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Annette - Approved Mothcat MYO



I've now purchased an event slot for Annette, so hopefully she'll be made official very soon!!! So here's the MYO Approval Form for the admins <3

Type of MYO
: Event [Library of Xandeera MYO Event]
Proof of Ownership:
Original Designer: CrazyCat1231 
Theme Name: Twilight Jungle
List of Traits UsedClassic Mane, Classic Antenna, Classic Wings, Classic Ears, Fluffy Tail, Round Pupils

Nicknames: Anne, Annie, Nettie (only by the people she's closest with)
Theme: Twilight Jungle
Personality: Anne is definitely a crowd pleaser. She is very self-conscious and is always worrying about what others might think about her. Annette tries extremely hard to be likable, which leads others to think she's trying too hard (which she is) and that she is not worth their time. She is always striving to better herself, but she doesn't do it for her own needs, but for others. She has always wanted to be popular and well liked, and, though she has plenty of good friends, she's not really close to being so.
Backstory: Annette was orphaned soon after coming out of her cocoon. As with many orphaned Mothkittens, she was found by Sage and raised by him for the majority of her childhood. By the time she started losing her kitten fluff, she decided it was about time to make a life for herself. She said her farewells to Sage and the other orphaned Mothkittens and left, head high. Unfortunately, the journey was not exactly as she had expected, and Anne encountered plenty of trouble living on her own. She's making it, though. Barely. 
Classic Mane
Classic Antenna
Classic Wings
Classic Ears
Fluffy Tail
Round Pupils


Man I love this child??? I'm actually really proud of her design! She's my tiny bab and oml I hope I can get her for free, I've been waiting for a chance to get a Mothcat for so long, and I'm excited for the opportunity!

I can't wait to start using her. Since she's my only ((unofficial)) Mothcat, I'll be using her for the current event. It'll help my develop her a bit more as well <3

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa
You cannot make your own! 

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:squee: She's so beautiful!