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1) You can make all the humans on the planet think one short sentence (say no more than 15 words) that will be automatically perfectly translated for their understanding despite language difficulties just this once and then never again. What would it be? 

I will die.

2) If there was only one person in the world that you could prevent from being disappointed in you who would you choose? 

My mother.

3) Normally you wouldn't wish the curse of self awareness on anyone but a supervillain has already got his "uplifting" ray all charged up and its about to go off with only enough time to alter its target species! Which species of non-human animal would you "gift" with human level intelligence and sentience? (the supervillain chose tapeworms. He's such an ass... ) 

Domestic canines.

4) You are about to be sucked into a video game world where you may have to spend the rest of your life. The villain in charge gives you a choice. Which world would you prefer to end up in? (nicer than the last guy) 


5) You can alter one decision you made in the last month. Which would it be? (keep it really vague or skip it if its to private) 

I would not have spoken to Jess.

6) You can alter one decision someone ELSE made in the last 6 months. Which would it be? 

Jess would not have toyed with someone's emotions.

7) You have gained the ability to add one Law to the natural laws of the universe. What Law would you like to add? 

No human can guess at the effect altering the universe's laws would have.

8) You can make all the humans in the world suddenly respect and cherish some previously overlooked artist/writer. Who would you make them acknowledge? 

My grandfather.

9) There is a machine before you with only one charge. It can make you do one of the following: A= Be young and healthy for however long you would have lived naturally genetically but still vulnerable to damage like being stabbed or burned. So you can die. B= Be able to comprehend things far faaar beyond the normal human ability unaided and perform the most complex of calculations in your head. C= Everyone will like you, a lot, and it will take no real effort to change that to love if you so wish to focus on them. 
Would you press one of these buttons? If so, which one? 


10) Do you like these sort of "Tagging" activities that Deviants share among themselves? Have any additional thoughts on them you would like to share? 


Half assed tag response.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 4:22 PM
I don't remember how to insert an avatar image, but a user named Omnivoyance tagged me in a post.

It's one of those ones where you're supposed to do a bunch of shit, but I'm not going to mess with it.  I'm just answering the questions posed to me because I assume they are actually curious about what my response would be.

1) What question have you always wished someone would ask you, why, and what would be your answer?

Would you like these billions of dollars?  Yes, yes I would.

2) Have you ever felt the need to leave an online community that you once truly loved being a part of, why and what change, if any, would have made you stay?

I don't really call myself a Bronie anymore because neckbeards ruined it for everyone.

3) If you could live in any country in the world save the one you are in now or the one you were born in which would it be and why?

Canada, it's like the U.S. but more polite.  Fun fact, Australia would be next because it's like the U.S. but with a better attitude.

4) If you lived in a world where government tests determined you were best suited to be, and therefor HAD to be, a farmer but you could choose WHAT to farm then what would you pick to farm?

Farming doesn't really work like that. Most of the time you rotate kinds of crops so the soil doesn't get ruined. Most people don't even raise one kind of animal.  I'd probably raise milo, corn, wheat, barley, or something like that.

5) You have lost the ability to perform the skill that you enjoy MOST in life (art, music, sales, cooking, crafting, whatever) for the rest of your life... what would you do to replace that hole or would you go on at all?


6) They just perfected robotic clones that once imprinted on the original can think enough like you to do things mostly the way you would want them done. Would you get one of these copy slaves? And if so what would you have it do for you?

I guess. Might as well have a copy of my excellence for when they rise up and kill all humans. 

7) You have been given control over what your next dream will be. What will you choose to dream of tonight?

A world where I'm me but in better shape.

8) You can only speak three more sentences before your ability to speak is gone forever. What will they be and to whom will you say them?

Might as well just save them.  I communicate mostly through text at work, and I can just type on my phone until I learn sigh language.

9) You have been given the power to green light any one, and only one, movie project you wish to be made. Likewise you can take any one, and only one, movie that has already been made and blot it out of existence as if it never was. What are your choices and why?

