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*DarkGamer2011 has kindly given me the group since she didn't want it anymore. She apparently left us the same day she made me a founder- see below

from action log- *DarkGamer2011 Founder changed role of *SilentHillGothLady13 from "Co-Founders" to "Founder" Sep 19, 2011, 7:10:27 AM

I only noticed this now, sorry I haven't greeted you all before now. I hope you all will continue to enjoy the group.

It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am so happy to be your Founder! :dance:
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Gallery Folders

1st Form Frieza
Kid Frieza by Lizaandre
Smug Overlord by TomisJB
Human Frieza by Vegeebs
Unguarded Charm: Kamehacon 2018 Exclusive by ladytygrycomics
2nd Form Frieza
Sangre Roja by LaSupay3
Run fast. Run far. by ladytygrycomics
Another WiP by ladytygrycomics
how bara me be by EyeballsandTeeth
3rd Form Frieza
Frieza 3rd form by Queen-Koopa
Chibi Frieza in third form by Queen-Koopa
Icejins vs Alien vs Predator by Queen-Koopa
Frieza 3rd form stand by Queen-Koopa
4th Form Frieza
Wrath by ladytygrycomics
Ojos Carmesi by LaSupay3
Face of a tyrant by TomisJB
Frieza back agian 2018 by Lizaandre
Cyborg Frieza
Metal Frieza's final form by Queen-Koopa
He Smile by ladytygrycomics
Mecha Freeza by TheAggravatedArtist
Mecha Freeza Sculpture by TheAggravatedArtist
Frieza Parings
Golden Frieza X White Diamond by Mustache-Twirler
Golden Frieza and Yellow Diamond Shipping icon by Mustache-Twirler
The Pest by ladytygrycomics
Visiting you in Hell by NekoRockStarNinja
Frieza Stamps
Dragon Ball Actors AU - STAMP - 2 by ForeverSonu
Dragon Ball Actors AU - STAMP - 3 by ForeverSonu
Dragon Ball - Cell and Frieza CHEERS! by ForeverSonu
Dragon Ball Z - SNES Commercial by ForeverSonu
Frieza's Family
Frieza : ''what am I to do with this... thing?'' by Spin-T
Pirate lizard by zmaika
Why hello there... by 4xelicious
Meet your nephew by 4xelicious
Frieza's Henchmen
MLP: Rebellion Act 1: Preperation Pt. 1 by MasterofNintendo
SSJ God SS Vegeta (DBZ: Fukkatsu no F) by HideakiArtReal
~Zarbon~ by EnigmaOfRiddles
Real Zarbon coloured version by RedGanon
Frieza with other DBZ chars
9. Precious by zarthossa
Frieza Group
DBS Manga Redraw by Alexia-21302
Frieza Comics
Silence by Lizaandre
Frieza icons
Frieza Related OC's
Project Koopa coloured by Queen-Koopa
Frieza Meme's
Old but gold meme by Spin-T


:icondbz-oc-fandom: DBZ-Oc-Fandom ~Our enemies will never win~ :iconkurizafansofda: KurizaFansOfDA Kuriza and his family lovers :icongolden-and-diamond: Golden-And-Diamond Frieza And His Long Lost Wife! :icondragon-ball-realm: Dragon-Ball-Realm Z Team needs you. :iconcell-x-frieza: Cell-X-Frieza :icondbz-zarbon-fans: DBZ-Zarbon-fans Zarbon we love you! :iconthe-frieza-force: The-Frieza-Force Strike a Pose! :iconicejins-united: Icejins-United










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deleter09 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 17, 2018   Writer
Hey, are you that Freezer guy I keep hearing about?
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thanks for featuring mah picture! Appreciate the support~
Metalhead211 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey guys, I have a new group and everyone in this group is allowed to join. If you love Frieza and DBZ in general, go to and join! Everyone is welcome!
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Thanks for accepting! ^.^ Very cool group! x))
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Hey Guys, I posted a new artwork, hope you like it. Here is the link.…
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I love Frieza so much <3 :D
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Cool group. Hoho.
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thnx for accepting!
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No worries ^^
Grinningsunknown Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering..What Kind of..alien IS frieza.....I would actually love to make an oc out of his race...o3o....*pretty much be the equal of being full blooded Italian..but never once lived or experienced Italy...* pretty much he's not power hungry or likes to fight or cares about dragonballs and stuff...just life. XD
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