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February 12, 2013
Scavengers by ~CrazyAsian1
Suggested by gdpr-16812140
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Hey everyone!

Heres another bird inspired mecha design. I started this one back in August and sat on it for awhile. Finished it up a few weeks ago, just forgot to post it. Had a lot of fun with this one and learned a lot during the process.

Hope you guys like!
Thanks for dropping by.


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This whole series is fantastic! Do they belong to a story arc or game, or do you just enjoy making simply fantastic imagery? Love the use of materials, cloth, organics, and hard surfaces. Really outstanding work!
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So...did that hunter and their Condor droid kill off those people, or are they just mugging them with large amounts of tranq darts? On second glance, looks like a compound bow was involved, so I'm leaning towards dead.
Vader2222's avatar
This looks remarkably like that horizon game 
ghost-nerdy's avatar
sweet a robob pterodactyl ( i think)  or vulture 
Green-Dino-Duelist72's avatar
This is Awesome. I love your work !!!!!!!I am a dummy! 
amazoness-king's avatar
Can it be ridden as a mount or kite?
ElZahir1989's avatar
That is a lot of arrows.
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Incredible work here, I love it!
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i think i am in love.
i have never seen anything quite like this.
mech animals and humans.
you rock.
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This is very cool. It's neat to see a mechanized bird.
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How does he even see out of that helmet? Another example of fashion over function. xD

Very nice images, as usual. I find your animal mech designs fascinating.
simple a display on the inside
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
Bullshit, how does the display get its information? Where's the optics?
there looks to be some optics on the point of the helmet, maybe im not realy sure or it could be that red streakin the middle of the helmet or just maybe micro sensors who knows
(sorry for any bad grammar or spelling, its not my main language)
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
But just a few small cameras and sensors do not hold and collect enough data for someone to use them in the practical sense. (Your english is fine)
It's science fiction, so 1) relax 2) use your imagination. Nanotechnology for the camera, quantum computing... you name it. It's wish-fulfillment fantasy. It doesn't *need* to be realistic or even plausible. 
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PS, this kicks a fair amount of ass.
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totally badass
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