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My Little Witch Academia Comparisons by StarlightGGiantess5 My Little Witch Academia Comparisons :iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 5 1
So let's talk about Butch Hartman.
I wasn't sure what to title this journal. But there has been recent discussions about Butch Hartman. To sum up what I'm about to say, I've lost 100% respect for Butch Hartman. And I unsubscribed from him on Youtube. And I refuse to listen or invest in any of his current or future projects. To the point that I don't even WANT to watch ANY show that he's ever created anymore in the past. Even if it was something like Fairly Odd Parents or Danny Phantom which were shows that I loved in the past. No longer will I even WATCH those shows! Alright let's go more into detail about this case.
If you're subscribed to PieGuyRulz or EyeofSol, you can probably guess what this journal is going to be about. If you're not subscribed to either, I'll link it at the bottom. But, to get right to the point, Butch Hartman has started a Kickstarter roughly a month ago. 
You know that adage "Don't meet your idols?" Well this is one of the best case scenarios for that quote.
Not helping is that Butch's You
:iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 2 2
Starlight Glimmer Seapony by equinepalette Starlight Glimmer Seapony :iconequinepalette:equinepalette 86 16 MLP Base- Couple hug by AnaPinkie1210 MLP Base- Couple hug :iconanapinkie1210:AnaPinkie1210 87 5 Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~230~*^*~ by KatNekoBase Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~230~*^*~ :iconkatnekobase:KatNekoBase 375 24 Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~233~*^*~ by KatNekoBase Kat Base(MLP):~*^*~233~*^*~ :iconkatnekobase:KatNekoBase 272 7 AJ and RD playing videogames by Lovenight-Dark AJ and RD playing videogames :iconlovenight-dark:Lovenight-Dark 190 13
Did Oscar have a point?
So do you remember how in the movie Shark Tale how Oscar wants to be famous?
This isn't me defending the movie or anything like that. Shark Tale is my least favorite Dreamworks movie ever, with the exception of Boss Baby. But it has an interesting point.
Oscar wants to be famous. And, in today's world, we view this as the joke of all society. But, why does a part of me WANT something like that!?
I don't want fame and fortune just randomly handed down to me for no reason, I don't follow Oscar's law. But I would LIKE to get rich and famous. To see what it's like. I'd like to be a somebody in a way.
Is it sad sometimes that I have the same wants as Oscar from Shark Tale? I don't question this all the time. But I do on occasion.
If I died today or tomorrow (no I'm not dying or anything like that. This is hypothetical.) I wouldn't be remembered. At least in the majority sense. What do you guys think of this? It's hard for me to talk about this.
Star Giant Productions, StarlightGGiantess5, H
:iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 2 2
Ryanimation Review 24: Internet Animations
I give a review of some of my favorite internet animations in existence:
If you want to watch each, go to the description in the video on Youtube and there are links to each of the 10 internet animations that I recommend.
Star Giant Productions, StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, OUT! :love: 
:iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 1 0
Roller Coaster of Friendship Impressions.
I saw The Roller Coaster Of Friendship Equestria Girls special the other day.
My thoughts? It's…alright. Kind of meh honestly. It's not good. But not bad. It's in the middle.
My biggest problem with this is that it's so blatant of a rehash of Mirror Magic.
They go in a mirror. I'm sorry, a phone. But it's so similar to Mirror Magic that it might as well be a mirror. Actually no, they don't even go into the phone as the special later proves. They go inside some room with nothing but white walls. Which makes it even more pointless. At least with the mirror cracking it could have HINTED that Sunset and her friends could have DIED! Here, by transporting the humans, they'd be cramped. Not dead. And being cramped isn't as threatening as dying.
Mirror Magic was a MUCH better version of this! At least THAT was done in half the time! Plus, it used Starlight Glimmer AND Sunset Shimmer! A combination that My Little Pony hasn't used yet! And it was unique for using it. :D
Roller Coaster of F
:iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 4 6
Base No. 96: ThankUThankUThankU!!! by YayCelestia0331 Base No. 96: ThankUThankUThankU!!! :iconyaycelestia0331:YayCelestia0331 75 9 The Great and Condesending Trixie by uxyd The Great and Condesending Trixie :iconuxyd:uxyd 234 20 SUNSET SHIMMER by danielitamorales SUNSET SHIMMER :icondanielitamorales:danielitamorales 264 15 Brandon x Sunset Shimmer by Diamond-the-skele Brandon x Sunset Shimmer :icondiamond-the-skele:Diamond-the-skele 2 4 EQG Base timber and sci twi by CreativePony7 EQG Base timber and sci twi :iconcreativepony7:CreativePony7 10 6 Base No. 91: You've Got A Lot 2 Catch Up. by YayCelestia0331 Base No. 91: You've Got A Lot 2 Catch Up. :iconyaycelestia0331:YayCelestia0331 81 18

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A Hearts and Hooves Day Heartbreak
Starlight: *walks up to Sunburst*

Suburst: Oh! Hey Starlight! Ahem. You wanted to meet me here, right? Make it quick though, I have to make it to Twilight's castle. Heheh!

Starlight: Okay.... Sunburst.... There's something I've wanted to tell you ever since we were foals..... *takes a deep breath* I'm in love with you, and I wanna be your special somepony!

Sunburst: O-Oh! This is.... unexpected.....

Starlight: So? Do you feel the same way?

Sunburst: Well.... Umm.... How can I put this? You're a great friend Starlight. I may have feelings for you a long time ago, but umm.... I kinda have a crush on Princess Twilight, and I was heading to her castle to ask her to be my special somepony..... I hope you understand Starlight. You're still a very nice pony and all, and we'll always be best friends forever, but I just can't force feelings that I don't feel. You understand, right?

