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Hate wrapped in a smile.
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I have a nice iPod.
I bought it with my own money because I am a big boy.

Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Futurama, Thundercats, The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, Top Gear, Metalokalypse, Family Guy, Transformers
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gravyboat Thompkins
Favourite Books
Lucky Star, Scott Pilgrim, Smurfs, Yotsuba, Akira, Outlanders, Caravan Kidd, Batman: The Long Halloween, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Keroro Gunso, Hellboy
Favourite Writers
Dougless Adams
Favourite Games
Earthbound, and I hope it gets on Wiiware soon.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS.
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Other Interests
Catching them all.

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Hey, I want to subscribe to your patreon but it says that your blocking me. Think u can unblock me so I can check out your art. My username name is Lazybones.

Have you ever pledged before? I have no record of such a user.

I did once but it won't let me anymore

That's strange. I'm not sure what to do. Since you aren't listed in my blocked users I can't unblock you. As far as my dashboard is concerned you never existed. Are you sure you have the right URL? In any case, you should take this to the notes system rather than doing it on the page comments.

Hey there.  Found Between Failures this month and I can't get enough of it.  Stellar work!
Glad to hear you're enjoying it. Thanks for giving it a try.
I really like the direction you took Mike.  I wasn't expecting to like him as much as I do now. ^^