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'Jeimi' Reyes - Blue Beetle (Genderbent) by CrazedClairebear 'Jeimi' Reyes - Blue Beetle (Genderbent) :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 2 2 DSC 4.21.15 BMO by CrazedClairebear DSC 4.21.15 BMO :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 6 0 Seraphim by CrazedClairebear Seraphim :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 0 0 2.10.15 Spectrum by CrazedClairebear 2.10.15 Spectrum :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 3 0 2.9.15 Black Goliath by CrazedClairebear 2.9.15 Black Goliath :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 0 0 WSC 2.7-8.15 Mace Windu by CrazedClairebear WSC 2.7-8.15 Mace Windu :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 2 2 DSC Catch UP 2.3-6.15 by CrazedClairebear DSC Catch UP 2.3-6.15 :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 0 1 DSC 2.2.15 Sam and Max by CrazedClairebear DSC 2.2.15 Sam and Max :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 1 0 Transparent Poro by CrazedClairebear Transparent Poro :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 8 0 WSC 9.6-7.14 Inking Indiana Jones by CrazedClairebear WSC 9.6-7.14 Inking Indiana Jones :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 1 9 9.5.14 Earthworm Jim by CrazedClairebear 9.5.14 Earthworm Jim :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 2 0 9.4.14 Dragonair by CrazedClairebear 9.4.14 Dragonair :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 2 1 9.3.14 Claptrap by CrazedClairebear 9.3.14 Claptrap :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 2 0 9.2.14 Bowser by CrazedClairebear 9.2.14 Bowser :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 1 0 9.1.14 American McGee's Alice by CrazedClairebear 9.1.14 American McGee's Alice :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 1 0 Galadrie Nelthalina Concept Art (Pencils) by CrazedClairebear Galadrie Nelthalina Concept Art (Pencils) :iconcrazedclairebear:CrazedClairebear 2 0

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Incredible Violet by chocolate-hero Incredible Violet :iconchocolate-hero:chocolate-hero 77 13 Cosplay Katarina - League of Legends by chiaramncsp Cosplay Katarina - League of Legends :iconchiaramncsp:chiaramncsp 55 5 You Look At Me by Carancerth You Look At Me :iconcarancerth:Carancerth 199 34 Ziggs by kidbrainer Ziggs :iconkidbrainer:kidbrainer 102 10 Ziggs : Cheshire Skin by EllisSG Ziggs : Cheshire Skin :iconellissg:EllisSG 150 15 Bender family by leigh-chan Bender family :iconleigh-chan:leigh-chan 6 6 Why will you say I am mad? by saraah11 Why will you say I am mad? :iconsaraah11:saraah11 10 3
(Somewhat) Poetic Experiment
Just a writing experiment that's vaguely poetic. Wanted to see if I could use the same foundation for two "different" poems, one "good" and one "bad." Endings could be a bit better, but I couldn't think of anything else. Maybe I'll touch them up later.
"Good" Ending
Tear my heart from my chest, so you can see it beat your name
Pounding out the syllables one by one, in hushed tones only you can hear
Watch the crimson blood course through my veins,
The bright red hues of passion, the firey colors of affection
Rip out my lungs, so they may join my heart in song
Pushing forth winds with which to carry the tune to your ears
Expel my mind from my skull, so that my thoughts may be made clear
Every neuron firing with the same purpose,
Each synapse working toward the same goal,
All trying and failing to comprehend your splendor
Unfold all that I am before you, leave me open and exposed
For a body is nothing without a purpose, and you are mine
You are the melody that guides my heart,
The air
:iconenigmaticprocession:EnigmaticProcession 1 0
Ending The Cycle
    As his last foe fell, Cyrus hefted his sword, letting it rest on his shoulder as he strode down the long hallway before him. The door he'd been waiting to pass through for the last four years stood just a few yards away. His face remained stern, not showing a single sign of emotion. Within moments he was there; face-to-face with the entrance to the end of his journey. “Am I really doing the right thing?..” He said aloud to himself. “Of course I am. I’ve traveled thousands of miles and created numerous body piles to make it here. I can’t let my fear get the best of me now. I can’t second guess myself. There’s no turning back at this point… I have to embrace the choices I’ve made.”
    Steeling his resolve, Cyrus placed his free hand on the handle of the door and turned. It gave way, swinging open with ease. Darkness filled the door frame, making it impossible to see what lie on the ot
:iconenigmaticprocession:EnigmaticProcession 1 0
Cecil and khoshekh by Mishamutt Cecil and khoshekh :iconmishamutt:Mishamutt 55 3 WTNV : Cecil Palmer and Khoshekh by meadow-rue WTNV : Cecil Palmer and Khoshekh :iconmeadow-rue:meadow-rue 2,619 74 The Lovers of Night Vale by meadow-rue The Lovers of Night Vale :iconmeadow-rue:meadow-rue 2,264 84 Nightcrawler by Katheairene Nightcrawler :iconkatheairene:Katheairene 87 5 Avatar Cosplay - Agni Kai by Aicosu Avatar Cosplay - Agni Kai :iconaicosu:Aicosu 664 28 Danny Phantom Cosplay - Ghost Patrol by Aicosu Danny Phantom Cosplay - Ghost Patrol :iconaicosu:Aicosu 1,995 194 On air by StringPaperScissors On air :iconstringpaperscissors:StringPaperScissors 170 7



