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Hey guys! I'm Robert. I draw and paint stuff for fun and for money. I like to go raving and rock climbing. I also sell tickets for music venue/night club in Dallas.

I currently live in Frisco, TX and work for Gearbox Software.

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I like EDM
Hello friends! Happy New Years and all that fun stuff. I hope you guys had a chill holiday season. Mines wasn't so great. I caught covid and had to deal with all of that during Xmas and New Years. I was planning on getting some artwork done in the 2 weeks I had off, but instead I ended up binge watching Netflix and Crunchyroll. It wasn't terrible, but it sucked not being able to get anything done. Thankfully I'm past all of that now and feeling much better again. All that being said I just wanted to shoot a thank you out to all of you. Shikigami is complete. All the work in the series can be viewed now, and I hope you enjoyed seeing all the work and getting in to the lore. Big thank you to everyone who purchased the book. I hope that reading the lore and getting in to the world was an enjoyable experience for you. Also thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and share the pieces too. I appreciate gestures like that. Putting your time and effort to interact with and share my
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Oh man hey guys, i'm back! Gonna be adding some stuff from my new project Shikigami. It explores Shintoism, Yokai mythos, and Japanese cultural tropes. Kinda weeby, but I love this stuff so whatever. (is it weeby if i'm part Japanese??????) Imagine Rainbow Six: Siege x Sekiro... something along those lines. Stay tuned for the artwork and if you'd like to help support my work you can jump over to Gumroad and purchase the digital artbook and view the whole collection before everyone else! It also has some bits of world building and greater context for those who wanna dig deep. Check it out: Hope you guys are doing well. Sorry for neglecting my page. Been busy with work and also managing the s**tshow that is 2020. That being said there's gonna be a lot of new work for you guys coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned. Be safe and stay healthy! Rob
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Uhhh... oh man... I'm sorry guys haha I keep forgetting about my dA account. But hey I'm back for now and I'm happy to announce that the complete collection of Sins, Virtues, Lycans, and Vampires is now available for purchase on Gumroad! The collection consists of all the artwork from the 4 different series, complete descriptions of each piece, and a section where i discuss my theories on concept art/design with examples. Totaling 51 pages the collection is in PDF format and I'm selling it for $5. Stay tuned for more artwork in this collection style in the future! :) Hope you've all been well. LINK:
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You have some awesome work.

i like the agents of virtue, they look imprressive.

Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it!
Happy Birthday!
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