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Greece x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
a cat.....
You gasped at how cute the cat was. "You're a cutie! Yes you are! Who's a cute kitty! You are!" You said, while rubbing the small cat against your cheek. That cat looked so unamused that it looked like it would rather be chased by a dog. You sighed and put the cat down. You watched the small cat run over to a huge pile of other cats. You already knew who was under there.
Heracles Karpusi.
Great, you now had to search through a huge pile of cats to find a human being. "______! TICK TOCK!" Alfred shouted, pointing to an imaginary wristwatch. You glared half-heartedly and looked back to the pile mumbling, "Yeah, yeah, don't get your panties in a twist." You dug your hand into the pile of cats, hoping to find at least one part of Heracles. You know, one part that wasn't to low for comfort. Nope. That was a cat. Nope. Nope. Ah-ha! You tugged out a cat by his scruff. Darn. A loud, annoyed voice suddenly came from your left.
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Germany x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
A cross necklace...
You faced the two German brothers, Gilbert and Ludwig.
"Okay! Who's is this?" You asked, holding the necklace up.
Gilbert ran towards you with open arms. You realized he had his necklace and you stepped to the side. You were the witness of Gilbert hugging Roderich instead of you. Elizabeta was not at all too happy. You smirked and looked back at Ludwig.
"Total guess. Is this yours?" You asked.
Before he could reply, you grabbed his wrist and basically threw him into the closet.
"Yeah! Yeah! Seven minutes, got it!" That's all you said, before slamming the door.
"You know, it vould have been awkvard if that vasn't my necklace." Ludwig said with an icy cold stare.
"Ha! But, it is yours!....Right?" You asked, nervously.
"Ja." Is all Ludwig said in reply.
It was completely silent. You know someone needs to make a move. Was that gonna be you or...
"So, how's life?" You asked. WOAH! Nice moves, idiot!
"Good." He said in reply.
That's it.
"What's with all the small talk? We
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France x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
.....a small white bird.
"Pierre!" Francis said, while he grabbed the bird from your hand and rubbed his cheek against the small, helpless bird.
This oddly reminded you of someone. But, you couldn't put your finger on it.
"Hello, Francey-Pants." You said, smiling.
He grimaced at the name, but quickly was replaced with a smile when he saw you.
"Ah! Bonjour, ______!" He said.
Francis quickly gave the bird to Gilbert and walked back over to you.
"Shall we?" He said, holding his hand out for you. You politely took it. As you both walked to the closet, you heard whispers like, "Poor girl. She's not safe with him." And, "Why would she go in the closet with a rapist? It won't end well."
You were angered by these remarks. You knew Francis would never do that to you. Sure, his flirts can go off the edge, but he meant no harm. You looked over at Francis. He looked like he tried to hold back tears.
When you both were in the closet, he leaned against the wall and so did you.
"Seven minutes you two
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Finland x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
....a small box.
You were about to open it when someone stopped you.
"It's very delicate! I should keep it for now." Tino said, with a small smile.
You pouted and handed the small box over to the man. You expression turned into a smirk. You were gonna find out the easy way or the hard way. You walked into the closet but Tino wasn't at your side. You turned around and saw Matthias whispering something into Tino's ear. Which resulted Tino blushing madly and hitting him upside the head.
Tino walked into the closet and sat down, which you did also. Tino's blush went down but was still there.
"Seven minutes! Don't get to wild you two!~" Matthias cooed, shutting the door.
You shifted uncomfortably and stared at Tino, who was staring at the ground. You then remembered the box, but decided to ask about the conversation between Tino and Mathias. (Nosy, nosy, nosy!)
"What did you and Mathias talk about?" You asked.
"O-oh! Just Mathias being Mathias! Ha! Ha!" Tino said, scratching the back of his
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Egypt x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
..a Anubis toy.
It looked so life-like. So detailed. Like it could be-
The Jackal squirmed out of your grasp, running to it's owner. You looked up and your eyes met with dark green ones.
