

I think tiny things will always remain with some difficulty no matter the skill level since it requires constant precision-- something not within my bones as I still have found myself missing my own mouth when taking a drink like an idiot. XD

I got to hating life in general when I tried tiny paintings. I'm still pretty green as far as it all goes and painting isn't a skill I've got yet (though its a growing desire) mostly cuz I like getting messy while doin' it. Since, ah, you mentioned you don't mind questions, somewhere I read I mean, could I ask how you pick and mix your colors? I have a lot of shit to still learn but the colors feels like some kind of warpath against my sanity and limited knowledge of shades. I swear I could only name three types of red off the top of my head. Just, I dunno, do you go by instinct, just years of the struggle, or was there a thing you studied that helped..?
crazycolleeny Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018   Traditional Artist
Well I don't paint them all at once, just some in little spurts, and they're meant to be $5 paintings so I try not to spend eons on them and mostly use them for experimenting with color and ideas so it helps me out on larger things as well.  As for picking and mixing colors, I think at this point it's often just "winging it" but that's from years of messing around with colors - I also try to do color-checking when I paint something that's supposed to be more realistic or based on something that I want a very specific color.  I do like painting relatively monochromatic paintings (I'd say 1-3 colors) because I don't have to worry about 'choosing the right color' and I can focus on values, but because of that I think I've learned a bit about color and brands - which ones I like, which ones mix well, etc.  Hm... maybe a better example is: I know that a lot of people like to paint out color wheels or color tables that show how various colors look and mix, but since I have tiny paintings I can work on, I can do something similar without being "boring" and I can see what it can actually produce.  It's not great as a "reference" since I can't exactly look back on old ones, haha, but I think I learn better by doing, so I remember how I like mixing various things by trying them out.  Reds in particular drove me crazy for a long time because I liked starting from transparent colors on dark canvases and then 'bringing up' light with white... that doesn't work out so well with reds unless you want pink ;)  So your question actually ties in to the little paintings - I often 'practice with color' on them :D  Oh, as for naming colors, though... I'm not sure I'm so great at that either, but I've always been bad at remembering names/titles/places/etc.  If I've used a color a lot or got a new one that I really like, sure I might remember it better, but I also have tiny "oil paint sets" that I don't even pay attention to the name so much as the general color on the bottle (which is sometimes misleading, I'll admit, so moreso the color that comes out of the bottle, haha) and just have a general "feel" for.  I do know a bit about color theory from books as well, but I have a better feel for it from practice.  
Hitzvl Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018
So basically; get messy and good luck eh? XD well. Not like I don’t enjoy that bit. I hope to get a better feel myself. I suck with names too - should’ve seen my confused panic when Giulia asked which types of umber or viridians or whatever I had. For one- those are fuckin’ colors? Two. There’s MORE!? I kinda feel like I can work with trial an error better than name memorization so, thanks for the honest answer XD and shit. You only charge $5? Lass, forgive me, but I fear you may be selling yourself a little too cheap..? Ah, I mean, Obviously it’s your choice of course but I notice a lot of artist (the new and experienced) tend to really under sell. I hope you get an influx of customers then. Or. Well maybe a happy medium I guess? Ya know- cuz the wrist and back and need for sleep. Not to mention that monthly down payment for hell we ladies are obligated to endure. Gonna level with you here- I’m almost certain I’ve my own castle being set up down there. That, or unsurprisingly, hells over priced. And. About the reds- I’ve been noticing that. But I love red... so. I’ve trapped myself in another overambitious cycle XD good luck! And thanks for humoring my reply- again XD
crazycolleeny Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018   Traditional Artist
Haha, colors will always be a constant struggle ;)

Oh, my "normal" work (like this one) sells for more (some may still be underpriced, I don't really know for sure, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of pricing eventually), but the mini blocks that I've made 1000+ of that I was talking about are sold through a company called Art-o-Mat (they use refurbished cigarette machines to sell mini-art instead) for very cheap as they encourage customers to look into the art world and expose them to artists that they normally wouldn't know about.  Some customers have only found my "normal art" because they bought one of the blocks through one of these tiny-art vending machines :D

Ahahahahaha I love your commentary on body (and lady) issues hahahaha, you've made my day!  The blocks are usually something I do a little bit at a time, while watching a movie or something (15 were done last night while watching "Terminator", for instance haha), so I don't usually strain too much on the little stuff, and my "normal" work is set up on a table-easel that's on a standing desk (I can sit or raise up the table and stand depending on how I feel) so I don't cause hand/eye/back strain - at least not too much, haha.  I also like to use long-handled brushes so that (1) I cause less strain because I'm using more of my arm than the tiny movements of fingers and (2) I can see more of the "big picture" (especially since most people don't look at a canvas 2 inches away from it like we do sometimes when we paint!!!).  It doesn't work so well for the minis, of course, but I don't spend a bunch of time at once on them so it's not a big strain.

And no worries, I don't mind talking about artsy stuff at all :D

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