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MMD in Blender 2.79 Importing Motions Tutorial 2

Read all comments in all the MMD in Blender tutorials I've made to see if your question has been answered before you ask ^^
Also, check out our group :iconmmd2blender-mmdart: There are other MMD in Blender tutorials there as well as art

I finally made an updated version of how to import MMD motions into Blender. There were a lot of updates made to MMD Tools addon by powroupi so I decided to update this tutorial. There are two parts to this tutorial this is part 2 ^^

I used Blender 2.79b for this tutorial but this will also work in previous versions of Blender. This tutorial focuses on how to import MMD camera motions, and how to edit them to fit different sized models. Getting motions to work on chibi models, and how to view the dope sheet to view keyframes to edit them. If you have any questions feel free to ask :D ^^

I did not include this in the tutorial since this tutorial was for importing. If you want to make your own animations in Blender the model has to be in T pose for the first keyframe. The model also has to be in the center of the 3D viewport where it imports in. Then afterwards you can move the model around and the rigid body should follow the model without any issues. If you want me to make a tutorial about it let me know ^^

This is where I found out about it…

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Models and motion used in the tutorial are:

KAITO Originator v1.0 Link by Biyo
D-Series Kaito Append V3 Link by Rummy (PokkapokaP)
BTS Best of Me motion Link by Iven Padilla

Tutorial made by me in Photoshop CS5
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can someone help me? im keep importing it but its not working i dont see it anywhere

crazy4anime09's avatar

Are you trying to import a motion, but it's not working? ^^

klevesque11's avatar

No im trying to import the model but i only see bones

crazy4anime09's avatar

If it's a model I can download I can see if it does the same thing to me ^^

Eurichi's avatar
Does this method also work with poses?

Do you know how I can import poses from Sims to blender to pass them to MMD?
crazy4anime09's avatar
If you have the version of the addon that has the pose import button you can import MMD poses into Blender. Select the model's armature and then you can import the MMD pose. The import pose button will be next to the motion import button ^^

I'm not sure how to do it because I don't have Sims, but I think it's possible. I tried looking it up and it looks like you have to use Sims 4 Studio, but I'm not sure. Here is the link… I'm not sure if it allows you to import poses from Sims to Blender. There are some people working with Sims models in Blender on Youtube. If you have a Youtube account you could try asking them. Here is one person I found that works with Sims models in Blender… they might know how to do it ^^
Eurichi's avatar
Thanks for the help, but unfortunately it didn't help ...
I can't find a way to take out the poses and import them into the Blender as I should :(
crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome, sorry I couldn't be of more help. If I ever find out how to do it I'll let you know ^^
Eurichi's avatar
Thank you! ^^ U
by the way, I have one more question ...
How can I open these files in blender?
Sims format problems by Eurichi
Or maybe you know a better way to convert them to PACKAGE FILES.
I have looked in pages and I have installed programs that are supposed to help me in this objective but nothing results :(
crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome! :D I don't think Blender can open any of those files :( I'm not sure if you've seen this page and already installed this, but this might help… I also found a video tutorial for how to download and install the same thing in that link I think… the same person also made a tutorial for how to get animations from Sims 3 to Blender… You'll probably want to use an older version of Blender to get it to work, and then you could try saving it as a .blend file, or export to a file that Blender can read and open it in a newer version of Blender if you don't want to use an older version ^^

I also found a tutorial for how to convert the files to PACKAGE FILES that may be helpful if what they use in the tutorial is something you haven't already tried… Hopefully some of these tutorials will be helpful to you ^^
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How do you move the model around in the 3d space without breaking them? I move the model and then hit build for the hair physics and stuff and the models arms feets and all kinds of stuff just move to distant positions turning the model into a horror story........
crazy4anime09's avatar
There are two ways you can do it. In Pose mode select all the bones and then you can move the model to where you want it. Or in Object mode you can select the empty underneath the model and then you can move it.

When you move the model in Pose mode the origin point and empty will stay in the center of the viewport. If you want the origin point to stay with the model you'll want to move the model using the empty ^^
rob2804621's avatar
Yeah I have issues finding it sometimes. And when you select the whole hierarchy it just turns red and won't let you move everything as a whole. Probably something small I am missing when it comes to moving the model around. What I am trying to do is change the distance the model moves in a specific time frame. So like I tried changing the scale and it didnt move further. I'm just messing around at the moment trying to figure it out. If anyone knows how to change the distance an object moves that would be nice. Like if I made the model half the size partway through the motion I would like them to move half as far from that point on.
crazy4anime09's avatar
Is this what you are selecting when you're trying to move the model?  Empty for Model by crazy4anime09  ^^
rob2804621's avatar
Ok I figured it out. I unlocked it. Then when I moved it the model went all wonky. Ok I fixed that by Unhiding all the bones that were invisible and then unlocking their movement. But they still didn't move with the model I was testing this with. I went back in to check if they were inheriting location and they were. So once I can figure out how to make them move with the arm they are attached to then I should be all good :D. I bet a lot of new people get stuck on this as well. I've been doing stuff for the past month so I kinda know what I am doing, but I know some of my fixes aren't optimal. Not knowing the right way to fix something is slightly annoying :/

Well after messing around and reading it is the bone constraints that make it bug all out and not move with the model. I don't really know how to fix this properly. I currently just delete them or set the influence to 0 for the base of the bone so just the top part doesnt move and then manually move it later.
crazy4anime09's avatar
Yeah, I know how that feels. When I first started learning how use Blender and how to use MMD models in it I kept on getting stuck for how to do stuff too. I couldn't find any current tutorials either which is why I decided to make these once I knew how to do stuff ^^

I'm able to move models around the viewport and turn the physics on without them freaking out. The only time the model freaks out is if I accidentally select the model and move it instead of selecting the empty to move it. I did just figure out that you can't move the model in pose mode because once you import a motion in the model just goes right back to the center. The only way to move a model is by moving it with the empty. Not sure if this helps you at all ^^; I never mess with the settings for stuff since I don't know how they work. Do you have this problem with other models you try to move, or is it only one? ^^
HansSuzuki's avatar
Which is better?
2.72 or 2.79?
crazy4anime09's avatar
2.79 is better than 2.72. In the description for the MMD tools addon it is recommended that you use 2.75 and up ^^
HansSuzuki's avatar
Onward download
kai117722's avatar
Do you know how I export motion from blender to mmd plz I was looking for a way to do it .

I found awesome sims4 motion but I can't find a way to export it to miku miku dance.
crazy4anime09's avatar
I don't export stuff from Blender to MMD so I don't know exactly how it works but powroupi has a short explanation for how to do it. Here is the link to it… you'll have to scroll down to where it says Export Motion. I'll also post it here to. I'm not sure if this how you could export a sims4 motion to MMD though ^^

Export Motion

Basic support for exporting motions is now available. Currently, it can export bone animation, shape key animation, and camera/lamp animation, but self shadow, and other vmd specific animations are not supported yet. Also keep in mind these notes/issues:

  • Support f-curves only, drivers or NLA tracks are not supported. You may bake the animation to a new action if you want to export a final animation.
  • The interpolations of bone rotation and camera rotation may not look right, since MMD use the same interpolation for all channels of rotation (x, y, z, w).
  • In blender, select root empty object to export model animation (bone and shape key), select armature object to export bone animation only, select mesh object to export shape key animation only, select MMD camera object to export camera animation. And only active object's animation will be exported.
  • Bone names are limited to 15 bytes (about 7 words of unicode character), there is no error message, just remember to keep bone names short.
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