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First wiew of my gallery, of course not everything is perfect but everyone must learn at first so that means experiments!


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CrayzyWolfmoon's Profile Picture
Kateřina (czech) - Katherine
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Czech Republic
I´m young female, who likes many tipes of arts, but mainly drawing and digital drawing. I want to improve my skills. But my high school is kinda hard, so I don´t have much of free time, but i like to draw something what I´m thinking or dreaming about. Because only imagination is our special gift, what nothing another have. Remember it!


Night upon the cold sea
Hello there! It's finally done! Phew- but damn it, I love the result! I need still more practice but I think with very new piece I'm getting better...maybe? And that's nice feeling though.
Anyway, first piece of my esk Kampak (esk #1913 -…) doing one of her favorite hobbies - watching the night sky on the open sea of her home. :D 

Done with KritaKrita Icon ultramini  !!
AP base - 10 AP (shaded illustration)
+ 5 AP full body
+ 20 AP scenic background
+ 5 AP personal work
Total: 40 AP for me!

GP base - 4 GP (shaded illustration)
+ 2 GP full body
+ 6 GP scenic backg.
Total: 12 GP for esk!
Happy Holidays for all!
May your beloved ones be with you during such a nice time, and no accidents, word fights or anything else will happen to you!
Wish you everything good.

I wanted to make something where everyone are together, in nice and warm situation as I feel like it. I also practice some more bonus. hah. :D
I may make it in digital colored version because I really like it.... :3

characters (c) CrayzyWolfmoon
from left to right - Favory Alta, Faqne'Rak, Mistrial Rainsong, and Ceo Idiram!
Oh...god...I feel kinda...empty and sad.

*study depression and exams anxiety are having party inside*
The hunt
Užovka hladká (Coronella austriaca)
- a really rare and severely endangered snake, catched feeding on Slepýš křehký (Anguis fragilis) that is also severly endagered creature, a small lizard without legs.

I found them two near my greenhouse and what a surprise it was! These are one of the rarest creatures in my country, they are protected by laws but, most people are killing them because : "Oh GOD! a snake!! I don't want to be poisoned!!!" BUT in fact, none of snakes or lizards are not poisonous!!! How I hate these kind of people. So please don't kill anything just because you have kind of stupid fear, they are shy, you can easily scare them away.

Divider by nyabula#1913 KampakDivider by nyabula

- Kampak - by TaimaTala
art by: TaimaTala
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Masterlist Entry: 
Small GP icon by Esk-MasterlistGrowth Points Balance Small GP icon by Esk-Masterlist: 22 GP
(total GP: 22)

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General information about Kampak (or Kami/Kampi).

Origin: traveler
Nature: clingy
Gender: female
Collection: MYO (starter esk)
Designer: CrayzyWolfmoon

Species: Esk
Size: petite
Nature Features: encrusting fan leaf algae (Lobophora variegata)
Uncommon Traits: none
Rare Traits: none
Accessories: none
Familiars: one

Boundary: Underwater Ruins
Biome: marine

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She is really friendly, active and curious. She doesn´t really know who she became, and yes she is still kind of confused but it is better not think too much about it, also she is still testing her new abilities. Her home which she tries to protect somehow brings her the feeling of being forlorn and forgotten. She really feel the need to be in the contact with someone else, even if it would be a small creature at least. She is kind of wary at first when meeting other esks but then she immidietly seeks for attention, plays and cuddles are her favourite activities to do to with someone. The more time she spend with someone the bigger bond is created, and she generously share her home with others, so that a much life is breathed to the place again.
When she is longer time alone, the sadness, emptiness and darkness fills her whole, making her feel empty and lost again in the huge blue depths of ocean, and in the death silence of her home. Sometimes she feel like somebody is waiting for her, somewhere...that pull her in distress. With such mood, her home is filled with strange underwater sounds, screeches and shadows that she causes.

She rembers something from her past life, wiews, flashlights and voices sometimes appear in her head from nowhere when a something small like a key openeded them, Single word, single sound, single look....that all can bring something back. She can see the faces, she can hear the voices, she can remeber the places like they were real just there, so familiar. But where they belong to? The names, cognation, interconnections are blurred with the water waves and bubbles. There is just one small word making echo with such familiar voice - "kampak?". She doesn´t rember what it means and considered it to be her name.
Her home are underwater ruins of old village that was sunken to the ocean with the whole island ages ago. The altar and graveyard that was once on small peak there is the closest point to the water surface now, the rest of the village is much of the time hidden in the depths´s shadows. There are no remains of the poeple, that shows the village was abandoned before, but lots of artefacts were left behind. What happened, nobody knows. And the time is not sparing anything...
female dog (unknown species)


How Kampak came to be an esk?