"Guputa?" You asked. You and Guputa were best friends until he was taken by Sadik and Heracles. You both stared at each other for awhile.
Alfred clasped his hands together and said, "Well, that was awkward! So, you dudes get in the closet and start playing!" Alfred said, pushing you both in there.
"Seven minutes!" Sadik and Heracles said in unison, closing the door. You over heard their faint fights like, "Stop saying everything I say!" and "Stop that!"
Once everything was settled, you pounced on Guputa. Wrapping your arms around his torso.
"I missed you! How's life with Sadik and Heracles?" You asked.
"Everything's fine, _____. And I missed you too." Guputa said, returning the hug.
You finally broke the hug, saying, "We should catch up on things."
Guputa nodded and you both talked. You both ta
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Estonia x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
....a notebook.
You looked inside of it and it read, 'Property of Eduard Von Bock.' You knew exactly who this was. You and Eduard played games on the computer with each other all the time. Sure, people called both of you geeks, but they're just jealous because they don't have a friend like Eduard.
"Hello, ____!" Eduard said, walking over to you.
"Hi!" You said, handing him the note book.
You both walked into the closet, with Ivan following behind you.
"Only Seven minutes, da?" Ivan said, slowing closing the door.
Once, you both heard a click, you turned to face Eduard.
"How's that new game you got?" Eduard asked.
"Oh, (insert game here) is fine." You said,
"That's good." He replied.
'Well, this is awkward.' You thought. 'Okay, just tell him that you like him, that's all!'
"I want to tell you something." You and Eduard said in unison.
"Oh, sorry. Ladies first." Eduard said.
"Ireallylikeyouandifyourejectme,Iwouldn'tbe-" You were cut off by a soft pair of lips.
Eduard parted from you and
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England x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
.....a union flag handkerchief.
You walked over to the British man, who was fighting with Francis.
"Frog face!"
"Black sheep of Europe!"
You tapped Arthur on the the back of the head. Mumbling as he turned to face you,  he noticied that you had the handkerchief in hand. His eyes softend and he took your hand in his, and kissed it gentley. Your cheeks started turning a shade of red.
"Yeah, Yeah, we get it. Your a gentlemen. You both have seven minutes!" Alfred said, pushing you both into the closet, slamming the door shut.
"Wanker." Arthur mumbled.
Cue awkwardness.
You heard faint whispers from Arthur like, "Shut up!" And "Hey, that tickles!"
"Ehhh, Arthur who are you talking to?" You asked.
"My friends..I know you can't see them. But, wouldn't it be cool if we can both talk to them"
"Yeah, Artie!" A high-pitched voice said.
"EHHHH?! I never knew there was someone else in here!" You said, backing away.
"You can see them?" Arthur asked, mouth gaping slightly.
"Y-yeah." Your voice lowers
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Denmark x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
Let me just say....dat picture...that is all.
...a tiny hat.
"Ah, ____! I see you got me! The King of Northern Europe!" Mathias yelled out, taking another swig of beer before walking over to you.
'Way to much self-esteem in this guy." You thought. Mathias took the tiny hat and put it on the side of his head. Which, made you surprised at how it didn't fall off.
"Shall we?" He said, opening the door for you. You walked in, not noticing Mathias high-fiving Alfred and Gilbert.
"Kesesese, Seven minutes, liebhaber." Gilbert said, closing the door.
"Hey, ____?" Mathias said, sitting next to you.
"Hm?" You said, looking at him.
"Do you want to learn Danish?" He asked.
'What? No, no, no. You know Mathias, ____! It's a trick!' Your conscience said.
"Sure." You said, without thinking.
'Idiot.' You conscience responded.
"Hej. It means hello." Mathias said.
"Hej." You replied.
"Now, farvel. Meaning farewell or bye."
"Jeg elsker kongen a
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Canada x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
.....a maple syrup bottle.
