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:painter:WELCOME TO THE CRAZY DIRECTOR'S CLUB!:painter: Where crazy, original creators meet to share their imaginative crew with other creators. _____________________________________ :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:CRAZY ADMINS NEWS :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: <mayshing ( ( 12/16/06 - &nbsp;Wow.... There's still new notes coming in. Now we have 99 members. I am planning to updated and reformat the club, make it easier to run. :iconototo-hika:ototo-hika ( 05/20/05 - I have been working hard reorganizing and formatting different pages to be less confusing. ^^ &nbsp;Today I worked with the activities page and this news page
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ADMINISTRATORS: <mayshing ( :iconototo-hika::iconna-insoo: :iconryuyujin: :iconjaggedice200: Updated: 06-04-2005 Deviant names in order: Members count: 96 :gadget: &nbsp;Directors::gadget: :bulletblue: FreeLance: Free on ur own directors #-13blackdragons ( A-aimeejude ( AzianRiceCake ( aquakirbyyoshi ( avichan ( B- BlacK-EyE ( BountyHuntress16 ( Busashi ( AnthonyEKosky ( C- Cell132 ( Chame ( ( celestialmaiden ( D-darkspeeds ( JoJollyArt ( E-Electro-Lime-Horiste ( emerald-moon ( emeraldrae ( F- f3ng ( FireTiger59 ( fleakoo ( :devdevfukaku: G- H-:devhalflin
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:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:ACTIVITIES: :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Please participate in any one or more of these fun activities we have up so far! &nbsp;In order to submit to any of them, just click the link to the activity of choice (located below each description), &nbsp;and then post a comment with the link to the submission, or send a note directly. :D 1. SUMBIT YOUR CRAZY DIRECTOR ID! So members get to know each other! :D How to Submit: send in a note, or a comment under the Club's id, I will update it to the describtion. :) Later when we have enough I will make a gif animation out of it. --You may submit your current ID, or if y
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After reading the following journal [link] I am seriously considering taking my artwork down from DA and cancelling my account here.


You know that submission agreement we...well...agree to when we start here? Well, how many of you can say you've read through it fully? Being truthful, I can certainly say that when I signed up here three years ago I didn't. Well...the above journal I've linked has the submission agreement pasted into it with all the important parts highlighted.

We are basically being had here. We are given the impression that our art is our own and that nobody else can use it. Wrong. Quite the opposite in fact, turns out that DA can use our artwork any which way they like and if you don't like it, tough shit - you signed the agreement. Not only that, but DA can actually supply your artwork to any third party subsidiaries of DA...all without having to pay you a dime. Even if you decided to suddenly just up and leave your account, deleting all your artwork in the process, DA would still own the rights to any of the artwork you uploaded here. In order to fully cancel your agreement with DA you would have to send them a letter to that effect...

To say this shocked and outraged me would be an understement. Granted, I'm not a professional artist or anything and I don't get paid for my artwork but it still means a hell of a lot to me - my art is very personal to me and knowing that DA can simply poke around my gallery and take any artwork they wish without my prior permission, I'll certainly be a lot more cautious about uploading any more artwork here in future.

I implore you all that read this to check out the above linked journal ([link] in case you missed it) and make up your own mind on this matter. I know for a fact that I'm going to spread word of this to as many deviants as I can, this debacle should be allowed to go on no more and I for one am not going to stand for it.

For now, I am going to go to bed and mull over whether I'm going to start taking my art down or not. We'll see...
May!! I am back!! T-T........

I want to join..XPPPP
We own the Battle Ground. We organise one-on-one battles among the groups/clubs of deviantart. If you are intrested , please visit us at ~ Battle-Ground
I have yet to join here, that must be corrected!
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Cool club! I like some of your comics! Lol!