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January 17, 2014
Stunning image, the animal turned into a mecha is really great!! BLACK FISH by ~CrazyAsian1
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Prince William Sound, Alaska 2256.

EPA Patrol log AK-023-01 - Drone diving squad 02. Diver Jonathan Mckenzie 

I was called out from Valdez today to investigate potential underwater pirating activity on the tanker route. The global oil crisis is really pushing people to extremes. As per EPA regulations I went as part of an independent investigation. The PMC's and private security handle actually dealing with the pirates. We were sent to monitor environmental conditions and check for any hazards to the water.

My fellow diver, Hernandez, and I were sent out with Agloolik, 1 of 2 of our Orca drones. Nuliajuk was in the dry dock for maintenance. 

As we neared the target area the amount of oil in the water confirmed our fears that there indeed was a pirate attack in progress. We called in the incident to HQ and began surveying the area hoping all the while that we wouldn't become the next target.


Hey guys. Got my brain blasted by Black Fish. Then I did some research on the Exxon Valdez incident which occurred in 1989 and the Deepwater Horizon incident which happened back in 2010. Did some more research on the Alaska Oil Pipeline and I've always wanted to do something Alaskan since I went there earlier this year.

It was a lot of fun.

The Orca is a powerful underwater drone. The head is heavily armored with most of the sensitive electronics located further back towards the mid section. The body is dotted with ball cameras giving the drone near 360 degree view in all directions. These add to the drones impressive array of detection methods. The artificial muscle structures for underwater drones are much denser giving it the much needed strength to propel itself underwater. They work more efficiently when deployed in packs but are quite capable of working independently. 

*For those who are curious Agloolik and Nuliajuk are Inuit sea deities.
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I wouldn't be surprised if DARPA and Skunkworks is working on something like this right now.

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Scuba man reminds me of Sea Lab
macphersonscircus's avatar
a very interesting concept.
Dinolover1416's avatar
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Is it a poacher?
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jee wizz, that looks real!
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The future fish are supercool! :)
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a suggestion for a future aquatic cyber form

the blue whale

just consider it
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this is awesome!!
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This is incredible, I absoloutely love your work!! :) 
This is amazing. Reminds me of something out of an RPG.
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To be honest that whale is scary 0_0
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Awesome. Just so awesome.
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u know recently there was another oil spill happened there too
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So Fucking Amazing!
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That's really unique one. And like the slight story you put up for it too.
Really great work with it! :aww:
Also, congrats on the DD! =D
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the best of february in sci-fi category in :iconparadiseofartists: You're featured in our blog: paradiseofartists.deviantart.c… & in our gallery:…

CONGRATULATIONS!! :icongrin--plz:
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Reminds me a lot of Bravest Warriors web cartoon. The ship they fly through space looks essentially a lot like your orca.
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Really great ideas you have! They are really well thought out, realistic designs. Super awesome paintings the robotics looks so real! I like orcas, this one is epic! Keep up this great work! :)

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Congratulations! You've won the internet!
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