"Ohonhonhon!~ I see you got Matthew." Francis said, over your shoulder.
Everyone looked around, whispering, "Who?"
You knew who Matthew was. Alfred introduced you too him and Kumajirou, a few months ago. You guys hang out a lot, but everyone thought you were weird because they couldn't see Mattie.
You walked over to the Canadian and handed him the syrup bottle. He blushed madly, hugging Kumajiro closer to his chest.
"I-I guess w-we should go into t-the closet n-now." He stuttered.
You grabbed his hand and led him into the closet.
"Hey, ____, dude. There needs too be two people in the closet. Not just one." Alfred said.
Francis came up behind Al and smacked his head.
"Zhere iz two people in zhe closet!" Francis scolded him, while closing the door.
"Soooo..." You said,
"Who are you?" A high-pitchted voice said.
"I'm Canada." Matthew replied, obviously in a frustrated whisper.
"Who is she?" Kumajiro asked, padding over to you.
"I'm ____." You said, with a smile.
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Cuba x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
...a spoon.
Immediately after you took out the spoon, you were enveloped in smoke. You coughed, trying to breath. You waved your hand over your face, and you regained vision. You were face to face with a man. He had a Cuban cigar hanging out of his mouth, grinning ear to ear.
"Hello, my name is Ericemdo."  The man said. He clearly had a thick Cuban accent.
"I'm _____." You said.
He was a heavyset man. But you could tell he had a soft side.
"Do you want to pick again?" America whispered in your ear. Not giving you time to answer, Ericemdo dragged the door into the closet, slamming the door behind him.
"Hey! What was that for?" You asked.
"Don't listen to that stupid American." He replied.
The smell lingered of smoke cream?
"Do you smell that?" You asked.
"What?" Ericemdo replied.
"Ice cream." You sighed enjoying the smell.
"Oh! I carry some around everywhere. He whipped out ice cream out of no where.
"Are you guys eating, ice cream!?" You heard America yell from the other
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Cyprus x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
.....a Cyprus flag.
"Please stop fighting!"
"Tasos is coming with me!"
"Fighting isn't the answer!"
You tapped the tall man on the shoulder. "Tasos? I got your item." You said.
He turned around and was face to face with you.
"Oh, _____! I'm just trying to pull these to apart." He replied.
You were both dragged into the closet, and was carelessly thrown in there.
"Seven minutes, dudes! No more! No less!" Alfred yelled, before closing the door.
You both sat next to each other, which became awkward very quickly.
"'s life?" You asked. 'How's life?! Really, ____?' You thought.
"Good, but I've been having to settle the fights between Sadik and Hercules." He replied, laughing softly.
You smiled and sighed. Things got even more awkward. You felt like he can here your heart beating really fast.
"Are you nervous, _____?" Tasos said.
'Does he have super hearing or something?!' You thought.
"How did you know?"
"You're breathing really fa
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China x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
...…a hello kitty...with an interesting mouth on it.
You heard Yao yell out, you turned around to quickly, which made you quite dizzy. It didn't help when Yao glomped you and you fell over. "Aiyahh! I'm so sorry, aru!" He said, helping you up.
"Yeah, I'm fine." You said, trying not to just lay down and stay there.
Yao led you into the closet and you both sat down.
"Seven minutes, da-ze!~" You heard Im Yong before he closed the door.
You looked at the Hello Kitty in your hands.
"Yao? Why does this Hello Kitty have a mouth?"
He sweatdropped. "Long story, aru."
Yao watched you stare at the Hello Kitty with curiosity. He couldn't hold back anymore.
"Aiyahhhh! You're so cute, aru!!" He said, glomping you once more. This time, you were both laying down, with Yao on top of you. Currently, Yao was rubbing his cheek against yours. Yao was completely oblivious to the position you were both in.
"Y-Yao! I need air!" You said, trying to pry his hands off you.
