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The Producers

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This is a picture for one of the greatest movies ever: The Producers. Awesome, amazing movie. Go see it. It's really good. anyways (right to left) Max Bialystock, Leo Bloom and Ulla. hehe! YAY!
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sofjadellyProfessional Digital Artist
yeah!! Im not the only here that dont draw the faces!! Excellent job by the way
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Lol, I'm like the only one who likes it where I live, my friends only would watch it because of the old nanna lovin'. My parents don't like musicals.
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I love musicals. and so does my whole family.

I love watching them and singing along.
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ITS AWSOME! i watched it 5 seconds ago! (give me those books fat fat fatty!!)
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lmao. i know have you seen the original. cause that's worth a watch. lol it's really good but not a musical only the play "spring time for hitler" has music in it. lol.
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[[Two years late, but HEY, I'm still on my Producers kick... XD]]
What about "Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band" and "Prisoners of Love"? Those are two songs Mel wrote that returned full-blast in the musical remake.
There's also Lorenzo's audition with "Love Power", not to mention all the other songs in the audition, as short as they may be.
Then, there's the drunken singing at the Astor Bar of "By the Light of the Silvery Moon", as well as Franz singing snippets of "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandee", "Deutschland Uber Alles", and "Lily Marlene" [though he's too drunk at the time, so it comes out as slurred gibberish]. ...And Max singing his little Rio song.
......Just saying, though it was mostly due to Springtime that the musical was made, it wasn't the only "musical" part in the original XD

ANYWAY!... Nice vector-looking poster thingie. Unless it IS vector, then nice looking vector poster thingie. Or if it's not intended to be a poster at all, nice vector picture thingie. Or if-- *stops, realizing she could keep this up all night* XD;;;;
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I wanna see it!!! XD
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YOU TOTALLY SHOULD! but....we're GOING to buy whole family is in love with it! Can you wait that long?:D
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lol, yes XD I can wait.
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good for you....I can't wait for it to come out!!! grrr!
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