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Jeung On Color

Hi folks! This pic based on a sketch [link] by dododoris:


I like the fresh lines of the original sketch and the balanced proportions, so i decided to practice my Linework- and Coloringskills. Moreover it is a long time since i paint a "real" picture ;)

I hope i save the cool macho-expression from the original...B-)

Photoshop, Wacom, a lot of milk with cocoa, funky Hip Hop-Instrumentals
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oh i'm quite famous?! XD
at first i had to laught a lot XD.. you are the first person, who colored one of my sketches.. XD sorry bad english... TT.TT

nice doing.. expecialy the mouth..
but, now he is only looking like he is boored and very cool... but when you look at my drawing, its a lonley, painfull smile.. you change the character completly

but its's ok..
i dont like to color by pc.. so if you want, you can color all my sketches XD. i like to see, how the character will change again XD
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It seems to be that i read to much "City Hunter" [link] the last time, so i put my impressions in your sketch a bit, or is it a boys-thing, that a character must be cool-macho-like? :D

However your new pic looks interesting again, i hope i find some time for a new color-it-and-read-the-RIGHT-expression-thing ;)
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Add more red to the tip of his nose! Red glossy noses are hip, don't you know that? d^___^b

Colours are good .. the lines aren't that bad either. Maybe reduced line "strength" would look better? You know, reducing line-layer-visibility .. just give it a try ;D
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Haha! :D In early version there more of this trendy effect, and the plan was to let it in because of ironic reasons ;), but later i reduced it...

@line "strength": i test it, but my colorlayer is too dirty around the border, so it looks crappy, but next time i take care of these areas...i promise :)
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I'll take you at your word ..
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nice work, the colour of the skin is extraordinary imho. BUT (sorry that this "but" cames from such a noob as me) I think the pic lost some coolness especially around the eyesection.
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Thx! I agree with you that i must spend more time in this time i try ;)...
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