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Wanted to do this earlier but couldn't
So here it is now

Also gave a little makeover to Eve
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Also. If she doesn’t mean it, then why are she eating them!?

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If it was me i would probolay die but still enjoy it im strange

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I kinda like it but mostly IT FUCKING HURTS and I mostly hate it. Sorry for saying that :(

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Don’t you dare like my comments

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Grey lives matter!

She always looks like she regrets it

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saw this on youtube 2015, 34th of june. i never knew what vore was til 2016, 25th of dec

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34th june really? I hope there is a reality where vore exists too.

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He’s just a boy

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What I wouldn't do to be that person
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you would do anything to be in a place which stinks af?

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This thread is a train wreck

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That was some great animation!
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I love her empty, and very, very, full !
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Grey People have Rights Too! by PatriotNation  I know I posted this on my other account but STOP THE ABUSE OF GREY PEOPLE
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It's not always bad.
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