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I miss inspiration. . . :dead:
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Just a dragon thing I made up, like most dragon things I draw. :XD:
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I freaking LOVE dragons...
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Is this an original character?
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Very cute and nicely done.

Do you mind if my sister uses this for an assignment at school?
She's gotten a task to find an inspiring picture on the internet and show some kids and she wants to use this if it's alright with you..
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sweet. I love the style... it's so...mystical @.@
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Wow, I love the design here, and the colouring/lighting. Great picture.
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You're not the only one who misses it D:
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O.o ahhhhhh!Beware of the evil art block monster!Dragon...lizard..thing..>.> *getsshotforbeinganOOb*
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Same here... lately I haven't goten any inspiration from anything... but this is inspiring, in a sense. The concept is really interesting, how the lightbulb is inspiration and the dragon is.... I dunno, but it's eating ideas. ^^; I guess it could be daily stress and responsibilites?

Anyways, great picture here. :D
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My first word, like the others was, "WHOA!" :wow:

I like the vector-y shapes and how you shaded and highlighted the areas!

Inspiration? I get mine by looking at others' work and through daily life. :D I wish that you find yours soon!
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I think music is the best for inspiration~

But this is lovely, nevertheless. :3 I really like the style and coloring!
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Whoa I love this style. It's all sharp and clean and eyecatching and stuff. :0 The color combinations are nice, too. <3
And music has always gotten me out of artblocks. . x3
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Nice job on the lighting effects!
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Hah, what a cool concept...
Looks like he stole it from you. ;u;
Nice lineless job.
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That's a pretty cool dragon. And the lightbulb looks pretty.
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So do I ;_; but this looks very good, and it in itself is insperational...
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lol so cool!!
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