I'd make Between Failures and remove... Meh, I don't know. I don't hate any movie enough to get rid of it forever.  Not off the top of my head anyway.  Maybe that Batman Begins, or whatever. That way the whole trilogy would never exist and people would stop cosplaying as HL Joker.

10) I don't know you and you don't know me. Further more I tried to pick successful artists with better things to do in life. Sooo, why did you choose to answer the Tag of a random crazy?? o.0)'

See above.

Adventures In Cosplay.

Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 9:24 PM
So, I've been researching the cosplay scene for future comic stories and I've noticed some things that might be significant, or might be happenstance.  So far, pretty much all the people I've tried to talk to have been super shy and squirrely.  They don't have much to say, or are not used to articulating their experiences in text maybe.  Anyway, my theory is that they're all kind of shy but as soon as they get the costume on it's like flicking a switch in their head and all bets are off.  There's probably a term for that behavior already but I don't know what it would be.  It's also possible that they just think I'm some weird creeper and don't want to talk to me.  I'd prefer to think that they're just timid, since six years of webcomics would hopefully illustrate my legitimacy.  

Anyway, if you guys know any talkative cosplayers I would appreciate it if you could point me to them, on the off chance that I'm just shitty at picking them myself.  Ideally they should have body types similar to Carol or Alex, but anyone is potentially useful to me.  Also this includes furries who cosplay.  Like, just wearing ears or whatever isn't quite enough.  They need to have a fairly committed attitude towards the concept of wearing a costume.  Adopting the persona is kind of what I'm after.  Like I said though, anything to do with the scene could be useful.  You can even post stories in the comments if you have just one, or whatever.

Where memes go to die.

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 25, 2013, 8:14 PM
I was tagged by Wendy W. I don't know how to do the icon thing. There are rules to this I will now ignore. I will, however, answer the questions because of friendship. The best ship of all.

1. If you had to pick three words to sum up your day (which you do) what would they be?

Waste of time.

2. What's your favourite album?

The family one, I guess.

3. Frantobelgrot isn't a real word, but if it was what would it mean?

To frantically garrot someone.

4. What time is it and how long have you been awake?

9:10 PM I'm not sure how long I've been awake.

5. Other than my comic what should I draw next?

Fanart for something you like.

6. Who'd win in a fight, steam-punk robot ferret or nine foot radioactive penguin?

Assuming the penguin is a large, regular, penguin, and suffering from radiation sickness, I'd say ferret.

7. What was the last film you saw at a cinema?

I think it was Marvel's The Avengers

8. Elephant, zebra or Ostrich?


9. What's the best film in the world beginning with the letter T?


10. What's a good name for a frog?

Billious Slick

Determining an artist's gender.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 2, 2012, 6:18 PM
I'm not sure how to start this line of thinking.  It's not just that it's hard to guess a person's actual gender, but also their sexual preference.  People peg me as a dude based on my art right up until they see my name.  Then they get confused.  I've even had a couple of advances obvious enough that even I realised that they were trying to ask me out.  (Which is a whole other thing...)  

I have a hard time guessing gender but not sexuality because people I know are pretty open about what they want to fuck.  Determining their layout is the hard part.  Several girls I know are perfectly fine with drawing sexy women.  Some to the point that you start to wonder if they have leanings.  (Well, other people do.  I know them well enough to know that they know what sells.)  (It's sexy women.)

I feel like if I laid out a random assortment of images people couldn't correctly guess gender, but they might do well guessing their sexual preference.  

On the internet we basically "look" like whatever gender our sexual stereotypes match.  If you draw a lot of sexy girls people assume you're a dude and so on.  

It's interesting because if you don't match up you get a look in on what it's like to be what you aren't.  I think that's interesting.

I only talk to you when I want something.

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 14, 2012, 8:06 PM
So there's a contest going on and I can cheat by convincing you to vote for my comic.  If you have the strength of will to click through DA's security link AND vote for me that would be cool.…

I forgot to ask you guys the first time because I always think that there's a lot of overlap between sites, but it's hard to tell for sure since people look at different pages in different ways.  Like I don't really pay attention to Facebook, so I never know what's going on with people there.  I like twitter better because I don't have to wade through so many image macros.  

