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MMD in Blender 2.82 Posing Tutorial

Read all comments in all the MMD in Blender tutorials I've made to see if your question has been answered before you ask ^^
Also, check out our group :iconmmd2blender-mmdart: There are other MMD in Blender tutorials there as well as art :D

I have finally updated my MMD in Blender Posing Tutorial for 2.82. There are not a lot of differences from my previous tutorial, but there is more information in this tutorial. This tutorial shows how to pose MMD models, how to change their facial expressions, and how to import poses made in MMD to Blender ^^

I didn't add this in the tutorial, but if for some reason when you go to copy an arm pose to the other arm and it does not work correctly here is how you can fix it… Where it says go into edit mode, select all the bones, instead of Ctrl+N it will be Shift+N. It changed in 2.80-2.82 ^^

Hopefully you will find this helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask :D ^^

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Model and pose used in the tutorial are:

MMD Model: Kaito Jacket v1.03 by Biyo
Sleeping Pose by :iconbaka-neearts:

Other poses (c) Me crazy4anime09
Tutorial made by me in Photoshop CS5
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Hello! I just want to say real quick: thank you so much for your tutorials, these are so helpful!! And I am pleasantly surprised that it works with Mac as well!

Something of an issue I am encountering though that I am not adept enough in Blender to understand is that some bones seem to move on their own while I am trying to pose the model. However, using the playback does not show any motion whatsoever. I tried to check the physics tab, but there's nothing there.

So far the only clue of an issue is that the specific bones that are afflicted with this phantom motion are different colors from the stationary ones (green and yellow). It only affects certain body parts (tail and ears, this is a catboy model) and some fabric.

Sorry for this long winded troubleshoot question, but have you heard about this happening before? I am still searching via google for help from Blender, but so far my leads are for much older versions of blender and with struggles not at all related to the specific importing of MMD models. Thank you!

EDIT: Sorry, an update! So soon after posting about my issue, I just decided to.... Delete the bones that seemed to be causing issues (the end bones in the IK bone chains) and that seemed to solve it!

This isn't super ideal, as I had to remove a sizable segment from the end of the tail. But! Should this be an issue for anyone else with whacky posing physics, this could be a helpful bandaid.

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Hello! You're very welcome! :D The yellow bones are IK bones that will move with other bones to make animating easier I think. I keep the IK bones turned on because it makes it easier to pose the legs ^^

Did you also try turning off the IK bones so that they would act like stationary bones? Go to the Misc tab in the Viewport Properties panel and click on all four of the buttons under the Property Drivers button to turn them off. Make sure you are using the most recent version of the addon because these buttons are not in earlier versions of the addon. Or I can tell you how to turn them off in the Bone Constraint Properties tab in the Properties panel. Does doing this fix the issue that you are having? ^^

hello i have a question, can i use my mmd shader on the model that i exported on blender?

crazy4anime09's avatar

Unfortunately MMD shaders don't work in Blender and neither do MME effects ^^

yoshiandkoopa2's avatar

how do i do this? it won't show up

crazy4anime09's avatar

Is the addon not showing up in Blender, or is the model's armature not showing up? ^^

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How do you make the legs of the model NOT drag with the floor, like they do in MMD? Otherwise super useful tutorial!:clap:

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I've never used the MMD software so I'm not sure what you mean. What are the legs doing in Blender? Do you mean when you move the model away from the center the legs get pulled towards the center? I'm glad you find it useful :D ^^

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If I move the model down against the floor, the legs go in a squat or if I move the model backwards/any other direction the legs kind of stay still but lean into that direction, if that makes it more clear!

crazy4anime09's avatar

Oh ok, I think I get it now :D If you go to the Viewport Properties panel and go to the Misc. tab click on all the buttons that have I K.L and I K.R to turn the IK off then the legs won't go in a squat. Is that what you want the legs to do? ^^

hello i need help i already converted my model from fbx to pmd but for some reason when i imported the vmd into the model it didnt do anything how can i connect the vmd to my model

crazy4anime09's avatar

I'm not sure because I've never converted a model to pmd, and I don't know how it works, but did you make the armature similar to MMD model's armatures? I don't think you can get poses to work unless the armature is set up for it ^^

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when mmd tolls. for the blender 2.9.1 gonna be available

crazy4anime09's avatar

It's already available, the current version of mmd tools works in Blender 2.90.1 ^^

How do I select a single bone to weight ?

crazy4anime09's avatar

When you are in weight paint mode Ctrl+left click on a bone to select it ^^

crazy4anime09's avatar

You're very welcome :D ^^

for some reason the armature logo on the right bottom isnt showing at all, any ideas?

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Do you have the armature selected on the model? It won't show up in the properties panel unless you have it selected ^^

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I got this down right, but one things still bugging me. When I import the pose (or even motion) file, the face still remains unchanged. And the model doesn't appear to have any Shape Keys besides Basis.

Help please?

crazy4anime09's avatar
You want to have the model and the armature selected to get both the facials and the pose/motion. If you just select the armature you only get the pose/motion for the body and not the face. If the model doesn't have any Shape Keys besides Basis the person who created the model may not have made any facials for it, or maybe Blender wasn't able to import them for some strange reason. If the model does have facials but the Shape Keys are not showing up I'm not sure how to fix it. You could try posing the model and changing it's facial expression in MMD and then export the model to Blender to see if that works ^^
Andruril93's avatar

Okay then on the Shape Keys. But the process of selecting both the armature and the model, I'm pretty sure I did that and still only got the body to pose.

Like, for good measure, do I have to select them in a certain order? Do I have to do one at a time and not just press the "A" key to select all? Or something else maybe?

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For motions it doesn't matter which you select first, but I actually didn't know that facial expressions came with poses. I always make my own poses, but when I have imported poses they have always came with just the pose and no facials. Do the poses you try to import say they come with the facials too? ^^

I think facial expressions can only be imported as a motion because they use keyframes. I also think pose files only come with the body pose, and if the person also created a facial expression it would be in a separate motion file, but I could be wrong ^^
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