Starlight: Oh, umm.... Of course Sunburst! I-I understand. That's fine. If you love Twilight, that's completely okay! No big deal! Go and see her then. I won't keep you any longer.

Sunburst: Thanks so much for understanding and not getting upset Starlight! You're a real friend! I'll see ya later! *teleports away to Twilight's castle*

Starlight: *her eyes well up with tears, and she runs off, sobbing*

Me: *sees Starlight sobbing into her hooves near a tree, and trots over to her* Hey.... What's wrong?

Starlight: I-I-I confessed my feelings to Sunburst, A-And he doesn't feel the same way.... He loves Twilight instead of me! *sniffles, sobbing her eyes out*

Me: Hey.... it's okay. I'm sure he's still your friend. *hugs her, wrapping my hoof around her* It's okay.... Just let it all out if you have to.

Starlight: *sniffles, still sobbing* I've-I've-I've loved him for years! And he said he once had feelings for me but he doesn't anymore!

Me: It's okay..... You've still got me.... I'm still here for you.....

Starlight: *sobs profusely into my chest, holding on tight to my fur*

Me: Just let it all out.... It's okay....

A couple of minutes later Starlight finishes crying*

Starlight: Th-Thank you Brandon..... Thank you for comforting me.... *sniffle* I-I feel better now.... You're really sweet.....

Me: Don't mention it. I knew I just HAD to comfort you when I saw you crying. I really care about you a lot, Starlight.

Starlight: Thank you....

Starlight feels a fluttery feeling in her chest.

Starlight's thoughts: What is this strange feeling? A-Am I falling in love with Brandon? There's no way. But.... Maybe? I don't know. I feel.... happy when I'm around him.

Me: Here. I got these Roses for you. For Hearts and Hooves Day. *levitates them to her*

Starlight: Ohh, they're beautiful! Thank you. *takes them in her magic* I'll cherish them forever. *kisses my cheek*

Me: *my face glows bright red*

Base used belongs to :iconkatnekobase:

Background comes from :iconstelar-eclipse:

Roses belong to :iconpsychicwalnut:

The Picture and story is based off of an RP with :iconmintybelle2:

I hope you all like it!!
Brandon (Me) The Unicorn - New Version
Here's an updated reference for me as a Pony!

Base used belongs to :iconstryapastylebases:

I hope you all like it!!
An Intense Game of Hyper Smash Sisters Melee
Me: *mashing buttons as Dr. Alfonso, trying to send Princess Pineapple flying* Come on!!

Sunset: *sends me flying off the stage and KOs me, taking away my last stock* HA! I won!!

Game announcer: This game's winner is.... Pineapple!

Me: Aww man!! I can't believe I lost to my own girlfriend!!

Sunset: Aww, don't feel bad. I'm just better at Hyper Smash Sisters Melee than you. I'm sure you might beat me at something eventually!

Me: Key word: Might.

Sunset: Oh come on. How about another round? I'll go easy on you.

Me: What's the point then? You're just gonna let me win.

Sunset: Only because I feel bad for beating you so much. You're still my sweet and handsome prince. And I love you. Come on, one more round? Pleeease?

Me: Ohh, alright. This time I'll play as Young Luke.

Sunset: You might just win with him! *winks*

Base used belongs to :iconlovenight-dark:

I hope you all like it!!

EDIT: Changed the colors of the controllers to match a Gamecube Controller.
A Fateful Meeting
Spike: *walks up to Rarity* Hey Rarity!

Rarity: Who are you, little darling? How do you know my name?

Spike: It's me! Twilight's Dog, Spike! She made me a human!

Rarity: Ohh my!!

Spike: *blushes bright red* And.... I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out? If that's okay with you, Rarity! I'll do anything for you Rarity!

Rarity: Awww, that's SO adorable!! Of course I'll hang out with you Spike!! I think I'll call you my little Spikey Wikey!!

Spike: Hehe, I like that nickname.... *smiles dreamily, as hearts pop out of his head*

Base for Spike belongs to :iconepiclyawesomeprussia:

Rarity vector belongs to :iconilaria122:

Background belongs to :iconknightwolf09:

I hope you all like it!!
Spike the Human Equestria Girls: Done Right
Here's Spike the Human redone, only this is more of an accurate design, to how he might actually look!

Base used belongs to :iconepiclyawesomeprussia:

I hope you all like it!!
Here are my new shipping headcanons.

BranStar/BrandGlimmer: I came through a portal to Equestria in the year 2026, after Scientists discovered a portal. I go to Equestria, and I meet Starlight Glimmer, become friends with her, and eventually we fall in love with each other, and we keep it a secret from each other until one day at the Apple Orchard, when everything changes.

Branset/BrandShimmer: Same as the other headcanon, except when I go to CHS, That world is 10 years behind, meaning it’s still 2016 there, and I’ve transformed into a 17 year old again. I decided to enroll at Canterlot High School, and I became friends with Sunset Shimmer, got to know her, hung out with her constantly, until we developed a strong bond and became a team, and we started doing everything together, we were hardly ever apart, aside from the classes she wasn’t in. Over the course of time, Sunset develops romantic feelings for me, and eventually becomes obsessed with me, and after a year of hanging out with me and showing me subtle hints of her crush on me, she finally decides to tell me how she feels, after I work up the courage to ask her to the Fall Formal, and Sunset becomes the Fall Formal Princess. I also become the Fall Formal Prince, as that’s a new thing they’re doing. We become boyfriend and girlfriend, and we stay together for the rest of our lives.


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