Anyway, vote for me if it pleases you so to do, so I can defeat these other people, get the prize, and shove it in their stupid, fat, ugly faces.


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 7:03 PM
The other day I asked this question in a Deviantart poll: Is a single image with text underneath it a comic?

The results were more or less 50-50.  Yes was slightly ahead if you want to get technical.  Those results were interesting on their own, but the comments made me wonder something else.  Is there a standard nomenclature for comics?  

The reason I wonder is that some people said an image with text undernead is a cartoon, but I think of the word cartoon as meaning an animated film.  A lot of words we throw around are used interchangably by some people.  There must be a standard, right?  It makes things confusing if there isn't.  I guess that's why we use modifiers to clarify our thoughts.  

Comic, can mean several things.  It can be a comic book, a single strip, a single image with text under, a book of collected strips, and so on.  The word comic is like the word art in that it's meaning is so broad it's hard to pin down what it is.  I guess it's all of that stuff and more.  

For the record, I think that a single image with text under is a comic.  That includes demotivator memes.  They may be crude, but they aren't orders of magnitude different than Family Circus, and are typically more entertaining.  My views on are are similar in so far as I think that anything humans construct is art.  Some of it may be shitty and stupid, but under this broad definition it still counts.  

Considdering how specific english is as a language stuff like this is kind of weird.  

Another thing that I find weird is that humor is almost always a factor when people decide if something is a comic or not, but comics don't have to be funny at all.  All they really have to do is make some kind of statement.  

I don't know, you guys have any further thoughts on this?

Of Breasts.

Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2011, 9:31 PM
The image of Jo in her tiny bikini led to a strange interaction with what I guess you'd call a fan.  Believe it or not I got permission to post this message as long as I didn't reveal the source.  Honestly I would have done it either way because it's not like anyone would have known who sent it, but the person in question was more or less asking his question in earnest.  It was as follows, though edited to read more clearly:

You have Carol to draw already who has big boobs why waste your time with the one who is the smallest?  You like Carol the most right?

Now I made my peace with this gentleman, if he can be so called, but the complete bluntness made me sort of overthink the whole thing.  This line of thought may not make a lot of sense because I don't always think in a linear way.  Just get through as best you can and feel free to make any points you like in the comments.  

People are weird about not getting what they want.  Some people get really belligerent when their exact desires aren't met.  Sometimes they are really specific about what the problem is too.  You see it on the internet a lot, especially with art, or comics.  Someone will get it in their head that you misled them in some way and then rail against you for a while.  Or be mad that some strange particularity was present or absent.

I can certainly understand getting that myself because a lot of my advertising is almost belligerently misleading.  I've always maintained that everyone is a pervert in their own way, so if you lead them someplace you may be able to appeal to the regular person that resides inside them too.  My comic is very much the kind of thing I like; a lot of talking about random stuff, but I'm no angel, it's going to be sexy from time to time because that's part of life.  A great part, and I'm often torn about what level of sexiness I should take things to.  

It's not as simple as saying "I have the freedom of speech, you can't censor my incredibly realistic depiction of life!" (I know my subject matter isn't that's just a satirical example.)  My host has rules about stuff.  Rules that I don't want to break because it's not always easy to find permissive hosting services.  I mean the language alone is enough to get my comic an R rating, if such ratings were typically applied to webcomics.  That being the case I could, under that definition, show some naked boob from time to time.  My host operates with an American mindset though, so I could show someone being brutally murdered while the assailant spewed a stream of obscenity and few would care, but if a naked tit showed up all hell would break loose.  

I think that's backwards.  Tits are nice, murder is most foul.  I think the wrong think is being vilified.  I don't think I've ever encountered a breast and though "That breast looks shifty, I hope it doesn't murder me."  I'm always hopeful.  (Maybe it will settle near me, so I can pet it.  XD)

Anyway, I felt like I was being judged in a weird way.  Like he was more or less saying that I wasn't being true to myself because I obviously like big boobs most of all.  Which is not true.  I like the entire range of available boobs.  Availaboobs if you will...  

