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UUT-01 First Relic Alcraz "The Oracle"
The first relic to be discovered. It was found drifting thru a "white hole" by Farnazians early on their exploration of the galaxy. The First Relic shows heavy signs of age and use. Distinguishing it is the fact that it is missing 90% of it's lower body, as well as various other parts. The metal its armoring is made of cannot be penetrated by current sensors but is similar in composition to that found in various ruins left over from a civilization that predates the Farnazians. Beneath the armoring is a very similar system to current mecha design, the fact is Farnazians based much of their own mecha concepts on UUT-01's design. Of note is the inclusion of several small ether jets easily visible on the exterior of the mecha, it's believe that this was the mecha's 0G movement system.

Easily visible in the mecha is an exposed "Ether Core" something Farnazians still can't figure out how to make, essentially an ether core is a chunk of solidified ether, ether cores naturally form in ether space, but they are never this size or this perfect of shape. The ether core has be called it's Heart due to the fact that it pulses in a regular rhythm, and was most likely the source of the mecha's power. The core is not touched by another part of the mecha yet has never even slightly shifted in relative position. Several of the mecha's ether cables lead directly to plates that surround the core while the remainders gather around the base of the neck where a deep indention has made many researchers presume that this was the location of a detachable "cockpit block." Beyond the upper torso, the main body of the mecha is in ruins, the spine is clearly visible and ends with a halved pelvic housing. It's arms are mostly intact and compared to the rest of the machine are roughly unremarkable, the biggest observations is how deeply integrated the joints are to the skeletal parts they connect to leading researchers to conclude that the mecha was produced in larger base parts then what we currently use. Mounted on its right back in a similar position as boosters are today is a still mysterious device, given the fact that it is highly articulated the part is likely to be something similar to a booster. The unique head of the mecha shows a notable amount of damage; little below the eyes remain of the mecha's visage. From what researchers have discovered from the UUT-01's remains there appears to be no weapon systems onboard but the level of damage suggests that it had seen many battles.

Despite these many oddities by far what makes UUT-01 the most important relic to date is the fact that it remains at least to some degree operational. Ether sometimes surges from the various vents or through a cable, It's left eye mat flicker to life for a few minutes. The most astonishing thing is it occasionally "speaks" vocalizing from the rough remains of it's throat a variety of archaic languages. What little is translatable is often time gibberish or half complete sentences that have little meaning. Due to this particularity, UUT-01 has been given the title "The Oracle."
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