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Commission status : CLOSED until open new batch next year est. June 2019

New info : Right now having final project until next year so can't accept and draw commission after it finish.

Art Trade/Request/Art Invitation = No longer accepting! Except I'm the one who request it first

My friends :iconyuries: :iconkazenokaze: :iconcrimson-host: :iconsashachii39: :iconredappplep: :icona3wp: :iconzerotheultradirector: :iconkurigura: :iconochadanbo: :iconthrotem: :iconblackxsensei: :icondearonnus: :iconikazu-art401: :icondm-ith: are opening commissions, you can check their page for more info~

Commission list for 2019 :
1. :iconlevi-laevateinn: (will start est. unknown)
2. :iconmirumiuu:
3. Maru Dittmer (fb)
4. :iconraeyvolution: 
5. :iconspentez: (Fullbody with background)
6. :iconspentez: (Fullbody with background)

Read the rules first before order >>

- Payment with PAYPAL only.
- Prices may vary depending on complexity/bigger than A4 350dpi canvas size.
- Only draw with my newest anime art style.
- For commercial use, price will be 2x-3x commission prices depends on what media you'll put my art into.
- Refunds will not be allowed.
- If you already received the rough sketch but no response from you after 6 months before payment, I'll not continue it again with any reasons and discard your commission.

- Ecchi                 - Couple                                          
- Girls                  - Dakimakura 
- Yuri                   - R-18 girls (Soft naked)
- Loli                   - Half monsters         
*note that I can't make boy as good as girl

- Yaoi                 - Weird fetishes   - Aliens
- R-18 (sex)       - Heavy mecha     - Background only
- Boys                - Furry                 
- Hardcore          - Old people         
- Gore                - Comics

Note me with this form filled :
- Type of commission : (ex : chibi)
- Reference : Your detailed character references
- Background reference (optional) : If you have specific background you want
- Descriptions (optional) : if you want spesific pose, expressions, or anything
- Your paypal email : ( I'll send all the finished pic into your email too)
- Published / + $10 if not published

 I'll Will finish your commission around 2-30 workdays per 1 commission.

>> The point is : fill the form > sketch > payment(full) > 90%wip > done~

(Simple background such as pattern/texture is FREE) :

Chibi $40 : 
Comm : Cutesu by craytm

Halfbody $50
(additional char + 40$ max 3 char per canvas / with background + $20~$30) (detailed char design +$12):
Halfbody sample 3 by craytmcomm sample by craytm

Knee-up $70
(additional char + 55$ max 7 char per canvas / with background + $40~$80) (detailed char design + $20) :
3/4 body sample 5 by craytm3/4 body sample by craytm

Fullbody $100 
(additional char + $75 max 7 char per canvas / with background + $70~$150) (detailed char design + $30):
Comm : Cutesu (2) by craytmComm : Tachibana-Marika by craytm

+ Difficult spesific object that doesn't counted as background
$20-$50 per object
(ex : difficult weapon, realistic mount or pet, etc)
(Can't be bought without char) :
Commission Sample For Spesific Objects by craytm

FREE for any simple design objects (ex : doll, cake, etc. max 3 objects. More than that will charge more)
(Must be bought with char) :
Commission sample for free object 2 by craytm

For more samples, please visit my gallery here :…

- Original size pic (.jpeg/.png) A4 350dpi or bigger. For chibi and doodle is 2000px 350dpi or bigger.
- FREE raw .psd file of your commission (ask me)
- FREE character only file with transparent background. Can't gurantee has same quality color as with background ver. due to final edit outside raw file (ask me)


All of my awesome commissioners so far :
:iconhanahello: :iconjfonline: :iconmisuzu-chi: :iconalexa-darkness: :iconxephelos: :iconsandrojr: :iconbloodbanebr: :iconl3lo0: :iconlocke3k: :iconcybernet343: :iconflyingdragon04: :icontsuzuya: :iconyankaushiro: :iconnikev242: :iconxenochicks: :icontatakae-genshijin: :iconchiisai-hane: :iconcrimsonalloy: :iconcasas: :iconstrangelyisolated: :iconspooncity: :iconeatdicks: :iconkallian91: :iconari-x1d: :iconaetheory::iconsakuya-ikuto: :iconthe-infamous-tct: :iconkallua-zeruk: :iconbubbleslou: :iconstarsixtyseven: :iconhannun: :iconfelutiahime: :icontwingkly: :iconvaniraa: :iconichigomeichan: :iconyukisuishou: :iconcutesu: :icontachibana-marika: :iconprintout7: :iconikazuchikai: :iconsilverprovidence: :iconnekoairsoftteam: :iconguro-qu: :iconexuberantcurtain: :iconlevi-laevateinn: :iconinternisla: :iconmocasta: :iconminnexas: :iconh0ujun: :iconzerro: :iconjennyjennywang: :iconselphiusmelody: :iconaloise-chan: :icondakimakuri: :icondoubleotakupower:

Non-DeviantArt :
Eq chan, Eric Sung Jaya, Act Cornelia Nikita, MuKyandi, Prafa Alif Rahmawan, Macotakun, Aniuni-Official

If you still have any question, just PM me.

Thank you very much~~~

I want to thank to all who rememberd my birthday and gave me gift.

by Symoca
Happy birthday ureshiijelek by Pharos-E by Pharos-E
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HBD ureshiijelek by hanahello by hanahello
HBD Ureshii 2012 by Mochafish by Mochafish
HBD Ureshii by Soniafanz by Soniafanz
Happy Birthday Ureshiijelek!! by Lezombie-kun by Lezombie-kun
:thumb308122778: by Shi-Kira
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