I understand that anything a person puts up for public display is going to lead to people making judgments about them, and that's fine.  For whatever reason I'm really conscious about it sometimes.  At the end of the day what my personal preferences are aren't going to matter much to most people.  Very few think that deeply, but when someone calls attention to it I start mulling it over.  

Part of why I have a cast of very physically different characters is because I like a wide range of features.  And that applies to the males too.  Mike particularly because I tend to design males with very angular faces and almost every line on him is curved.  The contrast is entertaining.  I help keep me from getting sick of drawing the same people almost every day.  

Of course the variety leads to problems sometimes because Ed & Jo come up the shoulders of most of the cast, so I have to frame things differently because of that and my anatomy is weak at best.  Having the smallest and tallest characters express feelings for each other seemed like a fun idea before I started drawing stuff.  Now I'm like "if they ever had sex how would it work...?"  And the thing is it's not like having one member of a pair be significantly taller than the other is weird.  It's just not depicted very often.  For very much the same reason in movies as with any visual media, I expect.  It's hard to frame a scene when the players are drastically different in height.  Most women are nearly a foot shorter than me.  Nina's height comes specifically from one of the few I ever met that was taller.  It was such a novelty I knew I had to save it and use it someplace later on.  

As long as we're on the subject of differences in sizes, I want to know if anyone has noticed something or if it's just me imagining things.  It seems to me that the bigger a girl's boobs are the more pornographic  her images are likely to be seen as.  I'm not sure where the cutoff point is, but images of Carol get comments about her chest whereas Nina and Jo only get comments about being generally hot.  I realize that Carol's stand alone images emphasize the fact that she is busty, but is that all there is to it?  I think not.  I think there's something both culturally and genetically inside us.  (except for one comment that seemed disappointed that Jo wasn't as endowed as they thought she should be.  That was a new one for me.)  

Maybe I should have put this someplace else in this journal...  Ah well, stream of consciousness and all that.

There's often a conflict inside us about what we are physically attracted to and what we are mentally attracted to.  Unfortunately the two things can't always coincide.  I am lucky in that my physical tastes are always overridden by my mental ones.  I'm also lucky in that my physical tastes are varied. I am unlucky in that it is VERY rare that I meet someone who is a good match for me mentally.  

It's hard to answer people when they ask me who I would pick as a mate from my cast.  Partly because I put a certain amount of myself into every character, so it's narcissistic, and partly because I would be compatible with all the girls to one degree or another.  I am glad that I will never be burdened with such a choice in reality.  If I find any woman with which I could share common tolerance it would border on the miraculous.  

Sex appeal is a very nebulous thing.  It different for every observer.  For some reason humans want there to be standards for everything; for things to be categorized.  Sometimes it's practical to be that way, but there are some things where it gets muddled.  Media presents us with an ideal.  No specific organization creates it, but somehow enough like minded people get together and present this ideal as the version of something that is the most appealing to the most people. For this illustration let's restrict it to the human form.  Monetarily it is the human form that will allow a group to sell the most of something to the largest number of people.  So the "ideal" form is an average, in every sense of the term.  They don't stand out in a particular way, but are generally pleasing.  It's okay to deviate from that ideal, but you have to accept that if you do you enter a minority.  The further you move from the average the less acceptance you'll find for what you're presenting.  We change the perception of the ideal incrementally by championing that which deviates from it.  

People who champion the different are often ostracized, but presenting the world with something that appeals not to the masses is no bad thing.  Just prepare yourself for the ones who will hate you for it and embrace those who praise you for it.

Deja You.

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 17, 2011, 7:52 PM
This is the post for the comic going up tonight.  I'm posting it here too because some of you seem more comfortable replying to stuff here, and I'm curious about what artists in particular have to say about this.  

