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I say this everytime, but I really dont update this enough.

Its summer again, Digital Celluloid is still alive and thriving, My new webcomic, Beyond Sledman street is nearing its first arcs completion, in which time I will have to take a few weeks off to setup the next one. PoE... oh Points of Experience, you will eventually get launched. problems with site workflow and writing have slowed that comics progress a tad.

The other day I got the notification for domain name and server payment and was all like "Do I still want to do this?" and after a day or 2, I have decided that "Yes." I would still like to draw Points of Experience. I'm sure I'm crazy for doing so, but I have seen other webcomics in progress that have taken longer to launch, some that are still to be launched. I guess that why projects like these are considered labors of love.

Goman Monger comic is still in purgatory sadly, when I'm finished with it, I will definitely post it here, for any who care to read it. Same goes for "Exiled Pilgrims". Its sort of one parts throwing project ideas at the wall and see what sticks, one part my mind's dumb genre interest swapping, and the rest parts Valve time. (Is Half Life 3 announced yet?)

but I suppose I cant complain about work and my art, I've got lots of it to do this year, hopefully the coming year will be a little less hectic... I'm sure I'll be saying that sometime next update.
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DiploRaptor Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist
Whelp I hope you enjoy that
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