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An Interesting Night Out.

If you read my comic [link] you already know this is Carol Graves, one of the stars.

If you don't know what's happening here feel free to follow the link provided. I recommend starting at the start though. It's a very linear story.
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Freggin adorable mate.
Carol was the reason I looked at your comic in the first place (I was surfing TV Tropes and came across it's article and saw here). I fell in love from there.... with the comic that is. Carol's figure, hairstyle, and overall personality didn't harm things either.

Definately my favorite pice in your gallery as well. Captures her plumpness quite nicely.
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I caught a fair amount of shit over this image, but I still think it's one of my better drawings too.
i feel there should be a comic style sound effect bubble in there like BOOMF something similar
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I don't do that sort of thing very often.
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Boobs. They can make the masses flock to your webcomic.
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If they are of sufficient quality.
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is it good that im not focusing on why their out of the shirt, but wondering more what in the world is supporting them? i keep thining "...a towel?"
Crave-The-Bullet's avatar
Bandages. In the context of the comic it makes more sense.
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ahhh. yeah, i should probobly catch up. havn't been keeping up because of school
Crave-The-Bullet's avatar
I get like that with stuff I read too. I need to catch up on Starslip.
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hehe life pops up like that
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Whenever I see this I think, "Ba-BAM!"
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That's probably one of the purer thoughts it inspires. XD
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Disguise suggestions for Carol - corset and wig.
Crave-The-Bullet's avatar
Much better idea than hers. XD
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Well, depends on your standard! Though seeing her bust out of anything is hard not to like.
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Perfect build indeed. I think too few men now-a-days appreciate a woman with a nice, thick body...

Love the pic though!
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That's good to know. Many thanks.
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I can't tell if she's surprised to have breasts, or that the whole room seems to be sliding away from her.
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