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Big Five: African Wild Dog Breakdown

Breakdown of the Wild Dog. :)
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(voltron flashbacks lmao)
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That's rocking awesome!
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Wow! This should be in a new Deus Ex! Excellent concept!
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Are these robots or cyborgs?
KidVelocity's avatar
I love creative well thought out stuff like this. it gives you that sense of realism that something like this could exist, and the explanation's not too complicated, but not too simple. love it keep it up dude.Fabulous Pewdiepie Emoticon 
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some parts look like warframe, its means good x 21  ..   relle cool m8 ;)
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Really cool. I like it
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these are all so incredible!
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this is so awesome omg
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This is amazing! I really love your concepts and how every part is thought out for and has a function, unlike most robots I see. This would be so cool as a game xD
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awesome concept! i especially liked that you incorporated that they are pack animals since that pack instinct in them is full of skill and precision making them a very effective at hunting, tracking and trapping. only downside i see is they are used by poachers.... :(  on the bright side i'm sure they could be used as guard dogs for ranchers or families with lot's of property or maybe even law enforcement agencies......yeah... :)  
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I am utterly in love with all your drone concepts, but since I adore African Wild Dogs, I just wanted to comment on this one (instead of spamming you, LOL). You drew it in such a way that makes it look like it's moving, like...I can imagine the real footage of one running about. It's weird and awesome. :rose: Stunning job on that!
One note I thought you may be interested to know (some people might want to slap me in the face for this, but hopefully you won't be too irritated) is that African Wild Dogs actually don't have dew claws! But maybe they serve some offensive drone purpose. Well, it pretty much doesn't matter 'cause they are drones.
...Just tell me to shut up. :iconfinallyplz:
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Why not just use normal hounds?
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because that would be lame and predictable
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
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EPİC ! Wow! Wow! 
Great works ! Keep them up ! :D
(May I ask you is this in future? Maybe Humanity created robots because of destraction of the planet?)
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aaawww i want one >_< amazing :)
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African Wildogs are one of my favorite animals! Great detail the camo imitating its spots. Amazing work. :D
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Fantastic excellent work. 
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