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MMD to Blender 2.79 Tutorial

Read all comments in all the MMD in Blender tutorials I've made to see if your question has been answered before you ask ^^
Also, check out our group :iconmmd2blender-mmdart: There are other MMD in Blender tutorials there as well as art :D

New :iconupdatedsignplz: I created an updated version of this tutorial for Blender 2.80. You can find it here

I decided to make an updated version of my MMD to Blender Tutorial because there have been a lot of changes made to the MMD Tools addon since my last tutorial. It still has the same info as the previous one but it's all updated. I did add a little more info based on some questions people had asked me. This tutorial uses Blender 2.79 (Will work in previous versions of Blender) and the latest version of MMD Tools addon. The addon gets updated frequently ^^

Hopefully you will find this helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask :D (Big Grin) Even though I've been using Blender for a while now I'm still a noob and don't know how to do a lot yet. I do have more knowledge now than I did when I made my first tutorial, but I may not be able to help if you have a question I don't know the answer to. I'll try to help if I can though ^^

This is something I didn't put in the tutorial but I thought I would mention it here. Some MMD models may not work in Blender. If you can't get a model to work in Blender then you'll have to find another model to use instead.

If you are still having trouble installing it here is more info that may help you…

Here is the link to download Blender

Here is the link to download MMD Tools addon for Blender…

Here are my other MMD in Blender tutorials I made
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Models used in the tutorial are:

Kaito V3 (c) Biyo
Kaito V3 (c) :iconhzeo:
YYB style Miku Hatsune (c) YYB

Tutorial made by me in Photoshop CS5
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MegaLucarioFanArts's avatar

I get this error everytime i try importing it.

crazy4anime09's avatar

Are you using the most recent version of the mmd_tools addon? ^^

crazy4anime09's avatar

Hmm, I'm not sure why you are getting that error. Is it only happening to one model or several? ^^

MegaLucarioFanArts's avatar

Several. I've tried even Closing and Re-opening Blender.

crazy4anime09's avatar

Have you tried downloading the latest version of Blender 2.92 to see if you still get the error? Or you could create a new issue here to see if powroupi or someone else would know why you are getting that error ^^

MegaLucarioFanArts's avatar

I am trying on 2.79 actually.

crazy4anime09's avatar

What is one of the models that has the error? I can download the model to see if I get the error. I have 2.79 and 2.92 installed on my computer ^^

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lovie5678's avatar

it's not working for me. can't even load it

crazy4anime09's avatar

Which version of Blender do you have and which version of mmd tools did you download? ^^

crazy4anime09's avatar

Ok, that mmd tools addon is old and doesn't work in 2.79. You want to use powroupi's updated version of the addon. Here is the link Try this version and see if it works ^^

lovie5678's avatar

i used that one too and it didn't work either

AidanTheDeviantart's avatar

It Worked, But One Question.... What Do You Do If Textures Are Unpacked?

crazy4anime09's avatar

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean the textures for the model are in one folder or several folders? Do the textures on the model not show up in Blender? ^^

AidanTheDeviantart's avatar

Oh! Now I Know What To Do! Thx!

crazy4anime09's avatar

You're very welcome! :D ^^

MTaffyM's avatar

How do I install this on a Mac? I can't find the folders I need, only desktop and downloads.

crazy4anime09's avatar

I don't use a Mac so I'm not sure where the folders would be located, but I found an old tutorial that might help you out ^^

How to Add Addons to Blender on a Mac DeGraphics Tutorials

crazy4anime09's avatar

You're very welcome! :D ^^

ame0142's avatar

Thank you but I can't export;-;

You can help me?

crazy4anime09's avatar

You're very welcome! :D I don't know how to export a model to MMD correctly because I only use Blender, but powroupi made a tutorial for how to convert a model from Blender to MMD that might be helpful it is a little bit old though. I also found a Youtube tutorial that might be helpful too ^^

[Blender x PMXE] How to Export to PMX (Without errors)

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