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WAPP Chapter 20
XX. Epilogue
I can’t really remember what we were watching. I think it might’ve been The Simpsons. They usually played it at that time of night on the telly. And I distinctly remember it being some kind of comedy. I remember Joker laughing half-heartedly, humoured but not hysterical, at certain jokes and lines. The chuckle in his breath as his body shifted slightly. His gloves and coat lay across the arm of the couch, clumsily thrown from where he had stripped to his comfort. Once when I shifted in my seat I accidentally knocked the glove from its place on a pillow, but I quickly restored it back to its thrown-away spot.
I was sitting on the far side of the couch. Leaning into the arm of light brown cushions and a good half a metre between us, I couldn’t help but switch glances from the TV to his face. Just every few seconds, tracing the intricate pattern of his worn-out makeup with nothing but my eyes. I felt like an idiot, but I couldn’t help but flicke
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WAPP Chapter 19
XIX. Home
Where are we?
What the Hell is going on?

Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek
No gloomy skies. No ghostly winds. No bullets. No hospital. Just sky. Faded orange sky. It just… switched. In less than a millisecond that entire world just vanished.
I was crying when I landed. On my back. On green artificial lawn. My spine didn’t break. My skull didn’t crack. My brain didn’t splatter. It was if someone had just tripped me over. But I was still used to falling. My body, though comfortably lying on the wet grass, was still going a mile a minute. The adrenaline still burst through me. I was still screaming. I still thought I was falling, even when I felt the Earth against my back.
And when the pin finally dropped, I stopped at once. My terrified holler just dropped. Like somebody had just pressed ‘mute’ and the sound just cut out of nowhere. I just stared. Stared up at the endless peach-yellow skies of an Australian sunset. Listened to t
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Mature content
WAPP Chapter 18 :iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 3 16
Unnamed Tulpa Challenge by CrazyAcornOMG Unnamed Tulpa Challenge :iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 11 8
YAI: Chapter Five
5. Gates of Hell
She won't walk away, but she won't look back
She looks good, but her boyfriend says she's a mess
She's a mess, she's a mess, now the girl is stressed

Lady Gaga: Dance in the Dark
There aren't many words to describe Hell. Compared to words like 'love', which has over a hundred different ways to be named and described, there aren't that many terms and alternative words for that place. The first ones that spring to mind are the Inferno, purgatory and the abyss. But there's a new one that I've managed to learn fairly quickly. 'Arkham Asylum.'
Waving Emily off when I reached the front step was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Even with other doctors and nurses coming in, some young mothers saying 'goodbye' to their children as if they were leaving for war, I felt completely isolated. I shouldn't be so scared of a new workplace, but Arkham was more than that. At first glance you'd assume it's haunted. At the second glance you'd wonde
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Nellaler: The Redhead in Wantington
Around the globe there are many towns
Filled with many different needs.
Some needs are urgent
And some needed in great heed.
But there is a great load of difference
Between a 'need' and a 'want'
Unfortunately for Wantington
This was something they had forgot

It was said that if a person was going to get anywhere in life, it was Wantington. The buildings stood at incredibly tall heights where the only way you knew they finished was by finding that top floor yourself. Metallic and shiny and neon lights that hit and reflected, illuminating the city at all hours with Technicolor glow as advertisements and billboard covered every inch.
Oh, there were trees here. They were tall and slender and well groomed and green and dying on the inside and were like tiny ants against the high-rise buildings, but there were trees. Put on display like show-ponies and features on every second street corner. It was… quaint. They made a cute accessory to the town. And provided a place for people t
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YAI: Chapter Three
3. Dreaming Drinks
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off
I am done with my graceless heart
So  tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart

Florence + the Machine:  Shake it Out
The Iceberg Lounge was always said to be the place in Gotham. It didn't matter how you got so important, just as long as you were. And as long as you had the cash to back you up, you could basically do whatever you want. Just make sure that the press has their back turned before you do something really crazy. And even then, if you were in the Lounge then you probably had the dough to shut them up (or the courage not to care.)
Yep. The Iceberg Lounge is the place in Gotham.
Walking inside, Emily and I had to crane our necks in a completely non-subtle manner to take in the impossibly high ceilings. The room echoed with upper-crust chatter and a string quarter. The walls were white, making the restaurant look vast and epic,
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Gift: Jacki and Creeper
Her footsteps were like bullet fire. One after the other as she raced down the street and at unholy speed. BANG BANG BANG as her Converse hit the wet pavement, her flat heels smacking the ground each time as her heart pounded inside her chest. Hammering away like someone had trapped a mechanical woodpecker in her ribcage. She slipped slightly in a nearby puddle as she turned the corner sharply, nearly skidding in the process.
At this hour of the night, the chances of being saved were little to none.
The group of older men (possibly early twenties to early thirties) chasing after her was clearly some kind of gang. Black Mask was known to operate in that area and they were too under-dressed to be Joker's crew. They ran after the purple-haired girl in hot pursuit. Blood on their hands and one of them limping from where she had kicked him in her struggle, their breath was raw and ragged like the panting of ferocious wolves chasing after a rabbit.
The teenage street-rat yelpe
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Mature content
RH: Opp!JokerXJess :iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 6 18
Mature content
Warriors of Imagination: CrazyAcorn :iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 4 15
A Christmas Poem
In late December
In dark Gotham City
There was an old clown
Who sat facing the TV
Dressed sloppily in a singlet
And old purple pants
The Joker sat in comfort
Head resting in hand
Drifting through channels
Aimless and bored
Occasionally finding commercials
During which he snored
All of them including
A bright jingle or two
And threatening grand visits
From jolly you-know-who
Whether it was Santa
Riding in on his slay
Or even the Batman
Saving the day
The Joker was not up
For facing anybody
Anybody except
His blonde dogsbody
Jessica Jean
(The well spoken and sweet)
Was running around
On shoeless feet
Dressed to the nines
With a holiday bow
It looked like her temper
Was ready to blow
She paused by the couch
Hands on her hips
Pouting at the clown
With glossy frowned lips
"Dude, get changed
Or we're gonna be late!
I don't wanna miss out
On yet another date!
"KP and Jack
Came all the way here
Just for the sake
Of some holiday cheer
I love KP to bits
And I know you like Jack
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WAPP Chapter 17
XVII. Eye for an Eye

Even though I'm the sacrifice,
You won't try for me, not now.
Though I'd die to know you love me,
I'm all alone.
Isn't someone missing me?

Evanescence: Missing
Before I continue this story, I want to tell you a little more about Marcus Kale. Because yes, he isn't a good person in this. He really isn't. And though he come across in this story as a complete asshole who is, as you will later discover, bat-shit crazy, I just want to let you know that he wasn't always like this. He's more than what he seems. I was only there in his life for when he finally snapped when in reality, Dr Kale is so much more than that.
Marcus Kale was known as 'Mark' to all his friends growing up. He was relatively friendly to most children. He and his friends all learnt the kazoo, which they practised poorly during recess and lunch. He even re-learnt it in college, making it a private joke with his new friends. He wasn't a bully or a violent kid. But he didn't
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Mature content
RH: First Date :iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 10 23
YAI: Chapter One
1. Two Girls, One Box

That's all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Girls just wanna have fun

Cookie Pops: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
This was it.
This was the very last box.
For weeks Emily and I had been trying to dodge around randomly placed brown boxes. Big and small. Scattered amongst the place among with the papers and hair-elastics that we lazily left around. Well, I lazily left around but oh well. I'm a child of organised chaos. Most of these boxes were mine, anyway.
But not anymore! This box was the last of it. And since it had both my name and Emily's written on it, I thought it would be best to wait around for her to get back before opening it. I had already unpacked the last of my clothes and my old textbooks. I didn't have the heart to throw any of them out yet.
… Why was she taking so long?! She had just gone downstairs to get the laundry done, right? Oh God, maybe she ran into Mr Cobblepot. And if so, Cob
:iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 3 6
Mature content
JxJ: Dreaming :iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 4 13
RH: Do It Like a Dude
Okay, not to brag or anything, but the weirdest and sexiest thing in the history of my life just happened.
In case I haven't made it clear by this point, I go to Reaper High. Yes, that school that keeps showing up in the papers for all the wrong reasons. Arson here, vandalism there. A bit of murder on the side. And boy, do I love it. The classes are great, and I'm actually starting to make a few friends. Well, acquaintances, but still. Social life is definitely improving. Unfortunately for me though, some of my teacher aren't as nice as Queen Celestia for M.O.F. (that's 'Magic of Friendship'). I've still got perverts like Mister Juice and total assholes like Dr Crane. And then… there's Joker.
Okay, for some reason I find myself enjoying his abuse. Somehow. It's just how he does it that makes it seem acceptable. He's fun about it. Like this one time Zim was drawing in class and making snappy comebacks to himself about Joker's lecture, the c
:iconcrazyacornomg:CrazyAcornOMG 14 22



I've started a new Tumblr for RPs and asks, starring a newer version of Jess/my self-insert! I'm going to be selective on who I roleplay with, but I'd like a few questions and prods about Jess to start her off. Feel free to ask about friends, her background, her favourite things, whatever you'd like. You can ask on Anon or as yourself, I'll answer either way. The more the better!

I'm using it as a kind of practice to loosen up my art between assignments and create more expressive characters. I'd really appreciate your help and support on this, even if I don't know how long I'll stick around or how committed I'll be to it. Plus, you get to pester the poor girl. It'll be fun <3

You can find me, myself, and I at starryeyedself <3


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