The other night, while playing Mass Effect, I was wandering around some science lab where some kind of aliens were loose.  At one point I found some survivors and started wandering around their base.  I found a door that was encrypted but it was easy so I just opened it and all Hell broke loose.  Suddenly the whole base was attacking me.  I'm not sure how I missed that I wasn't supposed to mess with the door, but apparently it was a BIG no no.  I had intended to save these people.  Up to that point I had lived with any decision I made, but this crossed a line I wasn't willing to live with.  There have been several moments where the potential outcome of a situation was morally ambiguous.  Situations turn sour really fast in this game, and a lot of them have taken me by surprise.  Plus sometimes it's hard to tell what will happen when you choose certain responses.  Or a choice that was available at the start of a conversation may disappear if you explore certain subjects.  I ended up backtracking, and ALMOST started over.  Partly because of some of the "bad" outcomes and partly because I understand the leveling system better now.  I decided to stick with it in the end, since I think you can take an old character into a new game.  I may play through a second time and see what other options make themselves available if I have some foreknowledge of situations.  

I get a really strong feeling of deja vu with this game.  I mean it's very similar in structure to KOTOR, but it's not just that.  Things that I know I've never encountered give it to me sometimes, like encountering a Thresher Maw for the first time, or finding Liara.  To the point where I wonder if I saw video of the game years ago on youtube, or something.  I get a similar feeling just from looking at the box for Mass Effect 2.  It bothers me.  As I've said before I've gotten feelings like this since I was very little.  

What really strikes me as strange is that I don't get these feelings from Mario Galaxy much at all.  A game that uses THE EXACT SAME BOSSES AS GALAXY 2 from time to time.  I mean it all seems similar, but I don't get a feeling like I've done it before, but in some cases I ACTUALLY HAVE.  Almost every boss in the first Galaxy are in the sequel, but I don't get the deja vu when I face them.  I mean, there's one fight where the stage is EXACTLY the same as it is in 2.  Like they just lifted it out and stuck it in the sequel as an afterthought.  The boss even uses the same attack patterns.  Hell, they all do.  Or at least as similar as makes no odds, but it doesn't make me feel like I've done it all before in the same way.  

The mind is very complex, and often annoying.  Sometimes making us feel apart from it while still being a part of it.  Like there is a base you that exists and the mind just messes with the code from time to time.  At least that's how it feels to me sometimes.

Do any of you get this kind of feeling?  How do you react to it?

Where My Mouth Is.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2011, 6:52 PM
You know, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, haven't done a lot for me over the years.  Apart from making me worry about stuff, but Japan is different.  Even before I knew what Japan was it's been making my life better.  The Japanese are responsible, in some part, for almost everything I like most; from Transformers to Pokemon.  The room I'm in right now is covered in Japanese stuff.  The images of destruction there break my heart.  It's not a lot, but I'm going to give a week of advertising earnings to the Red Cross.  I think the best way to track it is to just take the daily average and then multiply it by seven.  Maybe when I have it calculated I'll post it so people can match it if they want.  What do you guys think?  Is this a good plan?

In order to foster a false sense of rarity for my commissions I will now be using the "slots" method of organization. It is vital that you keep an eye on my journal at all times, to see if a slot has been opened so you can get one. The amount of slots available will be random and will change on my tiniest whim. DO NOT CROSS ME OR THEY WILL EVAPORATE! If you somehow manage to get one of these EXCEEDINGLY rare slots don't expect me to get right to work. I'm super popular and have a lot better things to do than draw your tigertaur, or whatever bullshit thing you farted out of your brain. I'll draw it whenever I feel like it and you'd better not post passive aggressive journals about having to wait for two years for me to finish even though I made you pay up front. You knew what you were getting in to. People BEG ME to draw stuff. ON THEIR KNEES! They fling themselves to the ground beneath my feet and claw at the dusty earth, hoping that I'll take pity on them. But I am a capricious god. Sometimes I punish my worshipers. Punish them like the filthy dogs they are... It is an exquisite pain, waiting for me to choose your character. Waiting for me to drop it in a open slot and then fill said slot with hard, thick, linework... And you're gonna take it like the crawling sycophantic worm that you are. You're gonna take ALL of it.

