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Krump It

:iconan1ken: & :iconcrazy18gurl:

Lol took a while but we finally got it done. Quite happy with the results.

Be sure to check out =An1ken work! Dude's got mad skills. And if you fav mine, please fav his too! Is one extra deviation in your favorites too much to ask?

[link] [link] [link]

C&C appreciated :peace:

EDIT: Wallpaper pack now available! [link]
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This photo BUY!! HOW MUCH?
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You wish to buy this? This artwork is not for sale but do you wish to use for personal use or commercial?
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Thank you for your reply.
It is an object for commerce.
I hold children's dance contest.
I would like to use a photograph for a poster.
It is a dream to children.

Do one of JB! xD
craZy18gurl's avatar
No, that would please Mark. I don't wish to please that tyrant.
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[link] open the link grazy18gurl I saw this picture in facebook they changed the head and some other thinks in your design
maryoshady's avatar
can i know where are you from pleasssssssssssssssss ?????
maryoshady's avatar
who Design this picture??? and where are you from ????????? pleas
craZy18gurl's avatar
I designed this of course along with =An1ken as told in the description. I'm from Pakistan. Whose Facebook did you find my altered work on?
mhyr's avatar
nice design body :)
craZy18gurl's avatar
B-boyGian's avatar
awsome man.. as i b-boy id say this might be my favorite photoshop picture of a dancer... u got any video doin this??
craZy18gurl's avatar
Thanks a lot! Appreciate it.

No sorry we don't. We obtained the photo from a stock site. I love working with dancer photos. They're very dynamic. :]
What brushes are you using.....i would like to have them
craZy18gurl's avatar
Mostly didn't use any brushes except for a couple of splatter brushes that you find here on DA. Those streaks could be brushes but you'll have to ask An1ken since he did that part. :]
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dude thats......AWESOME!!!!!! u gotta upload some tutorials men!!!
craZy18gurl's avatar
Thanks! Looking to perhaps do a couple of tutorials in the future. :]
LukeVon's avatar
hey i just uploaded my first edit. Could u see it and give me some tips?? =)
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