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1) You can make all the humans on the planet think one short sentence (say no more than 15 words) that will be automatically perfectly translated for their understanding despite language difficulties just this once and then never again. What would it be? 

I will die.

2) If there was only one person in the world that you could prevent from being disappointed in you who would you choose? 

My mother.

3) Normally you wouldn't wish the curse of self awareness on anyone but a supervillain has already got his "uplifting" ray all charged up and its about to go off with only enough time to alter its target species! Which species of non-human animal would you "gift" with human level intelligence and sentience? (the supervillain chose tapeworms. He's such an ass... ) 

Domestic canines.

4) You are about to be sucked into a video game world where you may have to spend the rest of your life. The villain in charge gives you a choice. Which world would you prefer to end up in? (nicer than the last guy) 


5) You can alter one decision you made in the last month. Which would it be? (keep it really vague or skip it if its to private) 

I would not have spoken to Jess.

6) You can alter one decision someone ELSE made in the last 6 months. Which would it be? 

Jess would not have toyed with someone's emotions.

7) You have gained the ability to add one Law to the natural laws of the universe. What Law would you like to add? 

No human can guess at the effect altering the universe's laws would have.

8) You can make all the humans in the world suddenly respect and cherish some previously overlooked artist/writer. Who would you make them acknowledge? 

My grandfather.

9) There is a machine before you with only one charge. It can make you do one of the following: A= Be young and healthy for however long you would have lived naturally genetically but still vulnerable to damage like being stabbed or burned. So you can die. B= Be able to comprehend things far faaar beyond the normal human ability unaided and perform the most complex of calculations in your head. C= Everyone will like you, a lot, and it will take no real effort to change that to love if you so wish to focus on them. 
Would you press one of these buttons? If so, which one? 


10) Do you like these sort of "Tagging" activities that Deviants share among themselves? Have any additional thoughts on them you would like to share? 



Hate wrapped in a smile.
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TwilightGenesis Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018
The honest to goodness artist behind Between Failures? Gave me a llama? I am not worthy and you are deserving a thousand cookies good sir!
Crave-The-Bullet Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I always give out llamas in hopes I will get one back.  It almost never works.  T^T  I was stalking you on twitter when you followed me and ended up here. So you gets the llama!
TwilightGenesis Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018
Stalking me on Twitter? Awesome, didn't think I'd been active enough to garner that much attention. XD Honestly I feel daft that I didn't think about finding and following your twitter earlier, since Between Failures is one of the few comics I actively keep track of (I used to patreon support it too but I got too broke to keep that up unfortunately). 

That said, cheers for the llama! I hope you get many more in return in the future, and you get a dozen cookies! Keep up the good work.
Crave-The-Bullet Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Usually when someone follows me I go to their profile to see what they are all about, then I poke around in all their links.  Just to see what sort of people I'm attracting.  It's fun to nose around.  Anyway, I'll try to keep up the good work.  
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screwedontight Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2018  New Deviant
thanks for the llama
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