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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hello and Welcome To the GREATEST ART SHOW ON EARTH!!!

* I'm happy to see you stopping in and taking a look around. Feel free to make yourself right at home here, and ill be sure to provide you with the best quality entertainment I can offer! I do many things but my favorite things to create and show off are "Morbidly Pretty" Black Light Crayon art and my mixed bag of cartoons! Right now, I'm working on making my crayon tent bigger with a full audience, to increase the quality of my work and to keep a constant schedule.

* My goal in life is to become a professional animator and be able to tell my horror/ adventure story called, "Circus of Demons". Then while I'm at it, work my way up to Pixar... if I can.

* I always try to reply and I'm happy to meet you! If your willing to talk, I'm happy to give you art advice/ critique of your work (I'll be fair and honest), teach you how I did something, or hear how your day was! Just say Hello!

* I plan to take on commissions soon, though if you really want some of my work, feel free to just ask. Also, sometimes ill sell pre-made and framed artwork for a good price, so if a commission isn't your thing these always that option as well. Lastly, if you can't wait, I have plenty of prints available for cheap! So, please feel free to take a look!

* Thanks for reading this all the way through! You've made my day! Now allow me to make yours and show you what this circus of crayons can REALLY DO!


Side note:
Many of you may have noticed that I'm not the best speller and if this bothers you I apologize. I do my best with spelling and often sit for HOURS re-reading what I have typed and checking/ editing it. After a while, this process drained all the fun out of posting and has become discouraging to post. So this for me is a circus that has CRAZY spelling from time to time, for a few reasons.
1) I have dyslexia, which really makes things hard in the first place
2) I was never taught how to spell or use grammar the right way (literally only pass my English
class because of my teachers pitty me, its kind of sick joke I have going with them...)
3) I don't want this to be another chore for me, I wish for this circus to be fun for you guys and for me and if I wish to have fun I need to have the confidence to not worry about my spelling, and fouse more on my art. The INSTANT I have to check EVERY SINGLE WORD for spelling its no longer fun for me and I'm less likely to post anything at all.

Though, if this does bother you, YOU CAN HELP!
If you correct me in the comments and tell me nicely where I can improve my writing, I would greatly appreciate it and I'll forever be grateful for your help!

This will forever be open, and I want you guys to fill it!

    This Journal is to act as a review page, I want you guys to leave comments to tell others what your experience with me was like. I'm never going to hide nor delete any comments or ratings and I want this to be something of full freedom and transparency! Though I WILL read and sometimes reply to your comments, but please don't let that discourage you. If you didn't like something I did or your just mad at me feel free to say what's on your mind! Think of this like a normal Amazon review page and I'm the thing you got! This is for those looking to commission me or find out who I truly am. 


  1. Please be honest and truthful, I'll be reading these and I intend to use your words as advice to better myself for later.

  2. Try not to use Profanity, I understand that there is sometimes no way around it but please if you can avoid it I would appreciate it.

  3. Please be Civil, I understand that you can get mad and that's ok, go ahead and type away your anger, but please don't put Unnecessary anger out there and try to keep a level head while typing

  4. Please stick to a topic at hand, don't say “hello how are you” here that's what my home page is for.

  5. Please format your comment like this
  • Rating is 1 to 5, 5 being the best

  • A short title to sum up your full comment

  • Why your writing this comment (Ex: I ordered a commission, I worked with her, she ordered a commission from me, you bought something premade, etc.)

  • Your thoughts and or opinions (these can be as short or as long as you like)


    5/5 stars

    I Had a great experience!

    I Ordered a commission called Rainbow and sunny Skulls

    I had committed curious for this thing and I was greatly surprised…. Ect.

I put the rule for simplicity sake if someone wants to know what I'm like on the fly. I want it to be where they can [control, f] it and search for keywords or numbers. These rules are only here to keep things organized, I would ask if you could follow them though you do not have to because these rules are not supposed to limit you in any shape or form.

Now, this page is for anything you would like to say about me, it doesn't have to be from a commission you ordered from me, it can literally be about how I talked to you one time, IT CAN BE ANYTHING!

Thanks for volunteering your thoughts, and I look forward to what all of you have to say!


Ok, guys, there's going to be more on the way soon, but for right now this is all I have! Hope you all enjoyed my long-awaited show, and i hope it was worth the wait! Thank you so much for sticking with me and for being so patient! I can't tell you how much that means to me! Thank you for all the love and kindness, you guys fill me with confidence! Your the best audience I could ever ask for! BIG things are coming soon! Thank you again, Love yeas! and...

