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Michael Jackson art number two

Here another "masterpiece" from me :P (Lick) well, this is the second screenshot i took, edited it very differently from the other one. well, what do you think?
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JaneAustenFan's avatar
Wow very different--love the effects, great work :)
UnSeelieScarlet's avatar
Hope that someone put him into a constellation. :) RIP, King of Pop.
dr4gonart's avatar
love it! good job!! REST IN PEACE MJ
shine2sols's avatar
That's one way I will remember him. Out of many.
Great job with the light effect!
This is way epic. So rad! And the effects...I mean seriously you totally rock!
amandapampena's avatar
I love how the tape on his fingers is so bright.
syxx's avatar
Wow! Im really drawn to the sparkly fingers. I love the magical effect it has on the whole pic. As if MJ wasnt magical enough, youve made him truly amazing in this piece. I love it!
thank you very much :)
im gonna make some new MJ art soon, have some ideas up in this head :P
love that you appreciate it, see ya
take care
natelha's avatar
i just loved it....great effects....well in mj everything looks amazing right?
thanks man, damn i like this place :D (Big Grin)
beejam's avatar
i like the blue color..nice effects. well done.
lovell's avatar
its really tight
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