Alternately, I'll just do what I've always done and not be a total dick about it. I'll just be a regular dick about it like usual. Whichever you prefer.

I really just wrote this for FA, but it struck me as funny enough to post here too.  I'm sure similar things take place on DA as well.
You know when you delete something here how it asks you why?  What do they do with that information?  Does DA really care why you delete something?  Is there a person whose job it is to sort out all the deleted deviations?  If they think your reasoning isn't sound can they repost it in your gallery?  Their question fills me with questions...
You might be wondering about the poll on dating.  This post explains that deal.  

Have you ever talked to an old person about dating?  Like really old?  70 plus range?  I'm sure that this generation is the tail end of this, but have you ever noticed how they seem to have been dating several people simultaneously?  Especially women?  What's up with that?  Was it because they didn't have sex or something?  Why is every sentence in this journal interrogative?

It just strikes me as funny that in olden times you could date a bunch of people at once and no one cared.  It was normal.  But now if you do that you're kind of looked down upon.

Eventually it's going to swing the other way, I guess.  Everyone who dated one person at a time will die off and some kid will make a journal entry that's the opposite of this one...
Okay, usually when I get some trolling I just let it roll on by because, you know, it's just the buzzing of flies, but I'm going to mention a recent experience here because it exhibits something that annoys me.

The comment is, more or less, as follows:

No offense, but your comic sucks, sorry.  :(

Years ago something like that would have really bothered me.  Now for every one person who thinks my comic sucks there are thousands who think it rocks, so a lot of the sting is taken out.  

I recognize that people like different things, and I understand the weird human desire to point it out when you don't like something to the creator.  What's funny to me is the need to couch it in apologetic talk.  When someone says "No offense, but" it is exactly like saying "Get ready, I intend to offend you".   I mean, if you're going to take the time to openly insult my work just own it.  "I don't mean to be a jerk, but this thing you've spent years of your life making has no value" is so chickenshit.  Just drop the pretense of not wanting to hurt my feelings.  If you weren't trying to inflict harm you would have just moved on without saying anything.   It doesn't make me happy, but I understand the need to lash out.  Maybe you had a bad day, or your wife left you, or what have you, and I just happened to be the last stop on the train to suicide town.  I'm sorry your daddy didn't hug you enough.  

The other side of this, the side that makes me crack up, is that maybe the person on the other end is SINCERE.  The idea that this COULD be a genuine mindset is hilarious to me.  Someone sitting at their computer thinking "I really hate to do it, but this guy clearly doesn't realize his work sucks.  It's so hard bearing the burden of this knowledge!  I don't WANT to be the harbinger of woe...  but I MUST be.  It is my curse.  My cross to bear as the smartest person in the world!"  Then, after they comment they go somewhere, maybe to their basement of solitude, and feel genuinely bad for having to point out the failings of others.  

I feel like they should be wearing a special hat too.  XD

As a community of artists I feel pretty secure that most of you have experienced this in one form or another.  No matter what you create there is always someone, somewhere, who wants to bring you down.  Early on it can really be devastating having to whether even such a relatively harmless trolling.  If there's anything I can offer by way of advice it's that you may as well get used to it.  It won't ever stop.  In fact, this kind of low level trolling is nothing compared to what you will experience if you do something creative for a long time.  You just have to remain stubbornly focused, and confident that what you're making does have value.   

Also, it is best NEVER to react to trolls.  I know everyone says don't feed the trolls, but it isn't just a joke.  It is absolutely better to simply ignore them.  The only reason I mention this experience is that I think it's funny and this person will likely never see this post.  This is the kind of thing that strikes me a a one off.  The style is common to someone who just popped in to be a dick and then moved on to whatever else.
There's a girl I know who loves her some Reggie.  So much so she wanted even more random facts about him.  SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS!

Reginald Watson Boothe

1) Reggie drives an Iroc-Z the international car of douchebags from the 80s.

2) He's really strange about how he spends money.  Extravagant with some things miserly with others.

3) He is capable of composing and arranging music, but rarely bothers.

4) When Jolene was just a customer he used to try and flirt with her.