Together Again
this is my sona circus, whom i based on my pet bird tiki who had passed last year. i was able to have free rain in my painting class and decided to have some fun drawing/ painting the two of them together. I spent a little longer on this painting but i would say it was worth it! i Love you tiki, i miss you too! May circus keep you alive! 

Oil paint on canvas. 
5 hour animation challenge collab! This Moves!
this was something me and my friend had did. he had made the cartoon and animation, though i did the coloring, skanning, background, putting it into a format that read as an animation, and pretty much everything else that wasn't the cartoon part. he also used all of my stuff to make it... this is more mine than his im my eyes, but i still love the guy! kyle my be a pain in my butt at times, but he is one of my best friends and i dont think ill ever have it any other way!
The Still Life Story, Update
It now has been 10 years since robin has given up, no one has bothered to even try and fix this fool. Robin had even watched the family of skeletons walk away with is only friend. He had called out to his friend, but no realizing he was just a object, felt betrayed that teddy had no emotion on Ribbons current susation. That betrayal has stuck with him these past 10 years, so much so that he cried out everyday for death, witch skeletons are incapable of, that the hotel he was staying at had made roben into an tourist attraction! skellotions from all over would be thrilled to see the fool toped with sand, and this man, old man skullentions, just asked why he didn't just make his bones pop and disassemble himself. he even showed the fool how to, in a way old man skullentions was a fool like robin but had a brain. Robin ignored the old mans constant teasing, well to roben it was teasing, and screamed into the sky, escaping death. knowing it would be forever hopeless without his best friend to hold his hand. 

As to why robin didn't listen to the old man and popped his bones apart, witch would surely free him, was because he was worried that he would lose a part of him, the part of him that he loved the most. his brain... witch he never had. That poor fool. 
The Still Life Story, Ending, Robben the Brainless
After about 5 mins the coyote had managed to rebuild itself and took teddy on its mouth and dragged teddy off to use as a chew toy. teddy had no emotion to its new life as a chew toy. Robben now too weak to try and safe his friend, because a thin layer of sand is like a hundred pounds to this lazy bag of bones, slowly expts death. Excpt Roben is the fool, he being a sktton only has one way to no longer exist and that's though slowly eroding away. Poor fool, if only he just got up and realized that he was only a few feet from the pool and that the coyote was actually the dog from the family that was staying in the room next to his. so not doesn't he no longer have to erode away but he could get his friend back as well, but no, this is much better for him. Roben is the fool! 
The Still Life Story, Part 3: Attack and A Fail
After walking for about 10 mins, Roben found that his arm just kept giving out on him. Teddy was just 1lb but yet still 5zo too heavy for Roben to handle. Thus, once again, Robben had dropped the only Teddy Bare in this skeleton only world. 

Out of NO where a Wild skettion Coyote Appeared! Oh boy, who would have thought! And took Teddy in his mouth and vissouly try full the non-excitont belly it never had! I guess it never knew that hunger was never a real thing for bones... 

trying to safe his best friend, Robben had dived into the coyote, scattering its bones in hundreds of different directions! Though don't forget, Roben is the fool here, and in his hast he ended up chopping the still life head of the coyote off of its body and dig himself into the heavy sand! the coyote was apparently very determined to have this bear of stuffing and hung on with a death grip! Now barriyed and being eaten, teddy had no emotion.  Robben now realizing what a failed hero he was and what he had done, is just happy to have his friend, even if he cant lift his hand out of the sand to take off the coyote head. 
The Still Life Story, Part 2: Out on a Desert Hike
Roben soon grew tired of the pool and thought it would be a good idea to go out into the desert for a hike! this was stupid because, one, robin doesn't know the first thing about the desert, two the desert is infested with coyotes! Even though teddy the teddy bare was... well a teddy bare and had no say in what happened to him, because he doesnt have life, was hesitant to go alone. Even so, roben forced him. 

While on the trail robben had dropped teddy, because he got too heavy for a skeleton to carry... no mules on that bag of bones... no brains eather. because once he picked up teddy he saw this! and decided it would be ok to keep moving on with there hike, going deeper into the middle of nowhere. Lovely! 
The Still Life Story, Part 1: Roben's Vacation
One day, there was a skeleton named robin, he went on vacation! What was special about robin is nothing! His friend on the other hand, was the only teddy bear left on the planet! Robin was a fool to bring him along... 


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