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MMD to Blender 2.80 Tutorial

Read all comments in all the MMD in Blender tutorials I've made to see if your question has been answered before you ask ^^
Also, check out our group :iconmmd2blender-mmdart: There are other MMD in Blender tutorials there as well as art :D

New :iconupdatedsignplz: I created an updated version of this tutorial for Blender 2.92. You can find it here…

I have updated my MMD to Blender Tutorial for 2.80. There have been a lot of changes made to Blender so I had to change a lot of the info, and I was able to remove some info that was no longer needed. This tutorial will not work for previous versions of Blender because Blender changed it's interface a lot. I used the latest version of the MMD Tools addon. The addon gets updated frequently ^^

Hopefully you will find this helpful. I will also mention that Blender no longer has the Blender Internal Engine or the Game Engine. Now it has Cycles, Workbench, and Eevee. I can't use Eevee because it is a real time render engine and my computer can't handle it. Blender also crashes for me a lot in 2.80 so I may end up going back to 2.79, but I will still have both installed on my computer. If you have any questions feel free to ask :D I'm still learning myself so I don't know how to do everything yet, but I will try to help if I can ^^

This is something I didn't put in the tutorial but I thought I would mention it here. Some MMD models may not work in Blender correctly. If you can't get a model to work in Blender then you'll have to find another model to use instead.

(Edit: 11/26/19) Blender 2.81 came out on 11/21/19 and so far it has not crashed on me when converting materials to cycles. It looks like it has been fixed :D I recommend that you update to 2.81 if Blender 2.80 crashes on you a lot ^^

(Edit: 2/17/20) Blender 2.82 came out a few days ago and the MMD tools addon still works in it ^^

(Edit: 6/3/20) Blender 2.83 came out today and the MMD tools addon still works in it ^^

(Edit: 8/31/20) Blender 2.90 came out today and the MMD tools addon still works ^^

(Edit: 11/25/20) Blender 2.91 came out today and the MMD tools addon still works ^^

(Edit: 2/25/21) Blender 2.92 came out today and the MMD tools addon still works ^^

If you are still having trouble installing it here is more info that may help you. It was made for 2.79 but it should still be helpful…

Here are other tutorials that powroupi has made that may have info you are looking for as well. They were also made for 2.79 but should still help…

If you are new to Blender here is a playlist: Blender Fundamentals 2.8… 

Blue Arrow Left [F2U] Exporting: I do not know how to correctly export a model from Blender to MMD but these tutorials may help you out ^^
Tutorial: How to convert a 3D character model to MMD…
[Blender x PMXE] How to Export to PMX (Without errors)…

Blue Arrow Left [F2U] Here is the link to download Blender

Blue Arrow Left [F2U] Here is the link to download MMD Tools addon for Blender…

Here are my other MMD in Blender tutorials
MMD to Blender 2.92 Tutorial (New Version)…
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Models used in the tutorial are:

Kaito Jacket v1.03 (c) Biyo
Sakata Gintoki Ver2.52 (c) aokana

Tutorial made by me in Photoshop CS5
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@crazy4anime09 Any system requirements for Windows ?

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You can find the list of requirements for using Blender here ^^

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You're very welcome! :D ^^

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The tool no works on 2.93 :'(

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Make sure you are using the most recent version of the addon The addon works for me in 2.93. I made a more recent tutorial explaining how to install the addon better ^^

MMD to Blender 2.92 Tutorial
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Hi! Thanks for the addon! I seem to have an issue when putting any MMD model in Rendered or Material view they textures have a purple tint to them. I have no idea why. Just seeing if maybe you know how to fix this. I am using Blender 2.82

Here's a link to an image:


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You're very welcome! :D Go to the Viewport Properties panel and go to the Misc tab. Under MMD Display uncheck the box next to Toon Texture. If that does not fix it try unchecking the box next to Sphere Texture and see if that fixes it ^^

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Hey thanks for the tutorial! But for some reason, some parts of the model doesn't look right after importing the .pmx model and after exporting the model as .dae or .fbx. Do you know a way to fix this? The model is supposed to look like the model in the second image (Shadeless).

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You're very welcome! :D I'm not really sure how to fix it. Do you have a link to the model? I could download it and see if I can figure it out ^^

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I get the texture issue as well as black spots on the model. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Blender, but to fix this you would have to go in to Edit mode select the whole model and go to Mesh, Normals, and Set From Faces to get rid of the black spots. To fix the edge in the picture you showed me you would have to go in to Edit mode. Select the skin and face materials in the materials properties tab and go to Mesh, Merge, and By Distance and that will fix it ^^

The only way I know how to make the model shadeless is by selecting each material in the materials properties tab and go to the Shader Editor and add a Light Path node and connect it to an Emission node and connect the Emission node to the texture node and connect the Emission node to the Material Output node. I don't know if the model will stay shadeless when you export the model to .fbx or .dae though ^^

If you don't want to do all of that have you tried using this model? He doesn't have the texture issues, but you would still have to make the textures shadeless ^^

Wally dl
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I tried the one you suggested in 2.92. No Luck

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Did the addon not show up in Blender after you put the mmd_tools folder in Blender's addon folder? ^^

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Is there a way to translate from Japanes to English the bones (along with the flexes)? Like a tool or something?

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There is an addon called mmd tools helper that translates things from Japanese to English. You can find the updated version here

I don't know if it works in Blender 2.90 and up though ^^

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Works with Blender 2.91.2, but you have to take only the mmd_tools folder to the Addon folder instead of installing the entire zip file, this is the only way I managed to get the Addon to work.

I had some problems when importing the model, some materials appeared pink(no texture), so I simply deleted the pink materials and the model was fixed!

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Yeah, you're not supposed to put the entire zip folder into Blender's addon folder. You want to only put the mmd_tools folder into the addon folder otherwise it won't work. I'm glad you were able to fix the pink materials :D ^^

I imported a stage and then I imported the stage motion, but the stage motion isn't working?

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If the stage motion moves by using an armature select the bones of the stage then import the motion and it should work. You can select the whole stage and import the motion, like for moving lights, but I haven't figured out how to get moving lights on a stage to work. I think most stage motions don't work in Blender because they are set up differently in MMD. If there is a way to get them to work I haven't figured it out yet ^^

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You're very welcome! :D ^^

I'm trying to use the Meltdown stage in it but the water isn't moving :(

PDFT Meltdown Stage Download
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I downloaded the stage and it looks like the water does not get animated by an armature and the stage has no shapekeys for animating either. It looks like the only way to get the water to move is to animate the textures yourself in Blender by adding a mapping node in the shader editor for each material. I tried figuring it out and managed to get one waterfall to move by adding keyframes to the Y location of the mapping node for the waterfall texture. I'm not sure how you would animate the water on the ground though.

I'm not sure if you'd want to spend time figuring out how to animate each texture yourself or not ^^

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