"I'm sorry! I'm always h
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Cameroon x Reader Hetalia Seven Minutes in Heaven
.....a small soccer ball.
"Ehem." Someone behind you, trying to get your attention.
You turned around, thinking you were face to face with someone. You were more face to chest. You looked up and and your (e/c) eyes met with brown ones behind glasses. "H-hello!" You choked out.
"There's no reason to be afraid." The man said. He turned and petted his lion cub, Kokolo, and handed him to Greece.
His big hand wrapped around yours and he led you too the closet.
"Seven minutes." Japan said, and he closed the door.
You shifted uncomfortably, and you realized his hand was still in yours.
You smiled and said, "My name's ____!" You said, squeezing his hand gentley.
He squeezed back and a small smile formed on his lips. "Eric."
"So, I wanted to know why you put a small soccer ball in the hat." You asked.
"Hm, my pet lion cub, Kokolo, loves playing soccer." He replied.
You could just imagine his lion cub, jumping around and playing on the hills. Plus, you thought it was sweet, that he thought of so
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Bulgaria x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
....a stick.
"Damion!" Vlad called out.
Suddenly a boy from the next room poked his head in. Everyone's eyes were on him. Some of the girls, giggled at his blush.
But you kept thinking about his name. You've heard it before. Just then, Vlad pushed you both into the closet. Making him land on top of you. Both if you blushed and he got up.
"S-sorry!" He said.
"It's alright." You replied.
"I'm ____!" You said, putting your hand out for him to shake.
"Damion." He smiled and shook your hand.
Then you remembered.
"Give it back!" The five year old you exclaimed, tears falling down your cheeks.
"Nah, this is fun!" One of the 7 year old boys said.
"Pass it here!" The other said.
"Go long!" Just as he pulled his hand back with your (favorite animal) toy. He flung his arm forward, but nothing was thrown.
"Huh?!" The bullies said. The bully turned around and was face to face with another 7 year old.
"Go long? Please! How about go home?" The boy who, now had your toy said.
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Austria x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
....a music sheet.
You walked up to the owner of the sheet. "Roderich, I believe this is yours." You said handing him the sheet.
"Thank you, Ms. ______. Shall we?" Roderich said, holding his arm out, like he was taking you to prom. You gladly took it. You both walked in and sat on the ground.
"Seven minutes, you two~!" Elizabeta said, closing the door.
You both kind sat there awkwardly. You wanted to break the silence, so you struck up a conversation.
"So, Roderich.." You said, thinking of something else to say.
"Hm?" He replied.
"So, what's the song about?" You asked.
"Song? I'm sorry, but I don't understand."
"The one I took out of the hat."
"Oh! My apologies. The song about a boy and a girl, who instantly fall in love."
"Can I see it?"
Roderich handed you the music sheet. You noticed that there was lyrics, not just notes. You were very talented in singing and not afraid of singing in public. So, you just started singing. (Think of a song about a boy and a girl.)
You finally finished
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Australia x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
...a note.
You opened it and it read,' I love..' But the rest was crossed out.
"Who's is this?" Gilbert asked, holding it up.
A certain koala ran up and snatched it out of his hands, running back to it's owner.
"Sheila! How are you?" Jett walked up, putting his arm around you.
"Fine! How are you?"  You replied.
"Great! Get in the closet!" Alfred butted in, pushing you two into the closet.
Just before Jett went in, he put his koala down. You could've swore you saw the koala glare at you.
"Seven minutes~ Don't get to excited, oui?" Francis said winking at you both, while closing the door. You blushed deeply and Jett coughed awkwardly.
"What with your koala? He glared at me before we went in." You asked.
"Oh! My little mate isn't used to being alone!" He replied, grinning ear to ear.
"GAHHHH! BLOODY HELL! STUPID KOALA!" You heard Arthur yell. You sweatdropped.
"Anyway, about the note..." You pointed to the note in his hands.
"O-oh it was for a certain s-sheila that caught my e-eye. A
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