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Grab someone sexy, tell 'em hey.

EDIT: This is the size of an average stamp, so I guess you can treat it as a stamp if you wish! :heart: Slap thumbnails of this in with your stamps or on your journals if you like ^___^ Just don't use it as a base or claim it as yours. Thanks! :heart:

I'm just stopping in quickly to say: Tonight is my first anniversary of dating ~stromie! :date:


I made this in honor of our 1st anniversary because on this day last year (Friday January 14th 2011), we spent many hours talking together after a game of curling. We stayed late after almost everyone had left the Curling club, talking about EVERYTHING. Music, sports, movies, Canada, ZOMBIEEEES... you name it!

For three hours, I didn't stop to drink, eat, or go to the bathroom (I reaaaally had to go too! lol) We talked so much and so fast, I'm surprised we didn't pass out from lack of oxygen! :lol: I imagined us as two blobby creatures violently vomiting information at each other... much like this pixel animation! :lol:

So... I dedicate this to our first year of dating together (and dating anyone EVER!) and our first day that we vomited information at each other at the Rochester Curling Club! :love:

Art and disturbed interpretation of love ©2012 Carrie =Crazdude Stariha
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I don't understand what its happening, but I still love it!

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I know that song! Uhh...uhhh... Give Me Everything! :happybounce:
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I love that song <3
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this is so cool:)
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kawaaaaiiiii >w<
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Disturbing yet cute. Disturbingly cute. 8D
Crazdude's avatar
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Awww! That's so sweet! Congrats ;)
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It's actually pretty creepy until you explain it, lol!! You two are so cute!! <3 Congrats, dude!! >:D<
Crazdude's avatar
xDDDDDDDDD I love that you saw it as creepy too! :giggle: Thanks, dude! :glomp:
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Congratulations! It's awesome that you've found someone with whom you can really talk, and who appreciates what you have to say and who you are. This stamp is adorable. Here's wishing you two many more anniversaries to come!
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Is this what sex is like on acid?
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awesome avatars!
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:happybounce: Congratulations!! :happybounce:
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hahaaha nice XD happy anniversary :iconiloveitplz: :heart:
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that's coooooool <3
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They're definitely giving each other everything tonight :boogie:
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Aww, happy anniversary! :aww:

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