There was a boy, the son of shepherd of sheep. He and his father were taking care of many sheep on the plains of one of the islands. His father was keeping a tradition in this style of life, and so he wanted his son to be. But his son was fascinated by the sea. Whenever he could he sneaked out of home, stole a small boat in the docks and went fishing. His father was unpleased by this, he was angry about it, but more of the time it wasn't because of the tradition that his son is breaking as the son thought, but beacuse he was afraid of losing him. So he bought a puppy, they already had some shepherd dogs, but he bought this one just for him, and gave it a small bell on the collar. The son loves her so much, they became a real soulmates and played and romped every free moment on the plains, and then she was following him everywhere, and the sound of small bell also...Then when the son tried to sneak out, she follows and the father knew that he is going out, always saying: "Where are you going little one?", laughed cunningly. But the son couldn't live without the blueish water that he loves so much, and so he teached her when he is going out, that after hearing his father's sentece to go back home, and so when he heard the bell going back to home he thought his son is there also, instead the son was already in the docks. But she couldn't left her owner to be alone, she ran out from the home by small hole in the locked backwards doors. Then he was already in the boat, and she was waiting on the shore, watching him, impatiently and so excited. Once he tried to take her with him on the boat, but she was scared of the deep water and so he get used to see her on the shore waiting for him to return. This little ruse took some time, with every day the boy was better and better fisherman, he was decided that this is work he want to do. He told his father and he knew that there is nothing more he can do, and acquiesced with his decission, with some time later when he saw his son's talent he even encuraged him a little, altough he was always warning him that sea could be tricky, and he kept his habit, repeating the sentence every time he was going on the sea. But the boy was too sure of himself.

One day, when the boy was on the sea, everything seems to be fine, fish were there on the spot, and his loyal companion was waiting on the shore, the weather was rather warm but with much of mist near the surface. And then, the sky became dark, the wind started blowing so strongly, and the sea became.... wild. His small boat wasn't enough for such waves, it rolled over, and he began to drown. She saw that all, and even she was so afraid of the water, she was more afraid about the life of her beloved friend, she jumped to the waters, to the water force, the currents and waves were strong but she stood determined. She got to him just in time, he hanged on her fur and then she swam with him to the first rocks standing out of the water. She did it, the boy caught on the rocks, he was saved, she make it....but then the great fatigue sat on her shoulders, her lungs were filling with the salty liquid that was burning her, she couldn't resist the sea no more, she felt that these are the few last minutes...but she was happy, with the knowledge that what she cares the most is saved, she suddenly dissapeared in the splashes. Few moments later, the sea was calm again, the boy survived. He was calling for her, in heartache, in tears, she was nowhere to be found. He swam to the shore, and returned home someone else.

The boy, grew into man. But he was no longer a fisherman, what happened that day in the past, changed everything. He continued with the tradition of his father after he passed peacefully away. He has normal life, he found a wife, has two lovely children, he was happy. But he never forgot, never forgot to who he owes for his happy life, he knew that it was his fault being negligent, he didn't condemned the sea. Every month, after he checked the weather, he rowed his small boat to the sea again, to his spot, watching the shore, waiting in hope that he will behold the cute, happy face of hers again, and remembering the funny situations what she was doing to kill boredom, while waiting there.

If he ever knew......that she is closer than he thinks.
She is quite the same size of female border colie dog, it's not such small, but think about the comparation with the giants that live in the oceans and seas, her size is such a petite.

She really likes to wander around her boundary and even futher, where she can find more creatures to befriend. Her most favorited friends are whales, sharks, porpoises and some dolphins. They are the ones which she can talk and play all day, and these creatures are living in famillies and when she is with them, she feels like she belong to them too. 
She doesn't spend all of her time just by finding someone to spend time with, sometimes it is better to enjoy the calm sea, waves, nightsky mirrored on the surface making neverending universe of stars. Watching it makes her calm, pure and strong.
She really likes to make fun of fishermans that came near her home, the place is considered haunted and so no much of them are coming there, and newcomers are always fun to tease. Except one fisherman, that is coming there regually, in nice weather. His presence give her mixed feelings and some flashlights memories, so she avoid making fun of him.
She also discovered how to use her powers to walk on the water surface or make levitating bubbles, it feels so ridiculous.

She dislikes confusion, destruction and damage. She tries to heal her enviroment, to help it as she can. She respects the nature laws, and ecosystem. But, when she consider someone goes agaist what she is trying about, she turned her cute and hearty nature to something...not really friendly.
She also dislikes falsity, rudeness, agressivity and egocentrism. When she meets someone or something with these traits or just someone who feels alone, sad or anxiety, she tries to change it to the good side. Rise the fallen ones, and pull the haughtiness to the dephts.

Her voice is very various depend on mood and the situation, but mostly her voice has the accent of whale-like echoes.

Fun facts:
 1. Her name is meaning "Where are you going little one?" in czech language, commonly used when talk on pets or kids.
2. Her number is magical - holding my two most beloved numbers, that go with me trough life, to the end.

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Kampak 1913 by CrayzyWolfmoon

(↑↑please use this for refference)

- Kampak - by TaimaTala
art by: TaimaTala

Night upon the cold sea by CrayzyWolfmoon
art by: owner

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(Tracker of growth points and other character changes.)

1/12/2018: Added to the masterlist (+6GP)
3/12/2018: art gift from TaimaTala (+4GP)
21/12/2018: art piece by owner (+12GP)
DATE: Description.



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