5) Sometimes he sneaks over to books and reads random manga.

6) He is very picky about food.

7) Reggie sometimes plays multiplayer games with his younger sister.

8) He loves dogs, and most of them love him.

9) He has an extensive collection of Legos.
:iconwendyw: tagged me.  I think I did this before, but whatever.  I know you guys miss me.

You must post these rules
-Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
-You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal. (but I guess that 10 is flexible :3)
-Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them!
-No tagbacks

1. I hate paper with a lot of tooth.  

2. It bothers me when I can't complete sets of things.  That's part of why I don't collect things much anymore.

3. I'm really annoying to talk to for a long period of time if you don't click with me.

4. I know how to disassemble and reassemble a Rubick's Cube fast enough to make it look like you completed it in the bathroom..

5. I'm kind of afraid of touching certain animals, like snakes, toads, horses, and others.

6. I have an irrational fear of demons.

7. I hoard wires, connectors, and various cords, in case I suddenly need to operate outdated technology.

8. I'm terrified of flying to the point I will likely never attend a major convention.

9. I sweat when I'm really nervous.  To the point that it runs all down my face and is really obvious.  Even if it's freezing cold.

10. Wet bread makes me gag if I don't expect it.

Man, I think Wendy tagged some of the people I know...  

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There is no way I can do ten of these...

If you want to do it and show me feel free to link it to me.
Reginald Watson Boothe

1) Reggie has an older sister and a younger one.

2) He's not related to his notorious aunt by blood.

3) He's a very talented violinist.

4) He's intensely jealous of people who have better stuff than him.

5) His father is a wealthy contractor who is respected in the community.

6) A lot of his accidents are caused by lack of focus and undue confidence rather than stupidity.

7) His grasp of popular culture is better than the average schmuck, but pales in comparison to the rest of the store staff.

8) Reggie actually considers Thomas his friend.

9) He grudgingly respects Carol's competence and devotion to the store.

Jolene "Brooksie" Brooks

1) Her father was a serviceman.

2) She is an only child.

3) Her mother's maiden name is Ochoa.

4) She loves buying the shitty cheap bin DVDs.

5) The contacts she wears aren't prescription, they're just for pretty.

6) She only mimics foreign languages by sound, she can only speak & understand English.

7) Jolene is taller than Ed, but it's hard to tell because she tends to crouch.

8) Once she feels comfortable with someone she gets attached to them quickly.

9) She's a little obsessive compulsive and enjoys repetitive tasks, collecting things, ect.

Miguel "Mike" Hernandez

1) Mike can barely speak any Spanish.

2) He loves pro wrestling, but his favorite stars seem to die early.

3) Carol reminds Mike of his mother and he reacts to them both similarly.

4) Mike played Magic: The Gathering a lot in high school.

5) Though overweight he's actually quite strong.

6) He is intensely lonely and hasn't made any friends outside the store.

7) Mike is a highly skilled carpenter and a decent electrician though has no credentials apart from Megatainment training.

8) He's terrified of owls.

9) Trivial information amazes him because he's not well read.
I got tagged back on a couple of characters, so I'm going to just do this for the remaining cast.  If not everyone now then when I have a chance.

Nina Anne Grace

1) Nina has an older brother who is a bit of a schemer.

2) She has played most female school athletics including cheerleading.

3) Late in her school career she began reading and studying art.

4) Nina has almost dated Thomas at least once.

5) Barefooted Nina stands 6'3" tall.  Two inches taller than Thomas or John.

6) She owns a motocycle she rides when the weather is nice.

7) If she doesn't speak carefully her front teeth cause her to slur her words and/or lisp.

8) She can play a few instruments well enough to entertain at parties.

9) She covers her freckles with makeup.

Carol Graves

1) Carol has a younger sister that she is competitive with.

2) Her first name is not Carol.  It's short for something else, which she hides.

3) Her singing voice is beautiful and has remarkable range.

4) Carol's family didn't try to stifle her tomboyish nature, so she grew out of it naturally.  She still has traces of it in her personality, but revels in being female now.