I just reliazed I'm about three months short of having updated in a year. There's quite a lot that has happened in what doesn't seem like a long period of time.

I guess I'll try to start in order of imporatance:

:bulletblue: School: I'm not going to that one college I posted about last time. Last time I updated, I said I'd be going in January but that couldn't happen cause I couldn't get a hold of my highschool transcripts in time. Registrar was practically unreachable. :shrug: So then a few weeks later I had everything worked out and then up until a few weeks ago, I had everything all sorted out and I was desperately waiting to go but I came to find out that even with a scholarship and financial aid it was gonna cost me a lot more than would be worth it (I'd have to pay like $450 a month throughout the year and right now I'm lucky to be making that much in a month while working with no school interference so imagine that :o). And as of right now I can't go to community college cause of transportation issues so that shall be on hold for a bit. I'm just glad I at least know what I'd like to study now.
:bulletpurple: Work: Last update was about my two seasonal jobs, Old Navy kept me past the season, but Michaels did not. Which I was okay with cause even though I loved the art supplies and everything, Old Navy is an overall better job. However! I recently got a 2nd job again, now at Dollar Tree. Not the most glamorous of jobs, and I prefer Old Navy to it any day, but it'll definitely help me save up some money again. :)
:bulletpink: Cosplay: I finally got to go to my first con and do my first cosplay! :happybounce: I did Blink from X-Men, her movie look. Unortunately I didn't get very many pictures, at least not ones I thought were worthy enough of submission to DA but my favorite picture from that day was this one, and I explain why in that post :3 I'm actually gonna update it and try to make her costume from scratch myself and actually add on her jacket embellishments. I finally learned my lesson in procrastination since I've discovered that cosplay and procrastination will not work out very well. But I definitely felt that cosplaying is something I'd wanna do for a long time and I'm super excited to go to more cons.
:bulletgreen: Other Stuff: I do have a lot of big plans for myself coming up, I still want to open a shop someday. My goal is to have one before next Christmas, so in about a year :) I want to work on my art more, so that when I do get to go to school, I have some pretty impressive things to show off. I plan on making plushies soon, gonna be buying a sewing machine this week hopefully so I'll get to work on Blink's jacket and maybe even my next cosplay. I also still plan on starting making YT vids, but I gotta see when I can get around to it. I have so many projects I want to do and goals I wanna complete and honestly I have never felt more motivated than I have recently. I also just feel pretty happy overall.

Oh and on that note, my 
art bloghas a new URL. The cause for the change is cause I figured it'd be my YT name and then my cosplay name as well. It'd just be easy to make my art be all in one spot.


Not gonna be going to school for a while, got a 2nd job again, started cosplaying and loved it, got big plans coming up, and I'm determined and pretty happy right now.
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Clarisa Espinosa
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You may question my sanity from time to time, but I assure you, I have none.



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