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Lycans: Huntsman
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Published: October 15, 2017
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Lycans: Huntsman. Huntsman teams represent the baseline Lycan presence in operations. Sturdy, strong, and reliable they serve no specific purpose, but are useful in many different roles and applications. Huntsman learn to work in pairs, one individual stays in human form while the other transforms. This is done to monitor the teammate in Lycan form as it's very easy for them to lose control of their senses and become a threat to their fellow team members. Should they lose control their human counterpart is equipped with a special serum that when administered helps them focus and be more receptive to commands.  

Huntsman are generally armored with thick ballistic vests and light armor plating. Their human partners are typically lightly armored and wield various weapons for different situations. Overtime Huntsman teams can begin to specialize in more specific roles with training and experience.


Harnessing the raw power of Lycan state these operators work together in groups to be effective. While technology/methodology helps control them their true strength comes from their pack and the bonds between each member.
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WeyrCat|Hobbyist General Artist
I would watch/read this.
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Such Wonderful werewolves! you could make a militry faction out of anything it seems...Demons, Angels, Werewolves, Vampires, Aliens, Dinosaurs...ah...who had their chance but...ah...was selected by nature seems.POP! Jurassic Park - DR. Ian Malcom POP! Jurassic Park - Velociraptor Dr. Grant - Jurassic Park 
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Am I the only one who wants this to be a concept for a game? Like, either Xcom tunr based combat or FPS like TitanFall. Anyone? 
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bravomen5|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this could be a hero for overwatch
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Oh my gosh she's so cool! 
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What a neat concept you got going there, CrazyAsian1! I would love to be a Lycan, they seem so badass. Oh, and pretty sure the female Lycan in human form is wielding a Colt M1911 pistol, am I right?
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Vertous|Student Artist
I'm wondering: Does the ballistic vest inflate to accommodate the transformation? or One just doesn't wear pants that day.
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Beastjager|Professional Digital Artist
Pretty damn cool.
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I love your art! reminds me of werewolf the apocalypse.
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bunnywithmonocle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She looks badass to the max!
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This is a magnificent piece!
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She's Sombra's sister :D (Big Grin) Sombra Approves Sombra- Hacking 
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Pretty good.
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Firefoxgirl96|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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This is amazing i love it ^_^
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so the Jack of all Trades for Lycans? i like it, keep it up!
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MarkDavidPalmer|Professional General Artist
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This is an awesome concept! Will there be others as well? Maybe dragons/knights, or magicians and familiars?
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Unseeming|Student Traditional Artist
Really cool work!
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GumboAssassin|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the way it was colored
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