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Illustration 1 Assignment

By CrazyAsian1
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hey guys
this is my illustration homework that i just recently completed. we had to select a story, myth, folk-tale, etc and then select a scene from it. i picked the Norse myth Ragnorok, the end of the world. The gods must face their arch enemies in combat. Thor must fight the Midgard serpent Jormungand, so i decided i would depict that.

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LokifoxxHobbyist Digital Artist
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dmz2112Hobbyist General Artist
Found this through RealLurial. Great subject matter, and thank you for painting it. I love the detail in this piece; the sense of being at the edge of the world and the loops upon loops of colossal snake visible in the background. Great job.
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JohnodrumHobbyist General Artist
Great job on this! im still in shock at your work!
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OhImSeeinStarsStudent Digital Artist
those teeth are pretty sexy
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That is an awesome painting!!
I'm a huge fan of Norse mythology and you really depicted it amazingly!
Anyone less than a god would take one look at the serpent and piss themselves.
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Cytochrom Digital Artist
"What lovely teeth you have there!" Haha, good stuff. The contrast in size between the two really makes it feel a lot more epic. Keep it up.

(How's the workload in Ill. 1? Got that class coming up in the spring.)
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demonsfearmeHobbyist General Artist
Big serpent is big.

There was no point to this comment.
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dlredscorpionProfessional Artist
worst kind to situation to be in hahaha ...... no big weapon and water condition to fight in to top that up. Odds are against the poor hero.

Oh yeah ... awesome piece for your assignments Just out of curiosity ... the big round thing at the background, is it a moon or and entrance of a cave ?
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CrazyAsian1Professional Digital Artist
LOL hahahha thats the rest of the serpents body XDDD

youre the 2nd one whos said that. XD
im glad you like though :)
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dlredscorpionProfessional Artist
Aye i enjoy good art, especially those of industry feel and level. Me stares at works like Feng Zhu all day long XD.
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Anceylee-StarProfessional General Artist
Augh! amazing lighting and shading, Chewie!

It's just very very awesome. Especially the design of the sea-monster- mildly overdone, but the fact that it is overdone (like the long, long jaw) just makes it even better!
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nice one! well done!
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GaleforceRinHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm totally going to do Tyr and Fenrir now, cause of you. XD I was originally going to do "Beauty and the Beast" because I couldn't think of any good myths off the top of my head, but seeing this piece made me go "OH RIGHT. THE NORSE ALWAYS HAVE CRAZY AND VIOLENT STORIES!"

... They also have some pretty wacky ones though. Like Thor in a wedding dress.
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CrazyAsian1Professional Digital Artist
lol Odin fights Fenrir during Ragnarok :)
do something epic!!!!!!!!!!
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GaleforceRinHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not doing the Ragnarok scene. I'm doing the part where Tyr sticks his hand in Fenrir's mouth to get him to agree to let the gods tie him up with the ribbony chain stuff.

I heard Odin sort of gets eaten by Fenrir in one gulp, which seemed MUCH less epic then Thor fighting the Serpent. XD
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CrazyAsian1Professional Digital Artist
lol yeah he gets nommed. but not till after a very long fight. Odin is the last to go down and one of his sons comes and totally pulverizes Fenrir afterward.
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GaleforceRinHobbyist Digital Artist
Really? Hrm... <_< Now I'm torn on which one to do. I sort of liked the idea of Tyr calmly and stoically putting his hand in the mouth of some crazy ravening monster, but Odin Vs Fenrir would be more epic. <.<
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CrazyAsian1Professional Digital Artist
:P you got options. but i think odin fighting fenrir would be uber cool.
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LOL! (at Keaton and Andrew)..

anyways..... i wanna see more! XD
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omg!!! chewy!! this scared me!! and a god way!! luv it
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looks like that gigantic creature Jorg is going "nom nom nom" at Thor.
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GlenMilesProfessional Digital Artist
Pretty sick man, is this all digital?
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