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MMD in Blender Basic Posing Tutorial

Read all comments in all the MMD in Blender tutorials I've made to see if your question has been answered before you ask ^^
Also, check out our group :iconmmd2blender-mmdart: There are other MMD in Blender tutorials there as well as art :D

New :iconupdatedsignplz: I created an updated version of this tutorial for Blender 2.82. You can find it here

I was asked how you pose an MMD model in Blender so I made another tutorial :D This tutorial uses Blender 2.76 and the most recent version of MMD tools add-on.

This tutorial focuses on how to make the bones appear, how to pose a model, and how to change a models facial expression. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm still new to Blender though so I may not know the answer to your question but I'll try to help if I can ^^

There are different ways to move the bones around but this is the only way I know how to at the moment, but I think this way is the easiest, for me anyway lol XD

Bullet; Blue VPD pose files can now be imported into Blender. Download the latest version of the mmd tools addon by powroupi 
The export pose button has a traceback error and so does the new export motion button…

Here are my other MMD in Blender tutorials I made
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MMD in Blender 2.82 Posing Tutorial (New Version)

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MMD in Blender Importing Motions Tutorial Part 2 (New Version)
MMD in Blender Importing Motions Tutorial (Old Version)

I don't know why it's already zoomed in when you view it. It should be zoomed out first. I have no idea why it's doing this I don't know 

Model used in the tutorial is

Kaito V3 (c) Biyo

Tutorial made by me in Photoshop CS5
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But how do we export the model after we pose it?

When I try and export it, my model has extra limbs.

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Thank you!! :D I didn't even know about the MMD tool add on!! I'll have to try that out!!

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You're very welcome! :D ^^

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Thank you, i dont think i could have solved the locked bones issues without this!

crazy4anime09's avatar

You're very welcome! I'm glad it helped! :D ^^

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For posing, if you find it hard to pose on Blender, you can pose the model on MMD first, and then import the pose data to Blender afterward. You can work with the facials in Blender next.

ALSO, use Eevee if your computer can't handle Cycles. Let the engine render via GPU as well.

That said, thank you for this tutorial! Raycast now has a viable opponent LOL
crazy4anime09's avatar
Yep, that is something you can do :D Thanks for sharing and you're very welcome! :D ^^
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LMAOOO. Ok what I did with this tutorial I ended up making an animation with a girl flicking someone off its hilarious also its my first animation
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And how about importing poses? (in *.VPD format)
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You can import poses in the newer version of the addon… It will be next to the model and motion import buttons, and will also be under File, Import ^^
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Hi, I have a little problem. I'm using the 2.79 version of Blender.
When I click on "Object Mode" to change it in "Pose Mode", this last one doesn't show up, but, instead, other things show up.
Where did I do wrong? Is it the version I'm using? Should I change then in 2.76?

Thanks for the answer! ^^
crazy4anime09's avatar
Hello :D Do you have the armature selected? Pose Mode will only show up if you select the armature ^^
DreamsGTS's avatar
Yep, I have it selected!
It's so strange tho...
crazy4anime09's avatar
That is strange, that's never happened to me before. Maybe try uninstalling the addon, redownload it, and install it again. Or uninstall Blender and download 2.79 again. It should work in 2.79, that's the version I'm currently using ^^
DreamsGTS's avatar
Ok, maybe it's the addon that is causing that
Thanks for the advice ^^
crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome! Hopefully doing one of those will fix it ^^
DreamsGTS's avatar
Oh, I feel very stupid right now! xD
As you said before, I gotta select the armature, right?
Well, I was dumb enough to deselect it (after pressing N, in the Viewport Proprieties), so I couldn't click it xD

Thanks again for your help and the tutorial!
crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome! I'm glad you were able to figure out why you weren't able to go into Pose Mode :D ^^
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I wish the facial expressions were in english so I could know what they do and wouldn't have to go through the whole list just trying to find them. But this tutorial really helped. Thanks!
crazy4anime09's avatar
I wish they were too. You're very welcome! :D ^^
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As someone who is still learning to work with mmd models in blender, cycles specifically, (and compared to XPS models usage i do more that is), do you know if there's a way to move the hair of an mmd model in blender when it doesnt have bones? Some of the models i've tried to use lately have no hair bones and when turning the head around, the hair tends to clip through the clothes, shoulders, or neck. I know it can be done with proportional editing in blender's options (which can be problematic if the hair mesh itself is split up once the mmd model is separated by mesh), but mostly i was wondering if there's a way to adjust the hair in a similar way to that of the shape keys or if proportional editing is the only way without bones? Thanks for reading! ^^

Fantastic tutorials by the way! Yours have been the most informative and detailed I've come across and that's greatly appreciated! Please keep up the great work!
crazy4anime09's avatar
I'm not really sure how good it would work using shape keys to move the hair. I'm still learning the basics of modeling and I don't know a lot about editing models yet. You could try creating a new shape key then go into edit mode and select part of the hair you want to move and move it to where you want it to be. Then go back to object mode and move the value up to 1 on the shape key to see the change. Proportional editing sounds like it might work better but I'm not sure. Or instead you could create hair bones for the hair so you can move it that way (I don't know how to give a model bones and parent them to it yet ^^;) Or you could try editing the hair in sculpt mode (I don't know how to use sculpt mode either ^^;) but you could try to use sculpt mode to move the hair around ^^

Thank you very much! I'm glad my tutorials are helpful :D I tried adding as much info I could so that people would not get confused ^^
xHolyxLightx's avatar
Thank you for the response! I had no idea you could create shape keys O_O i might need to look more into that and see how it's done (i had no idea i could pose mmd faces until i saw your tutorial! haha!) and im in the same boat as you about bones so no worries there! Proportional editing does work albeit time consuming because you have to select very specific parts and sides of the mesh, but hey good work takes time right? I've never used sculpt mode but i might need to give it a try!

I totally appreciate the response and helpful hints so thank you very much for a point in a direction! ^^
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