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Mixed Tape Affect

Sometimes only music can make you fully aware of just how many emotions you truly possess.
I think :music:THIS SONG:music: would be a pretty appropriate track on this tape. Does anybody see the hidden message in this picture? Here's a hint... only those that are blind would be able to see it.
. . . In other words, a Braille chart sure would come in handy. :XD:

Click "download" to see a much bigger version of this, that way you can nit-pick your way through all of the nifty details of mayhem! :D
For those who can't get the link to work, look up "The Mixed Tape" by Jack's Mannequin. It's spiffy.

Done with Sharpie, both original and incandescent silver flavored! AND THAT BUILDING HAD IT COMING. Though I still feel sorry for it. :<
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