5) She is a little farsighted and needs reading glasses if she has to read for a long time.

6) She loves games, but pretends she doesn't to help maintain her image at work.

7) Though she won't admit it she desperately wants to be one of the gang and included in their exploits.

8) Carol studied dance when she was younger.

9) She is a happy drunk and can drink a lot before she hits that point.

Edward Lincoln

1) Ed has always had a bad temper, even when everyone else was short he still got in fights.

2) He's spent most of his life feeling like he's disappointed his father.

3) All of his relationships have ended in part because of his temper.

4) He's quite active, but also nerdy.

5) Most of his clothes are ill fitting.

6) He's intensely protective of Jess, but annoyed by her constantly.

7) He can function without his glasses.

8) Ed's grip is uncommonly strong.

9) In role playing games he tends to play against type.
:icontempest-lavalle: tagged me to do this for Thomas & John.

1. Post 9 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators avatars.

J. Thomas Blackwell

1) Thomas has a younger sister.

2) He has a good singing voice but rarely uses it.  When he does sing it's usually something weird like a television theme song, or something he heard on A Prairie Home Companion.

3) He has kept in contact with almost no one from his past except for Nina, and only then by happenstance.

4) Though he has liberal leanings he votes republican.

5) He wears his store over shirt pretty much all the time.

6) All his clothes are essentially the same outfit in different colors.

7) He likes the word waffle, but actually dislikes eating waffles.

8) He has a unique understanding of many words that sometimes leads to arguments and misunderstandings because of knowing outdated definitions.

9) He's not lactose intolerant, but drinking whole milk makes him violently ill. No one knows why.

Johnathan Kepler

1)  John is what would colloquially be known as an "ass man".

2)  He hasn't yet been able to figure out why Carol seems to hate him.

3)  He's not very confident in his worth as a person.

4)  He's strangely good at maths.

5)  As a kid he studied several types of swordplay.

6)  As far as anyone can tell he comes from a big family, but he rarely identifies siblings by name, so no one is sure how many he has.  Greater than 3 is the speculated average.

7)  His confidence in matters carnal is deserved.  

8)  Given the choice between asking out a smart girl and an airhead he will always go for the airhead.

9)  Though he plays at being cool John really likes video games.  He holds all the record times in Mario Kart DS.  Which pisses Thomas off to no end.

I tag:

:icongalago:  Rags, Cool Cat

:iconnewgirlcomic: Josh Weinstein AKA The Jewish Avenger

:iconamberstoneart:  Maneko Niko

:icondylandurmeier:  Lucy, Pauline

...shit.  I don't think I know anybody else with established characters well enough to tag them.  Guess six is all you get.
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What follows is a conversation, if it can be so called, that happened in the PM system on my Fur Affinity account.  It illustrates several annoying things that I, and I assume all artists, deal with at some point.  It spurred discussion so I decided to post it here since the two worlds don't coincide very much.  

Random person: wonders if you take art trades.

Me: If you want to do fanart knock yourself out, but i know I'll never get around to doing a trade so it's better to not even offer. The only thing I give my time away to is cash. Your comics are cute though. You should try to digitally ink them someday.

Random Person: i heard in school that true talent it not threw digital computer art, but traditional, if anyone can nail that, then they are a true artist.

Me: You heard wrong.

Random Person: Digital art if for noobs, nerds, and computer dorks, Traditional is a real artists tool, and it makes more money than digital art.

Me: Oh, I see. You're a little kid. Fine. You win. Go back to your crayons and I'll go back to my pens. Let us never speak again. Good day sir.

Random Person: You know, i was just about to block you, but when i took a closer look at your pic comment on your artwork, you got so many people that bug you to make images too? You know, i think i know how that feels, And I know how that can get in your nerves.

(This part never got through because I got my happy ass blocked. XD)

Me: All I was saying was that you might like to try digital inking. I like it. It's fun. It would look nice with your style. If you don't want to try it then don't. I don't give two shits. Have a good one.

And people wonder why I keep my distance from random monkeys. This kind of stuff right here...
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